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The Skyguards

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Sargon Vynea

Spencer's guard unicorn
The Order of the Sky, or better known simply as the Skyguard, is a congregation of Force wielders who call the Fringe Confederation home. While it is a literal melting pot of individuals whom hail from a variety of Force traditions from throughout the Galaxy, it is unique in its goal and scope. As a whole, their values are epitomized through what is known as the Oath; and it is upon the tenets of this doctrine that the entire order stands. Upon their shoulders fall the duties of defending the citizens of the Fringe Confederation and enforcing the laws therein; all while genuinely seeking to make a positive difference within the Fringe.

The Oath​

"A Skyguard's duty is to the Fringe and Brethren.​
Defend the Weak by striking down the Intolerant.​
Enforce the Laws of the People, while seeking to make a true Difference.​
Skyguards thrive against all odds, and shall always defy oppression and tyranny!​
We are soldiers above all else; strong, yet also compassionate!​
When the blade of a Skyguard ignites, it is to defend and to strike down the enemies of the Fringe...For we are Harbingers of Peace and Guardians of Freedom!"​

Upon entrance into the Skyguard, a wielder of the Force abandons the label which characterizes them and adopts a new identity within the Fringe. No longer do the terms Jedi, Sith, or Templar apply; only Skyguard. The entire Order exists in order to ensure the safety and stability of the Fringe Confederation, in addition to providing a unique identity for the Force Sensitive members of the faction to claim as their own. All members, be they Master or Apprentice, share equal responsibility as guardians of peace, law, and order within the Fringe Confederation and as protectors of the nation itself.

In terms of operations, the Skyguard generally operates inside of Confederation space; with the exception of expeditionary ventures poised to expand the faction's territory or amass information. This is due to the high priority of domestic affairs that the Order possesses; a stark contrast to other Force traditions in the Galaxy which nearly revolve around the expansion of one's territory. At the helm of this exceptional congregation is the Sky Lord, who serves the Order as its leader and public representative. Directly underneath this individual are those who sit upon the Elder Council.

These individuals are selected based upon their positions of leadership within the Faction, either as Masters or as the heads of various divisions, and convene with the Sky Lord in order to discuss matters pertaining to the overall defense and maintainance of the Fringe Confederation as a whole. From here, the Order diverges into the aforementioned divisions; all of which have a specific, vital role to play in order to ensure the safety and protection of the Confederation as a whole.

-The Black Wing (Intelligence Division)
-The Red Wing (Law-Enforcement/Peacekeeping Division)
-More coming as discussed

Rank System
-Sky Lord
-Sky Master
-Sky Knight
-Sky Apprentice

-Sky Enforcer
-Sky Vanguard
-Sky Sage

Titles of Leadership/Honor
-Sky Elder (Elder Council member)
-More coming as discussed
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