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Approved Tech The Shrouds of Shade and Sinew

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Lethia Morow


  • Intent: To create a piece of Stealth & Reconnaissance Gear for Lethia and Friends.
  • Image Source: Image is the cover art for the Audiobook of the novel Bone Shop. Novel by Tim Pratt, Artwork by Daniel Dos Santos.
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Restricted Missions: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A

  • Manufacturer: Fleshwarped Fashions
  • Model: N/A
  • Affiliation: Lethia and whoever else she pleases.
  • Modularity: No.
  • Production: Semi-Unique (10)
  • Materials: Flesh, Blood, Eyeballs.

  • Classification: Stealth and Reconnaissance
  • Weight: Approximately 1/10th of the Wearer's weight; for Lethia, ~5.12kg
  • Quality: 4 [4 Blaster, 4 Slashing, 4 Piercing, 4 Blunt, 3 Lightsaber]

  • Lifebond
  • Mindlink
  • Self Tailoring
  • Temperature Adaptable
  • Rain Resistant


The Shrouds are, at their core, multi-environment stealth enhancement accessories - not only are they resistant to rain in a manner similar to the contemporary rain jacket, they're also capable of adapting to a variety of temperatures, within limits - in warm climates, the cloak will stretch itself out so that the flesh is thinner, creating a less oppressive heat for the wearer. In colder temperatures, the opposite ensues - the cloak will shrink and hug itself to the wearer in an attempt to conserve warmth. Another neat trick? The Shrouds are self tailoring, to a degree - by default, the length of the cloak from hood to tail-end is the wearer's height plus 15.24 centimeters. This can be adjusted as necessary, although adding length takes far longer, and requires a source of organic matter which can be converted to Shroudflesh. The most impressive of the Shrouds' functions, however, are far less practical, and far more esoteric - each Shroud is bonded to its wearer by way of both empathic link and physical connection - the mind of the Shroud, as basic as it may be, becomes as one with the mind of the wearer, providing some manner of constant companionship. And lastly, each Shroud, after twenty-four Galactic Standard Hours of constant wearing, becomes keyed to the genetic profile of the wearer, meaning that it will only function for the person with which it is bonded.

  • [+] Shadows of the Unmaker - While in areas of shadow and darkness, the Shroud emits an inky black mist that surrounds the wearer and makes them more difficult to spot. This is not invisibility, and has no effect in light, or on those who possess dark vision, whether naturally or through the Force.
  • [+] Eyes of the Name Giver - Those eyes aren't just for show, darlings. The Shroud gives its wearer increased visual radius, and even allow for sight in total darkness. No guarantees it won't make you sick to your stomach, though. Not everyone can handle 360 vision.

  • [-] One Soul - Without a wearer, a shroud is not aware whatsoever - blood flows through it, it reacts to stimuli, but it has no mind or awareness. When it connects to a Host, it feeds on aspects of that person's personality to create something for itself - not quite sapience, but something, at least. The issue is that, because it is a creation of the Dark Side, it tends to model itself after the less pleasant aspects of its host. The Host will soon find his or herself encouraged to engage more often in their vices, to act on impulse and instinct, or to act in ways which are callous or downright cruel. The exact effects and their intensity vary from host to host, but no one is safe, not even those typically immune to Mind-Affecting Abilities - everything they feel, after all, ultimately comes from within.
  • [-] One Body - When a Shroud links with a Host, it does so quite literally - claws and hooks sink into the Host's flesh around the shoulders, and soon, the flesh of Shroud and Host become fused together, creating a singular organism. This is, in truth, two weaknesses wrapped up in one; the first is that removing the cloak (without risking death for the Host) becomes nigh impossible without major surgery, and the second issue is that, while it does offer substantial protection against harm, it offers no such protection against pain - what damage the Shroud takes, the host organism feels as well. On the plus side, at least it won't ever fall off.
  • [-] Darkspawn - As with most things inundated in the Dark Side, the Shroud risks destruction if exposed to abilities such as Force Light.


The Shrouds of Shade and Sinew are, at the time of this writing, Lethia's greatest creations. Not because of their practical applications, no - those are secondary. They are her greatest creations because they take the first step towards her ultimate goal - the creation of her own twisted, beautiful forms of life. Although they lack awareness on their own, they're capable of gaining it through symbiosis with others. Their beauty, as far as she is concerned, is unmatched by any of her other creations, even the alterations she's made to herself. The Shrouds of Shade and Sinew are like children to Lethia, and as such, she'll only entrust them to those with whom she shares an intense bond. They were created after Lethia awoke one night from a fever dream, struck with inspiration at the stroke of midnight. For weeks she worked on the design, gathering only the finest flesh for her creations. And no, they aren't flawless, they aren't perfectly practical - but where would the beauty in that be? They are blessing and curse, as flawed and imperfect as anything else.

And that is exactly what makes them exquisite.
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