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The Shattered Order

Moonage Daydream
Shattered Order

Following the events on Coruscant and around the Galactic Alliance, with the betrayal of Grand Marshal Taeli Raaf, the faith of the peoples of the Galactic Alliance in the New Jedi Order’s ability to protect them. As a result of the faith loss and the betrayal, the New Jedi Order has collapsed around themselves. However, the loyalist New Jedi Order members have been cleared by General Coren Starchaser. Following the events of Endgame, Coren Starchaser had proved that he was a loyal member of the Galactic Alliance and was allowed to serve as a member of the new Triumvirate, but not in any official capacity as Grand Marshal of the New Jedi Order.

What has followed is the Shattered Order. Built from the remnants of the New Jedi Order and Fringe Force groups who supported them, this new organization is much different than its precursor. The Shattered Jedi is the primary network to link Force users within the Alliance in Exile in a way that keeps them out of the public eye. Lacking any formal structure, the Shattered Jedi are guided by the Jedi Generals, Force users who were approved by Jedi General @Coren Starchaser, Chief of State [member="Jaius Sovv"], and Admiral [member="Mazik Stazi"] or delegates of the three, are welcome to serve within the armed forces of the Alliance in Exile in official military units, as Ambassadors and official government assistants, or in specialized support units of other Force users.

Still, many more may be working behind the scenes as Ronin or Vigilantes, working for the Eclipsed, the handful of Force users who lead the operations of the Shattered Order, sending the Alliance in Exile’s Force users in to support the former Alliance worlds, or bring weapons to bear on the enemies of the Light Side.

This creates many opportunities for the Jedi and Fringe Forcers of the Alliance in Exile. As stated, the Shattered can appear as ranking military personnel, bringing their special abilities to the assistance of their brothers in arms. Others may operate as appointed government officials or ambassadors, helping to lead the refugees of the Alliance and direct the worlds that remain under their control. Finally, the Ronin and Vigilantes can take up any job that focuses more on the mysteries of the Force and the advancement of the Light Side. Regardless of how a Force user enters the Shattered Order, they are able to keep watch on the Alliance in Exile, while hiding in plain sight.