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The Seven Myths of Mythos. 1- The Black Hypergate and the Web-Spinner (PM To Hop in!)

Lord Commander
[member="Lady Kay"] [member="Stephanie Swail"]

A single encrypted feed from a lone outpost in deep Midvinter of all places sent out a signal that certain individuals would receive on their transceivers. To get this call you had to be one of few beings in the galaxy handed it by Atrisian officials during the time of the One Sith, Ancient Eye or Shrouded Republic officers and notable personnel, Sith Empire Knights and Lords with history with Mythos and Silver Jedi who unknowingly or knowingly received the special coded transceiver from a suspicious person with no further instructions other than to wait for the call... but when it lit up... Mythos came to view in spectacular three dimensional hologram that was clearly pre-recorded.

Each line was spoken perfectly as if rehearsed, and it was, and every movement from his hands to accentuate parts of the story also seemed powerful and perfect.. they were also rehearsed.

Ever since Mythos was put into this body after he should have died memories and dreams, reality and imagination sometimes became blurred. Things that he did became confused with things that he had heard and so on. Mythos collected his thoughts using his own skull as an anathema yet all was still so jumbled and out of order... even his first and second children got mixed up... wait... did he have a second child? The boy king is dead...

His plan was simple, tell the stories and legends he has interest in knowing if they are real, myth or a dream to people he trusts and have means to figuring it out. The goal? To sort out his mind and memories, have feed back from those present using their up to date transceivers and other means of contact to confirm, deny or research the statements Mythos was about to make. His clothes were as usual, golden, embroidered and with jewels that would blind a star. In his right hand he grazed the skull of his former body slowly and methodically while with his left hand he tapped on the hilt of his iconic Axe.

The image was crisp, clear and with vibrant lights. Mythos appeared to be sitting in his throne in Ankhypt with seven swords floating around his form through his powers of telekinesis. His eyes stared intently on the screen and a slight tilt in his head rewarded the onlookers once he was ready to begin. Leaning forward to grab the first sword by the hilt firmly as all the others fell and clashed in the floor in unison, he gazed at it curiously. The blades had markings on it, every single one did, and this one was a scimitar looking thing with crude edges and a carved up tip. The marking read simply:

"The Black Hypergate"

"It was the first summer of my thirtieth year if i recall and the spring blooms of Atrisia began to fade replaced by the unforgiving heat. I was in my resort far from the palace of Jar'Kai. Here I entertained many guests and friends of the One Sith, heard many grievances of the Atrisian populace, executed many a traitor and a fool but this day it was different. A man had come from the Maw Cluster, sporting the skin of Sii'ruuvi kills on his back and a plethora of game and kill much like a zoo"

He paused, placing the sword at nose height then began to destroy it. Mythos focused his eyes on the blade and using a technique called deadly sight began to disintegrate the durasteel blade using only the power of the darkside of the force. Once the blade was ashes he regarded it's floating debris with almost a nostalgic expression then turned to the viewer and continued his tale.

"It was customary that esteemed guests brought gifts and I was not one awed by feats of grandeur but I was drawn in by the smell, roar and shifting of beasts. Sith in my opinion are more akin to the beasts of the universe than to anything else. Their primal fury and instinct is something unspoken between us yet understood between all monsters that walk and breathe... even those who don't"

As if on cue from behind him two red eyes began to glow, it was his Tuk'ata Groom and it showed he was never alone.

"With my daughter Kida we spent the entire day looking through the almost innumerable variety of animals brought to me from every corner of the galaxy and if my assumptions are correct even farther than that."

He paused again and smiled, looked to the distance and returned. His voice was now not of the King Mythos but of Animus Malgus when he was a Knight, just a regular man.

"I walked through the people without fear of a knife in my back or a blaster bolt in my face because they loved me and I them. It was because of this freedom I earned for myself that I was able to come across Mak Akak The Web-Spinner. As I followed the trail of candy, food and toys flanked by animals and freakshows Kida as usual vanished from my hand. Her being a Daux Cat of five hundred pounds and six inch sharp as steel claws I was not worried. A massive cage with no one to see it or at least no one I could see stood ominously before me at the end of this road. The way I felt in that moment before the lair of the web-spinner was unlike anything I have ever felt before, except that time I met that fellow which name I will not pronounce. The cage was massive and it held inside it a massive boulder with a single cave entrance that breathed ever so softly and only I was able to feel the life inside it... It was like me, it was dark, it was... Sith"

The smile crept on to his lips as he leaned back ever so slightly, his eyes flashed a glimmer of yellow and his voice dropped an octave to his usual tone of voice before he continued his tale.

"I know not much of telepathy but I know enough for short range communications without my weapons. I don't know why I did it." He paused, that pause that was not staged or planned... but it was left in. "But I called to it. Whatever that thing was came out from the cave ever so slightly and calmly with eight massive pointed legs and a maw beneath them, a thousand eyeballs to meet my curious eye. You must forgive my memory but I do not recall the exact conversation we had that day however I do remember how it went. The creature was not a beast like everyone tere thought was. He had a name once, Mak Akak, and they called him the Web-Spinner. He was taken from his home world and placed here as a zoo animal. His tale was the same a thousand billion slaves before him, I cared little for the disgusting thing but I made it a deal: Grant me something in return that is worth your freedom and you shall have your freedom...."

He paused, a flicker of very real paranoia darted across his eyes then they focused again on the listener.

"I felt his enthusiasm and was taken aback, not only did he accept my challenge he welcomed it as an assured victory. Makak told a tale of his homeworld before the poachers came for him. What they had found on his home world of what I remember is called Malal'akah on the fourth moon of it's orbit, was only the remains of a great civilization of beings smarter than any I had come across. The things that he described seemed impossible, he spoke of breaking down your atoms and reassembling it on another plane, he spoke of traveling from world to world without the need of hypedrives or ships. According to him his species never used ships of any kind yet conquered several solar systems. I remained unconvinced, if such a civilization did exist with such powers of technology why did they die? How did these poachers miss such valuable technology and more importantly... why is a member of this species stuck here in a cage as a zoo animal and not leading an army to take Coruscant?"

Mythos sat back on his throne and ceased to tap on the hilt of his axe. There was silence followed by his laughter, his hand left his axe and reached for a large wine-skin of wookie leather and human skin then drank deeply from the greatest alcohol beverage in the galaxy: Midventierian Mead. Having quenched his thrist and wiped the suds from his lips he sat back and continued with poise.

"So I asked that very question and was met with an answer I did not expect." He closed his eyes and pictured what he imagined on that day.

"The tale of the Black Hypergate. Thousands of years ago, according to this... thing... there was a technological machine called a Hypergate. I am not a technological wizard but from what I understood it worked like gateways from one side of the galaxy to the next allowing for near instant travel with no need of a Hypdrive at the cost of the gate being stationary. To create one, as far i know, two had to be placed and linked. A gate travels one way and not in reverse, so when you stepped off the gate you better had made damn sure you knew where you were going.

He stopped in mid sentence, staring blankly into the nothing as he formed his next words. This was what was troubling him.

"He said it over and over again. "Hypergates do not travel in reverse but this one did'. He spoke of beings that came back from the Hypergate changed from what they once were. When asked he refused to clarify."

Another unplanned thing happened, he spat on the ground and cursed under his breath a curse he picked up from the Rebel Alliance of the One Sith days. "SithSpit".

"So I was ready to leave considering this the rambles of an insane being but one thing caught my ear and held my thoughts on this tale for almost a decade. He said. We destroyed the gates but in doing so we destroyed ourselves. If you can find my home city you will find a civilization in darkness capable of spreading a blinding light that pierces Umbara. I agreed to his terms but the beast was confused, I was not. I asked for something equal to his freedom and that is not what Makak deleivered me. I have no maps and I have nothing worthy enough to call his freedom. I told him simply that if what he said was indeed true and I would give him his freedom. I have it on good resources that Makak is dead, terrible accident with a plasma canon in the circus of the Trandoshan who visited Atrisia that day. "

The silence that followed was heavy and his eyes became intense. The room began to grow dark and his image began to fade from view. In ancient Sith one last sentence was spoken.

"Find it or call me a liar and prove it. Either way I shall bathe you in gold."



Rainbow Smurf
Kay heard a beeping from inside of her desk. She was busy working, having much damage control to do after Veiere's attacks; not only for her own people, but for other governments out there as well. Their reputation as a peaceful people could be ruined. And that was something that she was working on.

She opened her drawer and found the source of the beeping, taking it out and placing it on her desk. Wait for the call? Call from who? Kay just hot the 'okay' and then waited. And waited. And waited some more....

Finally the tranceiver came to life. The image of [member="Mythos"] wasn't so.ething that she had expected. He looked...well younger. And there was no doubt that it was pre-recorded. Quietly she watched, sipping her tea at various intervals.

The tale he wove was quite theatrical in many ways. The Black Hypergate? Was that some kind of myth? Or what? And how was it that people changed if they went in reverse? reverses more than just the journey, but one's life as well. Could that be why Mythos appeared younger? Or was that just make up?

He ended with a language that she had heard before, but didn't understand. "Oh Mythos, what have you gotten yourself into now?" And more importantly, how was she going to get him out of it? Obviously he wanted her help.

Kay recorded her own message to be sent back through the same signal: "Mythos, where are you? I can come and find you. Are you already out searching for this Hypergate? Let me know..."

[member="Stephanie Swail"]