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The Scholars of the Great Beyond

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The Scholars of the Great Beyond are a force cult born 4000 BBY on an unknown world in the far edges of the Unknown regions. Formerly centered around the worship of the Great Beyond, an outsider god said to be removed so far away from the galaxy that even his worshippers had no real name or image for him. Most rituals revolved about arcane spells and songs, calling upon the area of the force somewhere between the twilight and the true darkness.

Over the ages the cult dissolved, and today only small remnants of the old ways are left to the Scholars. While the current Scholars have given up the worship of their god, their arcane focus has not only stayed but extended. Besides their own ancient Rituals the Scholars have studied the power of sith, nightsister and even jedi arts to add to their skills, as well as some techniques found in even more obscure sects build around the force.

The Scholars have no church and no home, an their teachings are passed on more often in dirty bars over a drink than in prayer and study. Very few true scholars still exists, most of those associated with the cult are a merely members of other groups using the teachings of the Great Beyond.

The main right of passage granted by an master to an apprentice inside the cult is not the creation of a saber, but the creation of a spellbook, and ancient art that grants quick and direct access to various spells, only truly limited by the mind of its creator.


Cool ranks for the Scholars, because people seem to like such stuff: (WIP)

Apprentice: The Seekers
Knight: Gifted by the Void
Master: Warlock
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