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The Roots Go Deep

Asharad Graush

Tsawak iv Typhojem, Private Quarters
Skeleton Crew, Non-Essential Systems Deactivated
In Proximity of the Red Nebula

Much of the vessel was shrouded in darkness, hidden from the sensors of the nearby galactic powers. Shields were active to repel asteroids that got close to the ship, but beyond that, it was a near dead ship floating through space.

Time was ticking down the Sith Lord felt. From the beginning he had strode for the destruction of the Alliance, and with that looming in the distance, there was also the existence of his child that was also on the horizon. A confusion lingered there, but that was pushed to the side as soon as the thought had crossed Graush's mind.

The Order will take the place of the Alliance, and then the same will occur to their remaining allies.

But even so, the Imperials that Graush led were too soft. Weak. Many had become veterans of battle, but they weren't hard. They were soldiers, not warriors.

They fought as they were ordered, not because they believed in the cause. At least, not anymore. Graush's followers fought for him because they believed. Because he had saved them. That zealotry was to be extended beyond the borders of the First Order, though it was to be done... Indirectly.


And from the shadows, his attendant approached as Graush stepped forth from the shadows and beckoned forwards. "You will speak for me... Malek."

"Activate the projector."

And Graush once more stepped back into shadow as his Voice filled the spot he had been in previously.

"I am ready to serve at my Lord's discretion."

And across the galaxy, Graush's Voice's projection appeared.

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