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The Rise of the Dead [Invite]


Crazy Man McJangle
[SIZE=10pt]The forest moon of Endor; scene of one of the greatest battles in galactic history; was home to a concoction of different ships that found their graves there. One of those ships hadn’t been unearthed by any sentients, rather it had lain dormant for so long that it was completely hidden by the overgrowth. The hull of the vessel was nearly entirely buried beneath the ground, a single side of it elevated up out of the ground and acting as a hill with a cliff to one side. The cliff, no longer nearly as visible as it once was, was covered in moss so that the metal was entirely hidden away, thick veins ran over along the surface of it with hundreds of animals living within the protective cover that created. The great forest hiding the graves of thousands of ships across the planet plus hundreds of thousands of tons of wreckage from the destruction of the Death Star. One piece of material provided a hint as to something unnatural but the chances of seeing such was nearly impossible with a bed of water resting beneath it providing just as reflective of a surface. The dish that stuck out was a panel that was still weakly connected to the hull of the ship. Years of animals chewing on it and being electrocuted had left the cables damaged and decaying while the metal itself was heavily rusted and the panels were breaking from falling branches over the eons.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=10pt]Energy stored down below the surface was running low and what reserve power remained sent out a short range distress signal. Shortly afterwards what systems were still being powered began to be activated to begin waking the occupants. Those occupants were all but dead inside, many systems having failed long ago and leaving preserved corpses resting in their shells, others which had gained leaks were decayed and left a terrible scent hanging for eternity in the hull of the metal monster. When the seal broke on the final container, the hissing of released air provided a positive sound. The sensors beside it blinking with the slowly awakening heartbeat of the ancient alien within. That beeping sound dominated the chamber as the slow sound of lights coming to life around followed shortly with heavy clicks; sparks sent flying from decayed mounts as the emergency lights were turning off as the main power of the ship was coming back on as the beast was preparing to bellow its final breaths.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=10pt]Hours passed as the systems were pumping life back into the near death creature. His fingers shifting beneath the glass as senses were starting to return to him. Touch was the first that came back to him as he could feel the cool air across his skin, long talons shifting as he could feel the restraints were no longer hugging across his entire body. He didn’t dare to open his eyes yet, they felt far too heavy and he wasn’t sure he was ready for that. The following sensation was hearing as those beeps sounded like cannons firing to his side, over, and over, and over again. It became deafening as he was trapped in that tube. No other senses mattered as his hands moved quickly, banging up against the glass with the back of them as it was much closer to him than he had expected. He needed to get out! There was fighting going on! The scent of death was implanted in his brain from fights eons ago but now it smelled so fresh and potent, he was certain he was on the battlefield! Instead of being out there with his brothers, Torjesgo was trapped in this box as cannons roared in seemingly every direction. His semi-mobile ears shifting on his head as his hands pulled back and banged against the glass. Lungs felt like they were on fire as his breaths were coming in heavier gulps than they should have after waking so quickly, blood running from his ears at the painful change in pressure his body was going through.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=10pt]Voice calling out in a long dead language to be released from his tomb. The grave that was threatening to take him if he couldn’t get out. He felt trapped, cannons rumbling, and the smell of his comrades dead across the ground around him. He could hear the Rakata coming, hear their terrible weapons of war, their fear inducing language, and he could see their teeth bloody with the flesh of his kin. It was too much, he needed to get out, he needed to get out now! His eyes, heavy as can be, finally opened to a blinding light, forcing them closed again as he could feel tears quickly filling them from how impossibly bright that had been! Everything hurt on his body, his soul hurt as he could hear his people being killed around him while his fists banged against the glass in front of him. The unforgiving material controlled by a timer that wasn’t supposed to release him until his body had adjusted. The feeder needles in his body, the tubes attached to him, all becoming tangled and pulled out of his form as he thrashed about in his self-made prison.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=10pt]“[You will release me!]” He barked as loud as he could, feeling blood in his throat from how dry his body was and how painful such a shout had been. The Garani’s legs still restrained as his hands pummeled that glass before the machine finally relented, his fists pushing it along faster with as much might as he could. His gaze fluttering painfully as he tried to see anything around him, hands moving to untie the straps on his legs. The beast was alive, but when his eyes opened he couldn’t see anything but his homeworld. The underground caves that he had lived in his entire life, the people around them as they fended off another assault by the Infinite Empire. The destruction everywhere as people fled in chaos.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=10pt]There was nowhere for him to go, he was trapped and he was going to die in these caves! Stepping out of the container, he wasn’t anticipating the harsh angle that the ship was at and when his second foot was in the air, he went crashing down to the floor. Cries of agony coming from the alien as his limbs refused to respond with the speed they were supposed to in order to catch himself. Body crumpled on the floor for minutes as the scents of the long dead and stale air washed across him, the sounds of cannons dying out and creating a dull humming sound as the reading tubes were no longer attached and the empty chamber was reading a flat line.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=10pt]His eyes opened once more and the caves were gone, before him was all that remained of his civilization. It was a room of corpses, he didn’t even need to move to know, the smell said it all and the complete lack of light from the other chambers. The Garani dropped down onto his side and laid his arm underneath his head and wept.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=10pt]Hours passed before he was on the move again, self-pity wouldn’t save him. He needed to find a way to get a message out or he would become like the rest of the bodies here. His gaze was bloodshot and he made a point to avoid looking into the chambers and instead looking just at the readings to see if they were alive or not. No one was, nothing was alive on this ship with him. He was alone after an unknown number of years, and he was trying to move with limbs that didn’t want to listen to his commands at the appropriate speed. Torjesgo wandered to the controls to try and figure out how he could get out of this ship. Emergency exits were weakly lit after all these years, but he was more focused on grabbing a suit and helmet so he could step outside into an unknown atmosphere. He wasn’t an astronaut; this was all outside of what he knew. There were supposed to be people here to direct them in how to proceed to a new planet! The Garani shook his head before he moved into panicking again, he needed to get out of here first and then he could panic. When he got to one of the exits, he smashed the emergency glass with his elbow, absorbing the pain into the rest of his form as he didn’t believe his body could hurt any more than it already was.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=10pt]Torjesgo grabbed out the suit and was quick to slide into it, careful around his talons as he pulled the skin tight material to his form. A series of growls from him as it was a little tight on him but he needed it to survive so he figured this was the least of all the pains that he was feeling right now. The helmet was pulled on next as well as the oxygen recycler for his back as he pulled that on and plugged the tube into the underside of his helmet. Once he was suited up, he moved to the door. Smashing the button to get it to open, the door creaked and started to shift as he took a few steps back. He took a quick sidestep and grabbed up a slugthrower in case there was something hostile there, waiting in eager anticipation as the door was creaking as badly as it could be while starting to open. His eyes narrowing to try and get a better sight before he saw…[/SIZE]

[SIZE=10pt]Dirt. Lots of dirt. Golden gaze fluttered with surprise at that as he looked around as though this had to be a joke. A series of curses in his native tongue as he looked at the way the ship was angled before heading up it as best as he could to try more doors. It was another few hours before he found a door that as it opened, he could see light coming through. That got the Garani holding the slugthrower at the ready once more as more and more of the door opened to reveal the heavy layers of branches that were in front of him. Insects of nearly impossible size and small rodents sent scattering, while winged creatures were shooting away from the opening door. A look of disbelief on his features at how he was going to get past all this brush. The oxygen reader on his wrist told him that he had plenty of air and as he turned it over, it appeared to be pretty sure that the planet’s air would be safe for him to breath. Even still, he wasn’t going to take his outfit off until he got past some of those insects. The last thing he wanted was to get out of his tomb and to die a slow and painful death from some toxin.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=10pt]He disappeared into the hull to grab a steel handled shovel and went to town attacking that brush to try and get out of this ship. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=10pt]The ancient blade crashed into the vines for hours as he worked to chop his way to freedom. He didn’t need a huge hole, just enough to slide himself through and to be able to find once more in order to return into the hold of the ship as he tried to get some bearings as to where he was. Whether the oxygen gauge on his wrist was accurate about not needing the mask or not, he was happy to have the protective shielding while splinters and bug remains were flying about. It was a tiring exercise for muscles that haven’t moved in an eternity, but it provided a way to vent the images and frustrations from his mind. Torjesgo’s body, even fueled with that pain, was not able to keep up the pace he wanted and he was forced to take multiple rests over the hour before he was able to break through enough that he could push the enormous vines out of the way. Taloned fingers were nowhere near as effective at gripping when they were sealed up in the space suit and he felt his grasp slip more than once before he was pushing through and emerging from the spread vines.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=10pt]When the brightness of the actual sun hit his visor, the Garani was forced to turn away and to let his eyes try and adjust to what was happening. His brain, already overloaded from too much information, was slow to comprehend the images that he was picking up as he could see no sign of a starship being at the location he was resting in. The alien’s heart torn as to the paths he was to take here, if his people had survived in some other way then the beacon that was going off couldn’t risk being discovered by the Infinite Empire and he wouldn’t allow the bodies of his kind to become another meal for those monsters. On the other hand, he didn’t want to destroy what he knew was safety from whatever this world might house. His hands remained holding the vines across for another moment of thought while his gaze was dancing across the wildlife that was moving around in the lush greenery around him. While it didn’t look dangerous, he was quite certain that there would be plenty of predatory species on this planet though from his experiences he couldn’t imagine anything as horrible as the Rakata.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=10pt]Torjesgo stepped back into the belly of the starship and let the vines close back down. He needed supplies and other materials before he would set the ship to self-destruct. He grabbed up two duffel bags and stuffed them with two more space suits, basic clothes, and a few more magazines stashed between the fabrics. The second bag was filled with food and medical equipment, while a backpack was gathered with basic survival gear. Those three things were left by the door as he made another run through the readings of the chambers to make sure he wasn’t missing that someone was alive! It ended up being a poor decision as he was seeing too many names of friends that he had known and they were nothing more that entombed corpses. His progression towards getting off the ship was slowed because of it as he ended up breaking down once more and trying to come to grips with what was happening.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=10pt]The Garani was cried out and he knew that he was just leaving a big marker on a map for someone to come and get his people. So his pace quickened and he got to the controls to start initiating the self-destruction of the vessel. There wasn’t any turning back as he finished pulling the necessary controls to set the core to melt itself down and destroy the ship. His fingers stayed wrapped around the controls as he looked at the timer while it counted down. It was possible that he could just end it right here and now and never have to worry about the Rakata or needing to survive; nothing. The pain and agony could all go away in one explosion, he could even watch the countdown to the precise moment it would happen.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=10pt]That thought was answered with a shake of his head as he knew it was possible there would be others out there and the uncertainty of just what the afterlife would be. He held his religious belief firmly, but that didn’t stop him from having that hesitation and the realization that it could pose an issue if he committed suicide. A quick shake of his head as he peeled his fingers from the lever and turned to depart from the vessel. He grabbed up the bags, checked his firearm, and pushed through the vines again.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=10pt]There was no great monster waiting to devour him as he stepped out, instead he faced the issue of the height of his position. He didn’t think anything would break from the fall but he didn’t know how sturdy the ground was going to be. He knew he couldn’t stay where he was, so he swung around, took a grasp on the vines and started to slide himself down as best as he could manage. His feet ended up smacking onto the ground harder that he had wanted but the ground held and he was able to stagger over a few branches to get to a relatively flat area before putting his things down for a breath. Torjesgo’s lungs were pounding up and down quickly as this all felt so very alien all of a sudden. Everything that had happened seemed to be hitting him again. This was his first time on any terrain that wasn’t Garan and it suddenly felt that much more intimidating because of it. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=10pt]This planet appeared to have some sort of sentient creature on it. Sentient only because he had seen that they had a variety of weapons ranging from spears to what appeared to be some form of firearms. The Garani didn’t try to intervene with them and instead avoided them as best as he could. Keeping his form low, and grateful that the spacesuit hid his exotic coloring, Torjesgo kept quiet and hidden in the brush. His vibrant yellow gaze narrowed as one of them stopped. The claws on his fingers visible in the shape of the bodysuit as it was made to stretch depending on the individual Garani’s claw length, said claws were depressed along the hammer of the weapon and cocked it back. The feeling of the trigger tensing against his fingers as he was ready to down the little chubby thing without a second thought. Anything that wasn’t of his own kind could be a slave to the Infinite Empire and he wasn’t going to take the chance of anyone trying to take him alive.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=10pt]As the things seemed to get further away, the one fuzzy creature stayed behind and seemed to move to take a seat. A sentry perhaps? Just a lazy little thing? He didn’t know and he didn’t care too much, but he needed to keep moving and he couldn’t while the thing was sitting there and watching the area. Torjesgo’s teeth were curled back in more than minor irritation as he only had an hour to get away from the ship and certainly didn’t want to waste time by being pinned down by what looked like some sort of fuzzy toy that he had seen children with before he left Garan. He cursed at it under his breath in his alien tongue as the thing didn’t look like it was going to be leaving any time soon. Head turned from side to side as he didn’t know what other option he really had. At this point it was going to turn into a potential shootout. Not with the one that was there but with any of the other ones that may be nearby.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=10pt]Torjesgo bought the AE3 up and popped the stock back to rest firmly into his shoulder. It wasn’t a long shot but he didn’t want to give this thing any chance to call for help. He took a few breaths to steady himself and brought the little fuzzy thing’s face into the iron sights. When the shot was squeezed out, he watched the head whip back from the brown furred beast before he went over backwards from where it was sitting. The report echoed out through the woods before he was flipping the safety back on and getting ready to move on, he wasn’t going to wait around and let them come back and search for what happened. The Garani leaped up and took off in the direction that he had planned on going. His feet carried him quickly as he needed to put distance between himself and the signal that the ship had been putting out. He couldn’t afford to have the Infinite Empire find him because he was too close.[/SIZE]


Tenebris In Lucem
While a three ships full of soldiers, a couple of force-users, and civilians was forced to crash land on Endor from an attempted escape from the Sith empire. It was a narrow escape and all survived the crash though many were wounded that was a victory in itself when going against the sith. With the ships broken down it would take some before they could take flight once more, despite the sith no longer pursuing them, it did not mean they were allowed to rest while the mechanics repaired the ships. Their fight for survival was far from over. The civilians would have to gather wood for warm fires and cook food and the soldiers would have to face off with the indigenous wildlife of endor, while the force users kept the force signatures hidden the best they could even after sensing there were no sith in the nearby area. They didn't want to chance another endeavor as that. Teams of scouts were sent out to survey the nearby area in case of possible threats.

All fair well for all the teams but one. One team of scouts were attacked a powerful creature, the Gorax. The fight was vicious and it ended the gorax dead alongside the entire team but one. A woman by the name of Ly'rah.

After fainting in the middle of a field, plagued with tall grass; Ly'rah awoke. She couldn't find the energy to pull herself up so she quit and laid there looking at the stars. She knew she was dying, but there were so many reasons she could think of. Depression was only one of those reasons. A week had passed from the time she felt the first sign of her illness. Blood was coursing through her throat when she coughed, now it was fainting all of a sudden. She knew her time would come soon enough. Tears rolled down her pale face. The pain was just too much to bare anymore.

Water trickled over her face, her tears soon to be camouflaged by the rain. Her heart was breaking and the heavens were acknowledging it. Lightning cracked through the skies and thunder began to engulf her ears. It was painful to say the least, but she needed to save her energy to be able to breath. She watched the rain fall onto the dry soil and nourish the ground once more. "Shield my pain, my suffering. Shroud my existence in a dark veil and give my soul the peace it deserves." She said with all the energy she could muster upon herself. She could almost feel death's presence strike it's cruel stare upon her weakened form. A strong urge to cough emerged from her mouth and blood spewed out into the air. "Let my....soul escape....My body escape this pain. Please just give me some peace." She cried out. The life was leaving her more rapid than she had expected, but she was still alive and feeling every painful breath.

She forced her eyes shut hoping the lights will leave her pupils. The pain was too much for her to deal with, but the more she tried to pray for the end; the more the pain had worsened. The images of Mi and Shen, her princess and sister plagued her mind. Her emotions were ravaging her body as she started to feel nothing. It wasn't death's embrace, but the conflicting emotions she felt left her with nothing. "Let my existence be forgotten like it should have been. The dirt around me shall hide the evidence, and the shadows will hide the truth." She said. She never thought she would speak those words, but now anything was possible. She could sit here for hours, maybe days to be tortured and ridiculed by death's gruesome voice. She energy quickly left her and she fainted once more, in hopes that it would be the last. Alone to be forgotten in the waves of ancient ruin.

A young girl, no older than the age of twelve, ran through the tall grass as rain started to fall. If she didn't hurry her clothes would be drenched. Her bow weighed heavily and bounced painfully with each step she took. Small as it was, it really was too large for her to use easily. As the grass go wetter she tripped and fell face first into the mud, her bow flying from her hands.

She scrambled to her feet and started casting around for her lost weapon. When she had located it she slung it over her shoulders before turning to head back to her room. Then she noticed something else in the grass. A body. Horrified, she stuck her hand to her mouth and nibbled on her nails. What was she to do? She thought she should dig a grave for the person but she had nothing to dig with. Maybe whoever it was was just sleeping? She hadn't gotten close enough to tell for sure it was a corpse, so she should go check on it.

"H...hello?" She cautiously inched her way towards the body, shaking all the way. "Are you alright?" She crouched down next to the person. She didn't want to touch a dead person it was creepy. But she didn't want to leave without knowing for sure if the woman was dead. Slowly she grabbed her bow and poked the stranger's cheek a couple times.

Unconscious because of the pain, Ly'rah appeared to be dead. Her heart was dying while her spirit was dwindling. Her life was in ruins right before heaven's door, but something had been keeping her earthbound. She could still feel the pain and feel the rain fall on her body. "I don't stand a ghost of a chance, to get back to my so-called life." She thought while enduring the painful embrace that induced her heart. She felt something stab at her and added to her pain. She had no choice but to let out the pain and she moaned out in misery. Her condition was getting worse with every second that passed, which seemed like years to her.

She gathered the strength to open her eyes and tears poured out. She looked towards the source of the stab and saw a small child, a girl. She felt like laughing, but it was like the pain was better at hiding the simple signs of happiness than her. "You should go home before you do see a dead body at your age." She said in a pained voice warning the young girl of her doom. She used up all her energy to give the girl that warning. She knew what it was like to see death's embrace at such a young age. Ly'rah's life wasn't something to be proud of, but she kept fighting the pain. She remembered a poem she had written while it was raining like this.

"Are you crying or is it the rain
Falling down to wash away your tears
Are your crying or is it your pain
I see glistening in your eyes
say you want me to be near
Want those tears to disappear"

As the pain continue to surge throughout her body her mind circled around to think about what she has gone through her life. She had been wronged again and again by men who had seemed to love her, but only wanted her family's riches, or just wanted the amenities of having a wife. Ly'rah wanted something real, something that she could hold onto whenever she was sad or stressed. Someone to tell her she was worth the world to them.

"The woman was still alive!" The young girl thought. The young girl wasn't sure how to react but she had to help her. Take her small village? No, she was too heavy for a child to carry. Could she get up on her own? It was highly unlikely. What to do, what to do? The girl began pacing rapidly for a moment. I'll go get help! Turning, she sprinted off and thought of a person that was generally in the area. Then she thought of it. "That weird silent guy....What was his name...Gir.....Jer.....Jericho!" She continued run looking for the man.

After a few minutes more of running she ran into something and she fell back from the force of impact. The young girl shook and head and stood up trying to grab her bow and arrow her mind in a scatter, it was her body instinctively moving in self defense. She looked around and saw a number of ewoks resting on a man, two sat on each side of him resting their head on his legs. One curled up on his lap while nuzzling his stomach, and a small one rested on his hooded head. While the man merely continued to sit as though in a deep trance under a giant leaf so he and other ewoks wouldn't get completely soaked. Despite the figure having tattered robes from a recent battle with a number Gorax and boar wolves in order to save these ewoks. When she noticed the man still had not move a single inch, she no longer felt like he was a threat, in fact she felt a feeling of calmness being emitted from his person.

Telling from this feeling and from his brown robes she knew it was Jericho. The Knight often went to endor for several months at a time with his now deceased master to train in all the forms of light saber combat, unarmed combat, stealth, tracking, force training and so much more. In that time period his master and him had befriended many ship wrecked humans and other sentient beings by either helping them leave endor or if they chose to start a new life here, to survive in the terrain. After the untimely death of his master he continued to come here to train. While he did, he visited the small villages of ewoks and the villages of the formly shipwrecked. The young girl and her was one of the many they had help here.

As she closed in she was in awe to see number of animal taken down single handedly in order to save the defenseless young ewoks. To her, he was a great warrior willing to do anything to protect the innocent and the defenseless. In his mind, he was failed this time having to kill the gorax and the number of boar wolves. His master had taught him to find other means to a solution other than just violence to solve a solution. Understanding that he meditated becoming one with the force and reflecting on his actions to think of other ways he could of handled the situation so that in the future he could use those ways instead of complete brute force. The awe of the girl was cut when she began to think of the woman laying in the middle of the field.

"Help! You've got to help! There's a woman in the middle of the field and she is hurt!" The young girl shouted at him.

Her voice startled the sleeping ewoks and caused them to wake up and quick stack up onto Jericho's lap to hide and stay safe. Jericho let out a breath through his breathing mask that he wore for increased air take and conditioning so he could last long in battle without getting tired, not because he had breathing issues. It also served to keep his identity hidden from other people both friend and foe. The man opened his eyes slowly hearing her voice and slightly turned his head and looked over to the young girl. "Quin?" He muttered under his breath calmly. He petted the ewoks to show that they were safe, though the continued to look at the young girl quite skeptically.

"Jericho! Hurry! She needs help! She might die!" The young girl shouted at him again slightly more panicked.

The girl began to more scream for help. Her screams almost startled Jericho cause him to gently set the ewoks aside only for them to cling on him. Two on his legs, one around his neck and the last climbed on to his head. The little ewok pulled down his hood as he climbed up, his hair would appear messy and unkempt, though he could pull off the look. Then the little ewok on his head pulled up his hood once more to serve as a make shift leaf knowing that were going to have to travel through the rain.

The girl met him half way. It was then he fully recognized the girl, it was Quin, Rasa's eldest daughter. "Quin?" He said looking at the girl. "Where is this woman?" He asked in his usual serious and stern tone of voice, if Rasa were here he would reply with something witty regardless of the situation. Jericho knelt down in front of her, "I will take care of everything, rest assured. Just tell me the way to go." He stated calmly. The girl nodded and let out a breath of air calming herself down, only to let out a quick squeal as Jericho lifted her over his shoulder and let her wrap her arms around his neck while doing so, he used the force to lift the ewok around his neck into his arm. Luckily he was a larger man and this was hardly cumbersome to him, though he didn't expect to have ewoks as shin warmers. Once that was all finished began to churn his legs starting off slow then faster and faster; his trot became a full out sprint. Everyone on him bounced around effortlessly as he ran. He groaned as he felt them all move on is body.

As awkward as it was he thought of his as a training force session as he had to increase his own speed using the force and at the same time maintain a hold on all of them as he ran in order for them not to fall off. As they quickly closed the distance and saw the almost lifeless body, Jericho stopped and only one passenger got off of his, the young girl. The ewoks remained stagnant and they walked closer to the body, the young girl hoped it wasn't too late to save her.

Ly'rah's reasons for fighting began to wither away to nothing. Her chances weren't getting any better as the rain drops hit her cold flesh. She looked up and ignored the fact that something was approaching her. But as she began to think, she still assume the girl was there with her not hearing the young girl say she was leaving. If it was an animal or worst one of the sith may have found them, Ly'rah would be forced to fight the pain and protect the girl until she got away, then lay down the die. Her mind0 snapping back into reality, she saw the girl was now at the side of an unfamiliar man. "Is she going to be okay, Jericho?" The young girl asked the larger man, hoping for a more optimistic answer to a rather dire situtation.

"No." Jericho blantantly said to the young girl as he knelt beside the woman checking out all of her injuries. The young girl gasped as she clapped her hands over her mouth surprised at what Jericho had said, though she should be so. "Is there anything you can do for her?" The young girl asked Jericho, still in hopes that he could say something to at least reassure her, as he did before. "It's doubtful that I can. I am only moderately trained in force healing and my field medic training is useless since I don't have the necessary equipment to patch her up." Jericho said coldly once more as he continued to check the woman's body for what he could actually heal. "Look at her...She barely even has the will to live. Even if I could do something, if one has no will to live, they will not live only slowly die."

Ly'rah's eyes narrowed as she looked at him. His cruel words pierced through her ears, she looked up at the darken sky. As dark as it was it made her eyes shine as bright as the sun. She used some of her hoarded energy to place her hand on her chest and could feel her heartbeats flutter. The life was being taken away from her as the one she talked so highly of cursed her corpse.

Tears poured out of her eyes. Her body was becoming numb, her heart was breaking, she knew every single thing happening to her made it obvious that she was going to die tonight. "Kill me, let me die, do w-whatever....I'm already there. I don't have the w-will to "nag" anymore..." She said with the abundance of her energy, her mind now full of confusion and false images of the men before, in her life. Her eyes wouldn't close, but she could feel Death's presence circling around her, or maybe it was just him. Without moving her head Ly'rah looked at the girl. " I'm sorry....y-you have to see my life fly away like t-this..." She said as she tried to turn on her side away from the two and let the last wave of tears descend from her jaded eyes.

After hearing that, Quin instantly began to cry, even though the woman was a stranger, she didn't like death. She quickly faced Jericho, "I've witness what you can do! I know for a fact that you can do something about this! I believe in you and your abilities even if you may not believe in yourself! Jericho please do something for her! Just try!"

Jericho looked down at her, and felt strange. He wasn’t comfortable with this feeling. She was weak to give up a candle that lost its flame; weakness was meant to be destroyed, in a sense. Jericho slowly brought his left hand to his right forearm, he pulled metal part of his glove down, while simultaneously extended his fingers. He made sure the glove was snug around his fingers. As his maneuvered his hands around her body to fell all the damage on her body, a memory of Jericho entered his thoughts.

He closed his eyes and watched the memory play beneath his eyelids. He found a wounded woman in a bed of flowers. He knelt down, secured her and patched up her wounds. Jericho took the woman back to his home in Teth and laid her in his bed, where he watched her till he fell asleep. The memory ended there. Jericho opened his eyes and sighed. “I see...” Jericho thought about his predecessor’s actions. “Why am I cursed..Master Seren, haunts me even when I'm now a knight.” He was starting to be more aware of his weakness, but perhaps accepting it would give him greater strength?

He slowly crouched down beside her; he landed forward and slowly brought his right hand under her neck and Jericho brought his other hand under her lower thigh. “I’m glad you are so eager to let me have my way.” He slowly stood up with her in his arms. The ewoks feeling the aura of all of them went of and stood to the side waiting, except the one under his hood, he was nice and dry. “Look.. See that star in the sky, that continues to shine through the clouds and rain.” He paused hoping she would take notice. “That is your star, if you give up that star will fade and wont return tomorrow night to brighten the night sky…”

Jericho looked down at her and groaned, “If you need a purpose. Nag me until your hearts content.” He said in his usual stern tone, but this time around, there was actually a lightness to it, playing along with what she had said. Thought she was a stranger to him, all life was precious right? For whatever reason, he felt like he had to help this woman as a trial as both a knight and a person over all. This was him becoming a stronger and kinder person, a way for him to grow and learn more. He lowered her limp body and began to heal her to the best of his ability, now determined to help save her life. “It is not my choice or my place to say, after all it is your life. It is your choice whether or not you live, you merely need to find the will to do so." He whisper softly to the woman, taking of his mask so she could see his face.

Ly'rah looked in the direction Jericho had mentioned and saw a star among others. Her jaded eyes opened wide as she saw it's brightness. She turned her head and looked into Jericho's eyes. She didn't see the man he was on the outside. He had warm heart deep down and she could tell and because of it she felt more at peace even in this time of struggle. Even Quin never saw this side of him and the older woman felt like she never wanted him to let go of her. But again her mind phased to the past and Mi's words still ran through her head. So many insults, assumptions, Ly'rah didn't know what to think. Whether to get mad or curious was a decision she knew only her heart would make.

She turned back and looked at the star. Its light shined in Ly'rah's eyes and she prayed. She wasn't a religious person, but she felt like she didn't have any other choice. She prayed for the strength to fight this horrible pain. She closed her eyes and whispered those words. She looked at Jericho and smiled. "No more nagging, I have my purpose." She said still thinking Jericho was someone else. Then she snapped back again into reality, Jericho had said those things for a reason and played along with teh woman's delusions. Why? This stranger who she did even know his name was trying to hard to keep her alive. Her heart told her to ignore all his brutally blunt behavior, but she saw right through his shell. Even though he said those things why would he pursue trying to heal her and waste his energy? Jedi or not what exert more energy needed to save one person?

She tried to hold back the urges to show Jericho everything. Her loves, her obsession with her past, everything but the feeling of death continued to loom over her making her want to say everything that has happened to her to this healing stranger. This was the real person Ly'rah was already falling in love with, It could be the fact that she was just slowly dying and was in so much pain she wanted to cling onto something before death took her but either way she couldn't admit that. She was a soldier, at least that was the excuse she was telling herself. She placed her hand on his shoulder as a pain in her head coursed through her brain. "Not again." She grunted. She tried to persevere through the pain without clenching his shoulder to tightly. "I'm sorry..." She said in a pained voice.

Quin watched her friend do his best to care for the woman. She had been scared that he would simply ignore the stranger, or maybe kill her to quickly ease her passing. But from how they seemed to be talking to each other that might of have had some sort of history with each other, though she wasn't completely sure. But that was good, maybe there's some hope after all. She wasn't sure whom she meant there was hope for. The young girl clutched at Jericho's shoulder as he continued to try to heal. She wasn't a doctor by any means but she had at least been taught simple remedies and first aid. She examined the woman as best as she could given that she couldn't touch her.

"She seems to be heavily wounded, but I can't tell with clothes on as torn as it is. She might have been bitten by a poisonous animal while she laid there. If you see any fang marks start sucking poison out from the wound. It probably won't make a difference, but at the very least it won't make it worse. She also need something soft to lay in as soon as possible." Quin did not want to be giving this man orders. He would kill her if he took offense to it and he took offense to almost everything, or well that's what she thought he was like. "Get her to the village as fast as you can, but don't shake her too much. That will make things worse. When you get there get those clothes off her. We don't need wet clothes making things worse, and we need to be able to examine for any injury that might be hidden under them. We'll also need a bowl of warm water and cloth. I'll make sure a healer is sent for as well."

Quin didn't care if Jericho took offense to being ordered around or not. Rethinking everything, the man wasn't arrogant, prideful, vain, and stubborn as an ox, most of all the thing he wasn't was; foolish. Surely he would understand the importance of haste at this point in time, right? If he took offense she could apologize later. Besides if anything happened to her Rasa wouldn't accept it. Honestly she didn't know what he would think if Jericho killed her. Sometimes he seemed to care, other times he ignored her. No, those thoughts could be explored another time. Right now there was work to be done.

She made her choice; to his surprise she found her purpose. Jericho wasn’t one to pry in other affairs. She chose strength, she chose to survive and that is the only thing that mattered to him. His eyes shifted downward to catch a glimpse of her smiling at him. He quickly looked up at the sky, and avoided eye contact with Ly'rah; she gripped his shoulder with immense force. He looked down at her and saw her struggling. “Tch, I am surprised you chose to battle this pain. When you are victorious I will welcome you to anything you want. Within my ability.” He took a deep breath, “Noticed I said when you are victorious. Failure is no longer an option.”

“Quin I will say this once…listen closely.” Jericbo said not taking a moment from healing the woman. He examined the area, looking from side to side, keeping his hands on the areas the needed healing. "Look around, there are other men that have met the darker fate." Jericho started off. "Meaning she was with other people and there maybe other people close by. It would be better if you can scout to see if there is other people shipwreck, they'll have the tech needed to save her life." Jericho said then had a loose his grip on Ly'rag and readjusted her, so he could rest against him. “I’m exceptionally doubtful she would feel comfortable with me sucking on her, or touching her body thoroughly than I am now. But it's good for someone so you to think so quickly on their feet, it's commendable.” As he finished his last statement he looked down at her and gave her a nod. Quin nodded understandably and felt warm inside being complimented by him.

Ly'rah rested her head against his chest. She could hear his heart beating and all she wanted to do was fall asleep. Her eyes slowly closed as the sound of his heart lulled her to sleep. "Hmm...his heart warmer than I thought." She whispered with a smile on her face. She heard Jericho mention if she was victorious that he would give her anything. Ly'rah had always wanted to leave the service of being a mercenary, and this was perfect. All this thinking upset her raging headache but she bared the pain without showing her struggle. She rested in his arms, despite the situation. "Why are you doing this for me? A stranger that you don't even know?" She asked curiously. Jericho looked down at her and let out a soft sigh. "I was taught all life is precious. No matter how small they think of themselves to be."

She heard the child say something about a snake bite and inside she laughed inside. She hated serious moments in life so she tried laughed things like this off. She also heard Jericho say his remark on taking her own clothes off and sucking the poison out of her. "I'm not poisoned or anything like that." She whispered while her eyes closed the rest of the way. "Yes, there is a place, a camp, near here. I need to report in what I have seen and experienced. I was on a scout mission before all this happened." She said with her eyes closed. "So, I guess the captain and the rest of the team did die...That's a shame, they were all good men. Hearing that, I have to report in now, no matter what. After all....All life is precious right? This info will save lives of the camp" She said quietly, feeling a bit better from the healing given to her.

"The faster we get to the camo the better. We all must be p-pretty tired and that scare didn't help. By the way, my name Ly'rah..."

"Quin!" The young girl said happily feeling like the hope had returned to the situation.


In a mere hour, the mood of the situation dramatically changed from life and death, to a more optimistic tone. The three humans and the four ewoks raced against time to save this one woman. "This was all thanks to your teachings....Master Seren." He thought to himself as they made it to the camp. "I would of just given up and just tried to ease her passing in anyway possible, either by prolonging with healing or just use my saber to end it quickly....But by doing what I'm doing now....I've possible saved more lives both sentient and non-sentient. Your 'words' are doing more than more than what my saber can do alone." Jericho snapped back into thought and saw that Quin was a little down and the more he looked he notice that she was even teary eyed. Jericho blinked and face foreword not knowing what to do, or even say to the girl. Was it something he had done? Or the change of the situation was just so overwhelming. Jericho let out a soft sigh, hoping he wouldn't regret asking her.

"What wrong?" He asked as they walked to the camp, his face remained faced foreword. Quin quietly wiped a tear from her face and let out a soft sigh. "In the end I wasn't even able to do anything for her, just cry and pretend like I knew what I was doing. Thinking back on it, I only sounded like a fool." She said admitting her feelings about the situation complete to him. Jericho continued to walk and faced foreword and remained silent for a moment before speaking to her once again. "You are the one that truly saved Ly'rah's life today, by bringing her into my care and having confidence in me. I won’t let anything happen to those who are under my watchful eyes.” He said softly as he could despite his tone of voice. "Make her smile, Ewok; I am not suited for this." Jericho said with a shake of his head looking at the ewok that was clining to his arm. With that last statement, She couldn't help be let out a small giggle when the ewok looked over to her with a tilted head.

"I’m sure the camp is just up ahead there." Ly’rah said to the rest of them. "I-I.....Can walk now, I feel much better after your healing, Jedi." She said calmly, wiggling from his grip before he could let her down. The rain finally stopped and as they moved, one of the ewoks that clung on to his leg leaped off and moved on ahead and found a spot to sit and take a break from it's clinging, Quin merely laughed a little only for for her laughter replaced by screaming. A blaster shot out of no where hitting the little ewok square in the head causing it to whip back and fall to the ground. Or rather a different one as the one the clung one to Jericho ran by squeaking his little heart out. Jericho instantly got into a stance and putting on his breathing mask with one hand and saber in the other the beam of orange light patruding out from the hilt. Without a word Jericho signaled the two girls and the remaining ewoks to rush to the camp while he went to handle the possible threat. Possibly a misfire from a sith? No, there was not dark side signatures any where nearby or else he would of felt it. Was it a mercenary? That seemed like the most logical case, but what ever it was Jericho could not and would not underestimate.

Jericho went to observe his fallen ewok friend and looked at the killing wound, it was instant, there was no pain. From the wound, it was He looked at where it sat and judged the angle of where the shot was most likely made. He followed the possible angle of the shot and found prints left in the mud and grass. They were light but heavy mark, should that what ever it was, it was big and it was fast. Jericho and to move quickly, increase the amount of force around him he used it to tremendously increase his speed and ran after the creature, after few minutes of playing catch up with the beast. After having saw it, he didn't even know what it was. But what he did know it was smart enough to use a blaster and dangerous. Jericho used the environment around him to gain the high ground jumping from tree to tree. Then when he was in front of the mighty looking beast, he leaped down from the tree sending a powerful slamming energy around. (force slam) Hoping to cause the beast flying backward or at least stopping it's advance.

He stood up straight showing his real height and got into a strong Shien stance. "That was to merely halt your advance. I do not wish to fight but I cannot over look the fact that you killed a sentient being and an innocent bystander to boot. I must ask you to lower your weapon or I will use force to stop you and restrain you." He said calmly, in hopes that the beast could understand him. He had just saved four ewok from getting eaten or killed by Two Gorax's and their packs of boar-wolves and saved a woman who didn't even want to continue living. He was going to keep that that trend of his to the best of his ability. "Drop your weapon and things will end peacefully. I promise."

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@[member="Levia Sol"]
the bedbound bard
Sith Academy
The high vaulted ceiling seemed endless and shrouded in mist, impenetrable to the average eye, to that which was untrained. Sandstone, part sickly orange, part pale yellow and the rest, down near the base, spotted with thick specs of red, imposed all around despite the vast size of the chamber, thick and foreboding. Wreathes of darkness spread throughout, scattered by one single beacon of light which permeated from the glow of a luminescent blade which in turn cast further darkness in the form of dancing shadows. All was silent, deathly so, the waves of sound from the Academy did not touch the chamber, nor did the wind or alchemical animal calls from the exterior of the building, no the thick walls obscured it all. No life signs could be detected save for one, glowering in the void, drawing in the darkness of the wider Academy at large while emitting just as strong a presence from the very core of their being.

There, knelt upon the ground, lightsaber lit and hovering just before her, Kara waited. No words were voiced, no muscles twitched into action, she was completely stoic and immobile. Pale skin shimmering, eyes closed in intense concentration, the young Umbarans chest was all that moved, rising and falling in tenderly slow intervals. From the exterior she could have been mistaken for resting, or even a state of death at how miniscule the breathing was... But inside the opposite could be said. Her mind raced, brain whirring into action as she focused on the Force which surrounded and penetrated both herself and this entire heatless world. She gave her thoughts to the philosophy of her brethren, that is not to say the Umbaran, no... They held little influence over her. Instead she found six lines repetitively encircling her mind as she fell deeper and deeper into its ensnare, her presence through the Force flaring every so often, each time vastly darker and more powerful than the former.

Peace is a lie, there is only passion; through passion I gain strength; through strength I gain power; through power I gain victory; through victory my chains are broken; the Force shall set me free; Peace is a lie, there is only passion; through passion I gain strength; through strength I gain power; through power I gain victory; through victory my chains are broken; the Force shall set me free; Peace is a lie, there is only passion; through passion I gain strength; through strength I gain power; through power I gain victory; through victory my chains are broken; the Force shall set me...


The final line she spoke aloud, voice little more than a mutter yet even whispered it ricocheted through the entombed, cavernous chamber, located at the very heart, in the very depths, of the Sith Academy on Korriban, several floors beneath the ground. Up on the surface light was dwindling to see the end of another dull and dreary day. For all the intensity of its sun this planet was never warm, nor ever really bright. Horuset was a pathetic excuse of a star in the eyes of many, but in truth it was the planet itself that was the problem, the presence of so much darkness, so much power drowned out its effectiveness. Where shadows resided, the light avoided. Her eyes had softly opened, revealing an intense flash of icy blue iris', yet there was a question posed immediately to her mind... What had stirred her from the very depths of her mind? What dared to rouse her consciousness when she had set herself to days of meditation?

There... At the very back of her mind she could feel it, and with her conscious recognition it made its way forth, bade by her to present itself. A calling, whether physical or otherwise, was being transmitted and caught within her mind. It came from afar, yet Kara's mind worked wonders. She knew that with more introspection she could find its source, and something in the Force urged her to do so. Who was she to deny such an intense calling? With a smile snaking upon her lips the young Umbaran closed her eyes and focused, visions flickering behind her eyelids as she sunk deep into the Force, allowing the passions she kept within herself to be released, the flare through the Force this created could be felt throughout the Academy at large. Whenever she had these sessions her presence became insufferable even to the ranking Sith present in the sandstone tomb that was the Academy. At first the visions came slowly, drawn out as she tried to pass through the Galaxy to the beacon.

But slowly, and surely, she was able to decipher them. Her breathing slowed to an almost suffocating state, barely a breath being made each minute if that. Her entire being, her whole focus, was on this transmission. Trees made themselves known within her mind, before the vision zipped through the forests, past current happenings - little furry creatures, ones who were so akin to @[member='Azar the Mystic'] that they had to be his kin', making them Ewoks, shot into view before disappearing, all the while the journey continued. By now she knew the general destination; Endor. Yet there was more to this, far more than was being let on. So she continued on the visual journey, past scattered men and fallen ships until the vision abruptly halted. There was a vast moss-covered mound obscuring the way, and something about it drew her in. Here the signal was at its strongest... And now she had her destination, she had to figure out why.

But that, too, was answered moments later. Seemingly satisfied that she understood, the Force vision set her on another path, following a very specific route through the forest, over broken trees and bodies alike, past a wreckage until the vision singled in on a small group of individuals. An Ewok lay dead, bringing forth a brief memory of Azar dying before her, his last ditch attempts at converting her while he used the last of his energy to heal her wounds and then... Disappear. Not truly becoming one with the Force, the fuzzy creature who had been her first notable kill had plagued her ever since, a furry little stalker who appeared whenever he wished, still attempting even now to bring her to the light. She had been a mere child then, of ten years, and it was half her lifetime ago. Yet still things did not change, and fate had brought her full circle to stare in the face of her past. But only I control my future. She was free within the Force.

Surrounding the body were four individuals; a man, two females - one who was younger than herself - and an... odd creature. Of course, there were Ewoks too, but being the native species they did not stand out to her like the rest. The creature in an atmosphere suit piqued her interest more so than the rest - it was this individual that she was being drawn to, as though it were the very will of the Force. And now she knew her task. Breaking forth from the vision, with a shuddering gasp at the strain it had caused her, she emitted her presence through the Force in one last blast, shaking the lower foundations of the Academy in a swift release of all she had built up in the past few hours. Her prolonged session would have to wait... Rising from the ground in a flurry of robes her hand extended out and grasped the curved hilt of her lightsaber. When her fingers entwined around the metal casing she flicked off the ignition switch and settled it up her sleeve for later.

Through the darkness she ventured, seeing through the dense darkness without issue. Up the winding steps she wound her way, through the sandstone tombs and away from the ancient throne room she had stumbled upon ten years prior. It had quickly become her haunting ground, where the majority of her private time was spent. Her plans for Felucia had not yet come into fruition, but when they did she would turn her back on this world for as long as was possible, with its insufferable climate. Mentally she sent out a calling to her Apprentice, @[member='Thyrian Ashborn'], and informed him of her impending absence. Remember that you speak with my voice and move with my body was the warning she gave him when she finally reached the unsealed entrance to the Academy itself. Without a word or acknowledgement to any individual within the Academy she ventured forth, immediately heading to the hangar bay which contained her ship.

Finally she settled down, with Skydd at her side and R1 down in the bay, ready to assist in any way they could, the Knight set her co-ordinates to Endor. Thankfully the long-running arrangements she had with @[member='Valik'] provided her with certain privileges where the Lords of the Fringe were concerned, which meant she could enter and venture to the Ewok-infested planet without incident. Guiding the ship up through the atmosphere of the dense planet Kara set off into hyperspace, allowing the ship to begin its long journey. For the most part she had auto-pilot active so that she could focus back in on her meditation, hoping to catch further snippets of the vision she had been sent, to allow it to guide her way. To begin with all this resulted in was further divulging into the Force, darkness emanating around her, nicely contained within her ship. Soon, she knew, she would have what she required, by will or by Force it would be hers.


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Crazy Man McJangle
There wasn’t really a destination in the woods for him to go to. He just knew that he had to get away from the ship. The self-destruct would keep the Rakata from getting any information on his people and he wasn’t worried about the blowback from that going off, but he wanted to be as far away from a possible search perimeter as possible. This most recent aggressive action against the diminutive furry puppet had exposed him more than he wanted to be as it was.

The brush of the forest smacked hard against his suit as he was running entirely on adrenaline and fear. There was no attempt to stay quiet right now, he was just moving at top speed to get away from this place. Torjesgo was hardly a military tactician to understand the need to be silent in a moment of panic. What he wanted to do was get away and then he could worry about needing to hide. His golden gaze darting around through the large visor over his face, picking up perceived movements in the woods and feeling his heart skip a beat each time one had a humanoid shape. The fear of the Rakata already being here and using this as some sort of sick game was strongly embedded into his mind.

30,000 years of being frozen had its toll on one’s mentality. Put on top of that the fact he watched too many of his friends literally be consumed before him by these creatures would cause anyone to have horrible memories and be mentally scarred because of it. The Garani knew just two things mattered right now:

He needed to survive,

And anything he saw was likely a Rakata puppet.

The gray of his suit did nothing to help camouflage him amongst the flora around him though at least it kept from the vibrant blue and white coloring across his body from being visible. The creature’s long tail being used effectively for balance as he leaped over fallen branches and crashed through bushes. With the slugthrower in hand he felt no fear from any potential wildlife he might come across. The little creature he had killed had hardly been an imposing figure but he couldn’t afford to have any eyes on him that could relay information to their dark masters.

Torjesgo had no desire to look behind him. No desire to turn and get a bearing of where he was at. He was already on an alien world so there would be no landmarks for him to recognize, no flora that he could relate to and know whether it was edible or not. Right now he was just focused on running, running, and running. The hissing of the oxygen tank scolding him that he was working too hard while his chest rose and fell in panic filled breaths.

The Rakata were coming, his brain screamed to him. There was no way for him to know just how accurate such a warning was to him before he was abruptly blindsided.

The Garani’s body was lifted right up off of the ground like a ragdoll before he was thrown back into the brush. It was lucky to have been a bush and not a jagged rock or broken branch that deadened his fall. His mind quickly sent into a tizzy about what had happened to him. It was something that, while it had happened thousands of years ago, felt much more recent to him. The Rakata were here now. They were the only creatures that had been capable of such actions.

He didn’t have time to be dazed or dizzy, such liberties were now allowed when the Rakata were attacking. Torjesgo had difficulties focusing, but was quick to be on the move by rolling to the side and out of the bush to evade any saber assaults on his person from the amphibious monsters. What he didn’t know was that his attacker was anything but one of the amphibian overlords, it was a species he’d never seen before.

His visor caught sight of a humanoid shape during the roll but nothing more. The words that started to strike against him sounded like drunken gibberish his friends would say back on Garan before he was frozen. They had no meaning to him at all. They’re going to get you. Consume you like your friends. The fear flowing through him felt like it was going to paralyze him. All these years, all the opportunities for them to have stuck him while he was incapacitated, and instead the Rakata showed just how monstrous they were by awakening the Garani to toy with him in this forested playground.

Torjesgo’s legs were wobbling and he had to grab onto a tree to work up to a standing position. He didn’t stay still long though and was quick to start staggering away to as much of a running pace as he could manage while still dizzy. There was no response to the figure behind him in words, instead he swung the AE3 around and fired blindly behind him in a burst of slugs. His feet getting tripped up as he had to catch himself before stumbling through more brush to get away from the suspected Rakata that was behind him. Fearful eyes focusing on what was in front of him, looking for somewhere that he could go. He had enough training to use the weapon and to be able to adapt to alien environments as part of the colony program, but there was no way he could face down a warrior of the Infinite Empire in his current state.

@[member="Kära Vi'dreya"]


Tenebris In Lucem
'I used more force than necessary.' He thought as the monsters body was similar to a ragdoll when it floated and flew into a bush. Jericho cautiously took a few steps foreword to where the beast flew into. He stopped in place standing in his stance as he watched the beast desperately and slowly try to get up using a tree, it's legs wobbling barely able to support it's weigh or so it seemed. It was clear Jericho overestimated the beast and possibly caused more damage than he meant to do.

The observant man looked at the beast before him. From it's head to it's toes, it's body alone set off an defensive aura. He then deeply looked into the monster's eyes for a few seconds and could tell those eyes that looked back at him were wanting and longing for something and he didn't what it was. Could it be because it was semi-sentient, or completely sentient? The monster who stood before him had a fiery spirit, free and open. Telling by how desperate it seem to want to get away without trying to communicate.

Was the beast really sentient? Or did a previous owner train it and put armor over it? As Jericho was distracted trying to understand the beast it started to stagger away from him. Jericho lowered his stance to show he was trying to be peaceful, but as the beast continued to gain momentum it raised it's blaster; which Jericho should have noticed earlier and fired blindly at him.

The first shot was able to hit Jericho in the shoulder, the pain caught him by surprise and forced him to fall to a knee but luckily the damage was minimized by his armor. He took off his shoulder plate to check his arm. 'No real damage. Will not affect my combat proficiency. Will have to do minor repair to the shoulder plate.' He thought to himself, the poked at the fresh hole on his robes and let out a sigh due to another hole to his already tattered robes. 'I will am able to continue the pursuit of the beast.' With that thought he began his chase of the beast.

What he had in mind differed from what it had, he had a mission, a mission what he felt was almost as important as his first mission with Master Seren. The one that he keeps in his mind forever as advice to himself, never underestimate an enemy. Not a sith, not a beast, and not even something small, cause you never know how powerful and dangerous it can really be. His goal now was to capture and secure this beast before he would wreck havoc on the survivors or become a danger to itself.

He got into the Ataru stance, one of his more specialized forms then ran increasing his own speed with the force. He leaped from tree to tree, each step silent due to his sound dampener. Jericho kept an eye out for each tree branch that was sturdy enough to hold his weigh and looked out for type of leaves to make sure they won't fall and give out his position. He awaited for the right moment to pounce on the beast.

From what he witnessed thus far about the beast, it was not a native to the plant which could mean it was lost, but that wasn't certain, still it was an advantage because Jericho trained in Endor whenever time allowed it; fighting beast and getting use to the area. It was disoriented, from it's desperate actions, it truly didn't know what it was doing in terms of fighting, it just wanted to escape. Why? A question that was going to be answered when Jericho made his capture but it's disorientation was another advantage, it'd be easier to confuse it. Another, it seemed to be exhausted where as Jericho was well rested and ready to fight. Seemingly this was going to be an easy take down, at least in the mind of an arrogant warrior.

Jericho planned his attack, he had to take to account what the beast may have had as an advantage. From it's looks and armor it may have had some type of martial training. It also may possess superior strength to that of a Lorrdian Human but it didn't seem to have a force signature around it. It also may have a superior cardiovascular system so it could run for days without stopping, meaning Jericho had to stop it in it's tracks soon. It's desperate and wants to run and had a blaster; Jericho couldn't just jump in front of it without possible taking more blaster fire. Doing that might just make the beast fire at will and fight back harder. In Jericho's mind he was going to have to end this quick and easy.

After a minute more of chasing and keeping himself hidden, he made his move. From a far he pulled a number vines and launch them at the beasts ankles, wrists and body hoping to ensnare or at least trip him up. While distracted with that he then used the force to pull the blaster from the beast's grasp. He kept to the trees hidden from sight until he could confirm that it was down and completely ensnared.

@[member="Kära Vi'dreya"]
the bedbound bard
Onboard her ship the young Knight continued her voyage through space. For the most part she remained blanketed in the Force, meditating profoundly in order to maintain a thoughtful state. Unable to reconnect with the vision, she simply opted to refresh her memory on what she knew already - Endor was her destination, where a group of individuals awaited. There was a mound of specific importance, like a miniature hill, alongside one of the individuals - the one in the atmosphere suit. Yes, it was he she needed from this, whom she was being led towards. And she would fulfil the desires of the Force in any way she could.

Without warning a further vision flashed in her mind, but she could tell that it was not present - the light had dwindled on Endor and it hadn't been that long since she set off from Korriban to warrant such, so no it had to be more to the future than Endor was presently experiencing. A shockwave was sent through the surrounding area, causing trees to creek and threaten to snap, throwing debris all around and maiming, even claiming the lives of, many Ewoks in the process. It came from the mound, she realised, this explosion which shook the ground, so force-ably that Kara felt as if it were real. She had to get to Endor soon...

Finally awakening from the state she had subjected herself to, the young girl pushed the engines and hyperdrive to their limits. Stars flashed by, and while she would usually relish the chance to watch them this was a moment of haste not beauty. Finally she rose, leaving the autopilot engaged, and roamed through the ship to her personal quarters. There she changed and prepared a backpack ready for Endor; rations and supplies, thin yet highly durable rope and two forms of breathers - one air-based and the other aquatic, amongst the items. Who knew what she might end up facing on the surface, especially considering the explosion she had witnessed.

Then she brought her lightsaber blade out from her old sleeve and held it...

It was beautifully crafted, having taken her long days to perfect by hand, each intricate detail hand-crafted by Kara herself. The crystal it contained was one which she had claimed upon Dantooine, which permitted it to have the permeating orange glow that had become signature to her. Like an inferno it shone, like her Ashborn.

Endor was still far from near, yet Kara was prepared...

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The grip of the weapon in his hand was about the only reassurance that the Garani had that there was any chance to still get out of this. If he could land a burst on his pursuer he could at least buy time to disappear into the woods and try to find an alternate route out. If the warrior behind him was able to close then he would see nothing but the drooling amphibious lips sealing his fate and lifeless eye stalks staring him down. It was a visage that gave energy to weary legs as he kept pushing through the brush to get away from his pursuer.

His running shifted from staggered gaits to more controlled and back again depending on what he was running through. So when he was first hit by those vines he didn’t think anything of it as he staggered down onto all fours. Torjesgo’s hands hitting hard onto the ground from the off balanced drop and he could immediately feel pain washing through his wrist from the odd angle his hand landed while wrapped around the blaster. He cursed out under his breath in his native tongue and turned his head to try and pick up on his pursuer. His gaze never made it that far before he was struck again and felt something grabbing at his ankles and wrists. Golden eyes growing large beneath the cover of his visor as he turned to see that the very earth was against him!

Not only were the Rakata masters of traveling through space but they had learned to bend nature to their will now as well? Surrounded by the biomass that he was, there was little he could hope to fight against if that were truly the case. Still, as those vines coiled about his wrists and ankles, he pulled and tugged with as much strength as he could manage. His tail thrashing around while he felt another batch of vines squeeze down around his torso and nearly suck the air out of him from how startling this all was.

Torjesgo’s chest pounded with breath and panic from his heart, taloned fingers clawed and gripped at the air to try and free himself. His toes trying to get purchase on the ground through the suit; a glove that was now restricting him from being able to use his God given biological weapons against what was trapping him. The attack left him defenseless to stop his slugthrower from being pulled away from his grasp and leaving him with nothing at all. It didn’t matter though, with the grasp the vines had on his body there would be no way he could do anything but shoot off to the side had he been able to hold onto the automatic weapon.

This would be the end. He was restrained in place and his doom awaited at the hand of those amphibian beasts. His mind racing with what sort of pains would coarse through his body: the tearing of limbs from these vines, the bladed weapons the Rakata wielded, or a shot to his body. The lattermost option was what he begged for as he blinked away tears of fear and agony that it was all going to end here. They had him and he had nothing he could do. His muscles ached from the running, they screamed at him while he tried to fight free from the hold on his body.

He was trapped and too panicked to even try and pray to the heavens for respite, something he’d always wanted to make sure he did before the end came.

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Target Captured.

The Lorrdian man thought to himself as he was finally able to seize the seemingly sentient beast thought the manipulation of the vine and other easily moved parts of the land around them. To ensure the capture of the apparent wild beast, he sent a surge of the force to reinforce the strength of the plant life used. He knew enough of the beast before him that it was smart enough use a sort of blaster but not sure just how strong the beast was physically or what mental state it was in. Speaking of which; as Jericho walked over it, he used the force to bring the dropped weapon over to him to quickly examine it for a moment before turning his attention back on to the thing.

He grasped the pistol in hand and looked to side to side. A slugthrower? The weapon was old, but remained in decent condition despite the recent event that put tracks of dirt and mud on the weapon when it was dropped, obviously in good enough condition to fire. To him, it was a primitive weapon but utilized probably in a jungle setting like this, it was better than that of a blaster. Interesting. Jericho had to assume now it's intelligence level was that of a tusken raider. The more he thought about the beast and the type of weapon it had, was it some kind of soldier? Considering the setting they were in, did it know any guerrilla warfare tactics like that of a raider? Telling from it's actions thus far. No, it did not. Maybe it was just lucky and found a slug thrower from a broken down salvage ship or an old war vessel. Then it just so happen to stumble across the trigger while curiously examined it and fired it, thus learning how to use it at a limited rate. That seemed to the more likely reason as to why it may have had one, though that was left up to debate.

The man aimed to a nearby tree and fired a round into it, Jericho walked over and examined the shot as he wasn't able to with the killed ewok. Unlucky fluffy little thing. Jericho pulled the round from the tree and saw the dent it left in it. Then took the a moment to examine the round; metal. If that was able to land a hit on him, it would of done serious damage to his person so it was good that the beast was disarmed now. He putted the gun into the back of his holster then walked over to the beast that remained ensnared by the earth around them, he went down on a knee and closely examined it as he was finally able to do so sense he was only able to get glimpses of it mid-chase. It was....It was wearing a visor? He placed a hand on the beast's chest and did not feel scales like he was expecting, but fabric, skin tight fabric. It was also wearing a suit?

Now he had to assume that it was sentient, if not, semi-sentient and in control of it's actions not that of primal instincts to feed. Unless some strange person decided to come along and dress the beast and equip it with a weapon, which that would be the most inaccurate assumption at this point. He closed his eyelids to cover this dark brown pupils for a moment and basked in the force and the energies around him. There was a mind in the head of the beast and it was sentient after all, it was frantic, it was scared, it was confused. Jericho opened his eyes and examined it's body language, there was no more struggle, as if it was ready to die at this very moment, as if it was expect it. Was the killing of the ewok out of frantic desperation? Hmm. That was not a liable reason for killing another being but it was an understandable one. The was circumstantial, it may not of wanted to but frightened and confused could of caused it to act on it. Either it was going to have to face justice for it's action of taking another life of a sentient being under non-normal circumstance; of neither war or manipulation.

Time of examination was over.

Jericho placed his hand on the beast's chest and then emitted a calming aura on to the beast almost a sensation of healing, hoping that it would be able to make the beast relax. Was this thing able to speak? He wasn't sure and he didn't want to probe it's mind as that would possible cause it to act up and resist even more. Honestly Jericho didn't like to speak though telepathy either, it feel strange and it was like violating privacy, at least that was how he felt it was. That was going to be the last option he was going to take on the being before him, so he would be forced to speak to it normally. He let out a soft sigh before speaking. "Can you speak? Can you understand me?" Jericho asked the beast with his usual low and overly stern tone of voice.

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The Garani’s eyes went wide as he could see the figure starting to get closer towards him. Teary gaze made it impossible to make out exactly what it was but his brain did an excellent job of filling in the blanks and replacing what was actually before him with the fuzzy outline of one of the Rakatan monstrosities. In his restrained position he had no chance to try and get out of here; his weapon out of reach and in an unknown location, a beast descending upon him, and an unknown number of the Rakatan’s allies roaming through the woods. The little furry things must have known where Torjesgo had gone after wiping out their scout and now he had to pay the price for his crime of daring to survive against the Infinite Empire’s wishes.

When the figure touched against him, Torjesgo lurched his torso as much as he could in his restricted space to try and get away from the touch. He expected blades to pierce his stomach to begin feasting on his form. His head turning to the side to get away from looking at the hellish events that would transpire and beginning to pray for a quick end rather than a drawn out disemboweling. When the touch was not accompanied by a piercing pain, Torjesgo’s head lifted to peer at the figure in front of him. Golden gaze blinking away the tears that had formed over them to try and better comprehend who or what was in front of him. As his vision cleared and his senses followed suit, with the unknown influence of the figure before him, he could see that it was anything but a Rakatan in front of him.

That didn’t clear the alien in front of him from being a Rakatan puppet but for the moment he wasn’t being turned into food even if he was still restrained. The words that came from the alien were unlike any language that Torjesgo had ever heard before. It was clearly not a descendent of either Garani, Rakatan, or Hutt languages. The Garani’s heart hammered in his chest at the situation he was in; an alien world, an alien lifeform, and he was tied down to the ground with nowhere to go. A quick breath to try and gather his own thoughts before he spoke back to the figure in front of him. A deeper tone coming from him with a echoing quality as his words came out quickly and in a dialect that hadn’t existed in the galaxy since the age of the Infinite Empire. As assault on the ears as he was going on about getting himself released from the prison that he’s in, escaping the prison of the ship, and the prison of the Rakatan people and that the alien before him must not be part of the prison that Torjesgo still lived. The verbal assault would continue, only broken up by gasps of breath as his words waivered the longer he spoke to try and tell his story; to beg and plead for his life.