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The Religion of Moross

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Moross is a religion founded and completely made up by Menoetius and Soliael Devin Talith. Moross is a religion that was created for one simple task, to subjugate planet after planet with its will. The religion works off of one simple idea, “Religion is the opiate of the masses.” Normal every day people crave religion more than anything else. It gives guidance and a task to do. Knowing this Menoetius and Soliael created and entire religion, sowing its seeds and it upon Exocron.​
Moross' central doctrine is the worship of a pantheon of ten gods. Each of the Ten Divines as they are known represent a different ideal or path one can take. Usually followers of Moross worship one or two of these gods at a time, usually the gods have the same goals. Someone for instance might Worship Inari the patron of healers while also worshiping Liadan the Plague Bearer due to his disease bringing nature. More often than not however the Followers of Moross follow a single god. The ultimate “goal” of Moross of course is to reach the Great Hall. This is the plane of the after life where all those who are righteous, good, and pious journey after their death. Within the Great Hall one finds the things they are most drawn to. Soldiers find peace, drink, love, and anything else they could ever crave. Those who in their life were researchers and scientists find all the knowledge they could ever dream of as well as anything else. The Great Hall is essentially Heaven, it is where all followers of Moross strive to be and find themselves in the end. The Great Hall is the goal of Moross, and it is where every living follower strives to be. On the opposite Spectrum sits the Surkesh. Surkesh is where those who do not follow the tenants of Moross go. This place is not a hell, it is not a torturous demon world, it is simply nothing. Ones soul does not find peace, it does not find anything at all in fact, it is simply gone. To most beings this is the worst hell imaginable, to not be there anymore. Surkesh is feared throughout Moross, and followers generally look upon it as they would hell or anything else of that nature.​
It is also a known fact that Moross' gods are the true gods of the galaxy. This is known to all followers of Moross because the Gods in fact, walk the very galaxy as they do. Only three gods of Moross walk the mortal plane at one time, for that is all the fabric of reality can handle. These three gods can be any of the ten Divines, though usually the three compliment one another. While the three of the ten divine walk this plane of existence it is known that they are in fact Mortal. They can be killed and sent back to their divine plain, albeit doing so is very difficult. When this happens another one of the Ten Divines is immediately sent into the mortal Plane. Of Course unbeknownst to the followers of Moross these three gods that walk the galaxy are not in fact gods at all. They are nothing but Powerful Force users utilizing the religion of Moross to claim billions upon billions of followers as their loyal soldiers and cohorts.​
The Force users starting with Menoetius and Soliael claim to be one of the Ten divines, they rule over the followers of Moross with an iron fist, guiding the faction as an Emperor would. This system of the ten divines was put into place for one simple reason, so the faction could persevere. Stemming from the Sith tradition of the strongest must rule Soliael and Menoetius set it up so that killing ones master was still entirely possible. If for instance a powerful force user were to overcome Soliael who has taken the guise of Ithari then Ithari would “die” on the mortal plane and the powerful force user would take on the guise of another of the ten Divines and begin to lead alongside the other two “mortal” gods. These challenges are kept secret, with the followers never knowing the truth of the matter.​
The real ultimate goal of Moross is of course, expansion. Through what is known as the "Great Crusade" The gods of Moross seek to subjugate any and all worlds in their path. The Great Crusade comes upon a world and offers the worship of the Ten Divines, they heal the sick, feed the starving, and give blessings upon those who will have them. If even after these miracles are performed the residents of a world deny the power of Moross then that world is completely and utterly decimated. The followers of Moross have no patience for those who would deny their gods.​
Moross is not exactly evil, though it is not exactly good either. Unlike Sith Worlds the Religion of Moross does not rely on slavery, in fact the followers of Moross actually have it pretty good and their quality of life is pretty high. Depending on which “god” is in charge Moross can actually be considered a paradise at times.​
The Moross Crusade is not necessarily good or evil. The nature of the religion means that there is both good and evil within the faction itself. The gods are split between, some are good, some are evil, and some are neutral. Because of this the nature of the Crusade can change depending on which of the gods is currently in charge.​
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