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The Red Devils host a Swoop race & Fight Club!

Hey all!

I've begun to spin up idea's in my head and so here goes. The Red Devil Cartel will host a Swoop/Speeder bike race as well as a Fight Club event. Explanations for the two are below. Also anyone is welcome! All events hosted at
Red Draft Cantina & Beggars Row

Swoop Race Event!
I'm trying out a new system to make a fun racing experience. Each Rider will have to use a D20 Online roller. Here's one.

The objective of the Race will be to win, obviously! Here's the rules and the breakdown. Each faction can enter 2 Racers. No force, No weapons, and please use the honor system on your roll outcomes. No one likes a cheater and I don't want to have to say "Post a pic of your rolls!"

(Independent racers can run as well, 2cnd and 3rd races)

The distance is 3000M

Start on Hala's Pistol shot

3x Races

Prizes TBD: (If anyone wants to sponsor and throw in a cool gadget or gizmo per race that'd be cool, or I'll make some.)

Rolls as follows-

1- Your bike crashes!: Lose 800M: Write how you recover
2- Fuel Leak: Lose 200M
3- Travel 200M
4- Travel 300M
5- Travel 400M
6- You get a Womp rat in your intake: Avoid blowing your engine: Lose 200M
7- An engine dies: Loose 30M Per Roll, Roll again
8- Travel 600M
9- Someone shoots at you: Lose 50M: What happens?
10- You have an energy fluctuation: Travel 100M
11- Travel 100M
12-Travel 100M
13- Hit a pedestrian, Oh no!: Lose 30M
14- Dodge an Obstacle: Lose 20M
15- Travel 300M
16- Travel 300M
17- Travel 300M
18- A Jawa Sabotaged your bike and it affects you now: Lose 10M per roll, Roll again.
19- You skilfully repair anything wrong with ya bike: (Negates 7,18)
20- You are a G: Take a cheap shot at an opponent (They loose 200M: Roll again)

Sign up below!

Fight Club
Ever seen Fight Club? Yea just like that! Except Tourney style.

There will be a bracket system.

Each pair chooses ahead of time their own rules. (Standing rule is no weapons, just hand to hand.)

Winner gets a sweet gadget or gizmo. Again if no one volunteers one, I'll make one.

Sing up below!
-Swoop Race-
  • Shamira Karuto- Independent
  • Zai Avery- Red Devils
-Fight Club-
Aver Brand​
Myles Skyreaper​
Zyrock Drakxis​
Lord Mettallum​
Ex-Solider | Ex-Spy | Doctor
[member="Hala Jast"]

I'll be happy to enter the swoop race, racing for the Red Devil Cartel. Zai's a tinker type of character so I think that would suit his personality. Might pass on the fight club, Myles and Aver look a bit tough for a 19 year old kid to take on.

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