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The Rebel Soldier's Code of Conduct

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- General rules of conduct for members of the Rebel Alliance to follow should they wish to remain out of a prison cell.

1. Prisoners of War: Non-Force Sensitive prisoners of war are to be fed, cared for, and receive fair treatment from their captors. Execution of prisoners of war is not acceptable. Sith Lords, knights, and apprentices are to be taken directly to the Graywall to keep their powers contained. Deadly force is permitted and expected against force sensitive prisoners should they attempt to escape, harm rebel personnel, or seem to be using the force without authorization.

2. Civilians: Civilians are not targets, and collateral damage is not acceptable. The alliance will not conduct itself in fashions that set the civilian populace at risk. All operations must be cleared with high command so that the loss of life is at its most minimal level.

3. Classification of Imperial Targets: Sith-Imperial targets are considered either military in nature, or sources of production/research that benefit the enemy's cause. All personnel within these facilities are to be considered non-civilian, lest prior intelligence is gathered linking to an enslaved civilian workforce. Military contractors and civilians working directly for the military are considered enemy combatants, though this can be taken on a case by case basis according to the judgement of whoever is leading the operation.

4. Right To a Trial: All men, even Sith Lords, have a right to a trial, though the jury does not need to be made of his or her peers. So long as an enemy combatant surrenders in a legal fashion and cooperates fully, they are given the right to defend themselves during their trial. Alternatively, captured Sith or Imperial soldiers will be given the chance to defect in exchange for their freedom. Those that defect are closely monitored for the remainder of their careers, and should not expect much career advancement. Still, a life of service is better than a life behind bars. Force sensitives that defect must undergo training with one of the Jedi Orders scattered across the galaxy before they can atone for their crimes.

5. Field-Scavenging: A rebel operative is permitted to take weapons, ammunition, and tools for survival from the enemy's dead. Large hauls should be reported to the soldier's commanding officer, so that excess ammunition and supplies can be spread across the unit at large. The soldier is not permitted to take identification papers, personal effects, or anything non-military in nature. Bodies are to be left for the enemy to retrieve.

6. Mandatory Service: All droids and forms of non-sentient life are open for conscription into the Rebel Alliance. Non-sentient life pertains to beasts of war, such as Rancor Mounts of Nexu man-hunters. Soldiers that have given signed on to the alliance may leave between missions if they so choose, but are not permitted to desert during operations. Desertion will result in incarceration, and a military trial by one's peers will follow shortly thereafter.

7. Force Sensitive Artifacts: All force-related artifacts are to be turned in to one's superior officer. The officer will then deliver these artifacts to the closest available Jedi Knight, whom is then expected to bring the artifact to his or her peers for examination. Artifacts clearly steeped in the Dark Side are authorized to be destroyed should the need come of it.

8. Humanitarian Prioritization: The end does not justify the means. Our mission as members of this alliance is to serve the people. We will not take risks that put the people of the worlds we seek to liberate in danger. It is expected of alliance members to perform humanitarian aid whenever it is required, should they have the resources to do so. The empires we oppose will fall with time and great effort on the part of ourselves and our allies, but we must always remember just who we are fighting this war for in the first place.

9. The Dark Side Issue: Followers of the Dark Side are not permitted within the Rebel Alliance. Past attempts at tolerating those that follow the dark path have resulted in the deaths of thousands. Whilst the alliance understands that one in every forty users of the Dark Side may have enough control over it to be a genuinely good person, the vast majority are truly vile people. The Dark Side is a corrupting drug, and users of the Dark Side should be seen in the same light as a spice addict: someone to be pitied, someone to help if you can, but always a slave to their vices. A Sith Lord is not your friend. A Dark Jedi's intentions will always travel inward. The rebellion understands this, and most members of the alliance will shoot Sith and their corrupted sycophants on sight.

10. Sithspawn: A Sithspawn is an unnatural merging of flesh and the Dark Side's vile energies. It is anathema to life; a plague on the galaxy that must be expunged before it grows. A Sithspawn can generally be identified by the oppressive aura that accompanies it, although they are not always obvious. Sithspawn are to be executed on sight.

This document is subject to future revision.