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The Ravanger 12 gauge scatter gun

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Moff Iridius

The Ravenger 12 gauge scatter gun

Image/ credit http://fc05.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2014/012/7/2/assault_super_shotgun_3d_by_warkom-d71xuk1.jpg
Intent:. To create and arm troops with a scatter gun capable of efficient use against both force user opponents and the common infantry units in close quarters combat.
Dev thread:NA
Manufacturer: Dr. Marie Krasnican
Production: Mass produced
Affiliation: open market
Modularity: Different sights, ammunition, tac lights.
Material: Dura steel outsides, dura plast innards.
Description: If there are three things the mandorians are good at, it's looking good in armor, war, and guns. With their wildly popular scatter gun the team under doctor Marie Krasnican developed a weapon that would surpass it in accuracy, rate of fire, and ammo capacity. The weapon system fires deadly slugs that ripple through armor and and most soft targets however the fun doesnt stop there. Being able to be equipped and loaded with miniature explosive slugs the ravenger can be turned into a semi automatic grenade launcher capable of penetrating most heavy armored infantry units. However the weapon system with a kill radius of up to three meters due to fragmentation. There are certain draw backs to the weapon however. The longer barrel made for accuracy causes the scatter gun to be a bit unruly when it comes to tight quarters. As well as the the drum being physically attached to the weapon system itself making reloading both time consuming and hazardous under stressful environments without the aid of a speed reloaded

Classification: Scatter Gun
Size:thirty inches
Status: open market
Weight: 6.2 Kg
Rate of fire: 300 rounds per minute
Effective firing range: 40 to 50 meters
annoy type: standard slug, scatter rounds, frag rounds, buck shot, flechette.
Magazine size: 25 round drum attached to the weapon
Denied for the following reasons;

It seems an OP weapon, especially for mass production; the weaknesses are redundant, they defeat the purpose of having a long ranged weapon. The rate of fire is too much, the size of the grenades and their radius is again too much, the wording "ripple through armour" will be taken wrongly by many members, etc.

You may second chance if you feel this was wrongly judged.
Not open for further replies.