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The Ranks of the Bando Gora


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Ranks of the Bando Gora
Listed below you will find the Ranks and Titles of the Bando Gora followed by a brief description of what the rank's intended purpose is. Note that for some ranks, there are a limited number, these are likely always PC's but may expand later into NPC roles. If you think there's a rank missing, or one that would fit that you don't see - feel free to post in this thread with your suggestions, or your rank requests.



The Priestess of Shadow:

The Priestess of Shadow is the anointed head of the Bando Gora. A woman shrouded in mystery and chosen by X________ himself, the Father of Death. Despite her seclusive nature she holds power over the Bando Gora. More than just a pretty face, the Priestess is the very heart and soul of the so called Force Cult, the Bando Gora. It is she who communes directly with the Father of Death, divining his will and command and then seeing it through. To question the Priestess is to question the will of the Father - those who do often end up as required blood sacrifices in his name.

The Hand:
The Hand is one of the most feared individuals within the ranks of the Bando Gora, rivaling that of the Priestess of Shadow herself. Typically the strongest and most capable in terms of combat, The Hand is subordinate directly to the Priestess of Shadow. Strength is one of the most important aspects of this position as The Hand is effectively the Champion of the Priestess but guile is just as important. An organization crafted in the shadows, the Bando Gora wouldn't get far by strength alone. Operating often under the nose of government entities, to cast too large a shadow would undoubtedly see the cult stamped out. So it was that the application of force was often measured and carefully calculated. This was the responsibility of The Hand.

The Tribunal:
The Tribunal consists of the Priestesses most trusted advisers. Typically it is this tribunal that disseminates the words of the Father as spoken by the Priestess of Shadow. These elders wield great power though the Priestess is careful not to let any one of them gain more power than another. Though they technically fall under The Hand in the hierarchy, they are not subject to his or her judgement - as far as internal matters. Once a course of action has been decided on, and the task assigned to The Hand, that is where their power stops and his/hers begins.

Operations Ranks

The Speakers
A Speaker is chosen specifically by The Hand. Each one of these Speakers holds a position of power, of leadership over those beneath them. Typically these Speakers are scattered across the galaxy, each acting as a single point of contact for all their children, each venture in the given region reporting to their Speaker. So deigned speakers because of their role, they pass on the words of the Priestess and her Tribunal and set their underlings in motion to that end. Speakers are some of the most loyal to the cause and if one should be found to harbor doubt - it is The Hand's responsibility to cut them out.

Bando Gora Captain:
Captains are appointed by the Speakers, each supervising a different aspect of the region. Some command swoop bike gangs, other manage money laundering schemes, others still racoucus street gangs. These Captains know the locale and are often at the head of keeping rival gangs and organizations in check as well as expanding their hold on whatever locale they are based in. These Captains are the first rank at which they become eligible for training in techniques utilizing The Force whether it be conventionally or through other methods like Alchemy or Witchcraft. It is also the responsibility for these Captains to deploy their blades in the most efficient manner.

The Blades
The rank of Blade is given to those initiates who prove their worth and their devotion to the Father of Death by carrying out their duties as ascribed by the Priestess of Shadow. Blades can be tasked with nearly anything from carrying out ritual sacrifices to ensuring that the interests of the Bando Gora are well looked after. The Blades are the largest group within the organization spanning hundreds of worlds. By day they may be slavers, swoop bike racers, bounty hunters, or even legitimate businessmen. By night? Blades of the Bando Gora. The majority of the Blades are not force sensitive, but it isn't unheard of for particularly talented individuals to be given advanced training at the discretion of the Tribunal.

Bando Gora initiates are those who have been recruited, or have sought employment among the Bando Gora. Whether for the promise of wealth and power or religious zealots, these initiates are often accompanied by Blades in low risk tasks so the Bando Gora Captains can ascertain their value. Once they have proven their worth, they are given the title of Blades and initiated. This initiation process is a highly guarded secret and the initiates rarely know more than what they're being told to do, when they're being told to do it.


Father of Death
  • NPC, Unknown

Priestess of Shadow
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The Hand
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The Tribunal

Bando Gora Captain
The Blades