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The Ramrod

Savitor had recently recieved an order for a custom ship from a man named [member="Jorus Merrill"], Savitor would probably do more research on the man later but for now it was fine. Jorus wanted a fairly small ship designed for boardingand capable of holding a small contingent of droids. The order had also stipulated that it should be able to be controlled by a single pilot. As such Savitor was thinking of lowered weaponry in favor of better defenses, speed, and maneuverability. A drill to the front, but the drill should also be able to open and secure a hold in the ship while allowing the boardian forces to get out. Now it was time to hash out the specifics and assemble it. The frame would be delivered by Vanguard Industries, but Savitor would finish it here. The frame was about 40 meters long and instead of only droids, Savitor was going to outfit for any passengers. He brought up the schematic he had thought of before, it was rough but it would do.
Savitor would name it the Ram, his first project for someone other than himself would be good that was for certain, he walked over to the elevator to oversee the delivery of the frame and basic plating and innards of the ship. More complicated work would follow on the first basement level of the Shatterwolf his personal island. Once the frame was in place, he could visit his storage levels in order to acquire the parts that he needed. When he arrived at the surface he saw the frame being delivered, about ten meters tall, it should work out fine. Afterall, not much could go wrong at this point.
With a clang the frame came in contact with the massive bulk elevator used for raising or lowering ships, several workers ran out and belted it securely to the platform to keep it from moving and then moved away as it started to descend to the floor below, this was where Savitor's work began, he walked back to the elevator he had taken to the top and descended back to the land below. Time for the work to begin. He arrived before the ship did and as such began calculations on how big of drill/harpoon would be needed to cover the front of the ship, which currently was a large metal with a two and a half meter whole in the middle, the diameter of the drill would four meters and the height would be say, Seven meters. as such he began to search his inventory with measurments near those. He found one, a drill that was sevn and a tenth meters tall and had a diameter of four meters almost perfect. It would do, he sent a request for the automated retrival system to bring it to the first floor and turned to the frame, he frowned, it seemed short he got a tape measure out, it was short. By more than a little in fact. Ah, well it would suffice for his needs and those of his customer.
Savito reviewed the order then laughed, how foryunate that it was short, he had thought Merill had ordered a craft forty-five meters or shorter but he had ordered something twenty five meters or shorter in length. The craft was currently twently meters long which would make the drill too large. He turned back to his datapad and rescinded his earlier command instead searching for a drill four meters long and two and a half meters tall. He found it and ordered it to be brought to him instead, well at least now he could get to work in earnest, he found the retractible energy ladder he had set out earlier and grabbed it. He walked into the ship and turned around clambering up on the prexisting ladder, he took out a welding torch and melted the metal connecting the ladder to the main ship. He grabbed it before it could fall and set it to the side, he would use it sometime else. He then attached the ladder and bolted it into place with the rivet gun he had put on his tool belt. Then he activated the ladder and it shot out the enrgy that comprised the ladder, it used tech similar to that of energy bridges, sure it would be smart to wear gloves and shoes while climbing but he could inform his client of that fact later.
The goal here was threefold.

First off, sussing out the competition's abilities was always a good thing. Whenever another starship modification specialist popped up on Jorus' radar, he paid attention to what they could do - and if they could do anything better than the outlaw techs of the good ship Wretched Hive.

Second thing was evaluating the potential for cooperation or even recruitment. More than once, he'd found a talented mechanic working solo and convinced them to sign on. He doubted that in this case - [member="Savitor Draay"] seemed to have a nice setup and situation - but the possibility was always worth a look.

Third thing? He actually did need a good boarding ship and didn't have the time to patch one together himself.
[member="Savitor Draay"] had mentioned something about making the boarding bay fit troops, or multiple types of droid, rather than focusing it on a single model. That was a good solid idea - never knew when you might have to use a boarding ship for evacuation, for example. Jorus saw to it that Savitor got a good look at one of the Underground's nasty, nonhumanoid boarding droids. The technology inside was secret, though Savitor might get a scan or two of it in the process. Jorus prioritized making sure that the deployment bay would be a good fit for the blocky, meter-tall, forty-kilo, repulsor-equipped Vendettas: basically a mini-fridge with guns. Maybe Savitor and his designers could stack them or something.
Savitor had the basic designs of the droid with him, pulled up on his datapad, perhaps electromagnets to hold them to the wall, yes, that was probably the best course of action. He ordered eight high powered electormagnets, then he attached them between the walls of the ship and hooked up their electrical wiring so that they could be controlled manually from the main passenger area and the cockpit, always good to have a failsafe in case of emergency. He then measured the inside of the hull, seven meters, which fit up with its fourteen meter width, three and a half meter thick durasteel walls would keep out the rigors of space. Now for the tricky part, well one of them, installing a hyperdrive. Class One should do, not too slow but not so fast that it was too expensive for either the builder or the client. And [member="Jorus Merrill"] was famous and powerful, it might not be best to get on the man's badside.
Savitor finished wiring the hyperdrive right as the dril arrived,large metal poles that ended in sharp edges would attach it to the ships, but first he climbed into it and hooked it up to the workshops power grid, he had to make sure it worked. The drilling part did, and so did the opening and closing feature he had decided to include in order to secure the ship once it had dug into another ship. Excellent, it was now time to install the drill, he climbed in the magnet that would lift the drill and slowly brought the drill into the ship's front, the metal had been softened and it bent easily allowing the long poles to be secured into place. He then decided to run a diagnostic on the ships systems, everything worked. Now it was time to deliver it to the client.

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