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The Phoenix Legion, the long sword of the Imperator

The Black Flame
De Reliquis Autem Surge
(From the Ashes we Rise)​
It is my great pleasure to announce the creation of the Phoenix Legion of the Fel Imperium that will be headed by @Zrash'toul'frusku . The Legion will consist of the most skilled soldiers in the Fel Imperium and will serve in the same capacity as the 501st would in the Sith Empire. I will be submitting a custom armor for the Phoenix Legion (seen above). All of the commando squadrons in the Imperium (CELL Commandos) will serve in this legion as well as the most skilled warriors and military minds of the Royal Stormtrooper Corp.​
The Legion will follow the Imperator into battle and will work hand in hand with the Imperial Knights Praetorian to ensure the security of the Imperator. Each man swears a secondary oath to the Imperator which binds each member to eternal loyalty to the Imperator and (much like the Imperial Knights) the punishment for leaving the Legion is death. To this end, each man and woman in the the Legion strives to hold themselves to the motto "From the Ashes we Rise" a reference to the Fel Imperium's new beginning but also a reminder to the Legion that no matter how hard they fall, they will be reborn better and stronger.​
Each member is noted and the dead are celebrated as heroes with a bust created in their honor and placed in a crypt under the Imperial Palace. The Headquarters of the Legion (located at the Palace of the Sun) has an array of statues made to commemorate each battle and mission the Legion undertakes. It is a popular legend among the men in the Legion that those who die in battle are reborn into the souls of the recruit who replaces them, making that man twice as strong as the last.​
For the Empire! - Love your Caring Leader​


Like Lightning
Armor looks nice my friend. I very much like the way that it is colored to match that of a Phoenix.


Like Lightning
Awesome. well I am always roaming the interwebz so if I find anything else, where should I put them?