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The Phantom of Corellia


NAME: Blake Thriftweed, but believed to be dead so he goes by the name ‘Phantom’, due to his hidden identity

FACTION: None at present​

RANK: None at present​


AGE: 32​

SEX: Male​

HEIGHT: 6ft 1in​

WEIGHT: 13st 5lb / 187lb​

EYES: Left eye is brown, right eye is grey​

HAIR: Medium length black hair, slicked back so not to disturb his face​

SKIN: White, lightly sun kissed​

FORCE SENSITIVE: No Force sensitivity​


- A skilled sword fighter (not a lightsaber) who can handle a blade if required in close combat
- An expert navigator and reader of maps, due to a rich history of studying the galaxy
- Knowledgeable about different factions, learning all their unique cultures and morals​

- Has no feeling down his right arm, except his hand, and thus unaware of pain
- Shuts himself away from those trying to get close and doesn’t trust anyone
- Wants to change the galaxy, but is not loyal to any faction and can be a loose cannon​
Standing at 6”1, Blake’s height adds to his opposing stature. He is by no means strong or physically threatening to look at, but combined with his overall appearance, he has built a reputation surrounded by mystery and fear, knowing it can be a powerful ally to those that fear what they don’t understand.​

Handsome and well groomed he may be, but this is overlooked due to the thin, white iron-plated mask covering the right side of his face. It is tight over his skin, but tiny crimson scaring can be seen above his lip and under his eye socket behind the mask.​

He wears a black thermoguard bodysuit with a white vest underneath making him invisible to infared and thermal scanners but also helping maintain a comfortable temperature and allow him a good deal of movement. Over this he wears a traditional light crimson Corellian spacer vest to help carry any small supplies he has. Whilst on the move he wears a charcoal greatcoat, coming down to his knees and housing two deep pockets internally by his sides.​

Blake carries a small vibroblade inside his greatcoat and a Flash 4 heavy blaster holstered to his thigh.​

Blake was born on Corellia, 803ABY, in the small mountain city of Bela Vistal in the southeast mountains. His parents, Alvo and Brooke, were not rich or poor, but comfortable enough to live well and provide for their son as he grew in a peaceful environment. With stunning views of the capital city down below and tranquil surroundings, Blake enjoyed his youth in Bela Vistal with a steady education and lots of exploration of the area with his father and cultural teachings by his mother. He took up sword fighting lessons in his later years of schooling as well as studying Galactic History and was a smart young boy, gradually turning into a well-respected young man.​

When he was 17, his father was killed in a climbing accident in the surrounding mountains. Brooke had to convince Blake that there would have been nothing he could have done were he with him, it was one of the acts that no-one had the power to control. The two supported each other over the years, but Blake was losing his way in life with no father figure to guide him and he became more disconnected with his home life now that it had shattered.​

As he turned 19, and with his reluctant mother’s blessing, Blake took what little savings and inheritance he had and left to join the new intelligence division of CorSec in Coronet City to put his education to some worth.​

Managing to get into Academy, Blake began his career path and gradually reached the Tactical Response Team’s unique intelligence service when he was 23 with evident skills in hand to hand combat, navigation and communications. He earned the affectionate nickname “Weedy” by his colleagues and friends on account of his unique Corellian surname.​

The turning point in his life came years into his CorSec career which he genuinely loved and felt a passion for. Aged 27 he was accompanying a TRT commando unit on his intelligence of taking down a group of techno-terrorists, slicers who wanted to strike fear into an already fragile planet by attacking and destroying the heart of Coronet and take-over the city.​

Blake observed the operation in Treasure Ship Row but was suddenly assaulted and beaten by some of the CorSec units. The corrupt commandos working with the terrorists rooted out Blake as the one responsible for honing in on their activity and while the operation was taken down, the corrupt few made sure Blake didn’t turn up for duty the next day.​

They mutilated the right side of his face with a vibroblade, punctured his torso and right arm numerous times and worked over his body with their fists and weaponry. To save his life, Blake kept them at bay as best he could in an attack that felt like hours but lasted seconds. With surrounding CorSec security finally seeing the attack and moving in, Blake used the distraction to turn a vibroblade on one of his attackers, killing them, and fled into the night, screaming in pain and anger.​

No-one saw Blake Thriftweed again. CorSec couldn’t locate him and he never reported back the next day. Even his mother did not hear from her son after the attack and she simply presumed the worst. She took her own life months later with nothing left to live for.​

Now, 5 years later, B.Thriftweed is a forgotten name in the history of the galaxy…but he is still alive.​

Taking the simple name of ‘Phantom’ he hides behind a custom made iron mask, covering his untreated disfigurement as a reminder of the injustice and evil plaguing a galaxy he once wanted to save. It also hides him away from society. An old CorSec thermoguard bodysuit and his Corellian vest help him blend in with the darkness, out of the public light, but maintain his Corellian roots now living without a fixed home or parents, taken away from him by powers he couldn’t control, but feels he can now.​

Phantom has made a small reputation on Corellia with those willing to pay to have problems solved, situations changed and people disappear who impose a threat to the stability of the galaxy. He doesn’t see himself as an assassin as such, but a sword used to cut away the evil growing in the galaxy and someone to represent those who are a victim of injustice.​

To the Phantom, a lightsaber is just as much a signal of a murderer than a thermal detonator; no Faction can claim righteousness as he learnt the hard way, but he wants to make his way in the galaxy for those willing to take him forward with his knowledge and skills attributed to a being with no name, no abode and no loyalty.​

He has now joined The One Sith, following a path of vengeace and revenge against the Republic that created the monster he now is...center]​

An old J-Type skiff yacht, given to him as payment for his first job as a hired hand. The weapons systems are deactivated, but it serves as transportation across the galaxy with room for 3 passengers, or prisoners, and houses a medical and storage bay. The yacht can make hyperdrive.
KILLS: None.​