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The Path Less Traveled?

"The White Nova" ~Offloading Ramp
"My Lord, please, you are supposed to supervise the offloading of the supplies." Captain Kon Nuana sighed, a great deal of frustration cutting through his words as he called out to Adron.

Making his way down the offloading ramp to his flagship, Adron looked over the rocky terrain that surrounded them. "Have the officers handle it. I want to get away for a bit." The Rodian Security Officer muttered something in his mother language, anger obviously dripping from him. Without another word Nuana made his way back up the frigate's loading ramp.

Paying the man's tested temper no mind Adron continued down the ramp until his boots came into contact with the rocky surface.

He pulled his hood over his head, glancing back down to the frigate that rested behind him. A small detachment of the 2nd Sector Army had been sent to transport supplies and military equipment to a nearby town, Adron had volunteered to lead the mission, wanting to get away from his life for a bit. Knowing the mission would take at least two days he was more than happy to accompany.

Ventooine was a near barren rock, holding select points of interest over thousands of miles of land. Canyons and plateau's surrounded the nearest town, making landing there near impossible. It may be a difficult task but he had faith in The Dominion's soldiers, his goal was in the other direction.

Wandering off into the series of canyons Adron's mind drifted far from where he was, it drifted back to his homeworld and the atrocities that had been committed.

The Force whispered much to the elder man as he traveled throughout the galaxy. Everywhere he went had a purpose, an effect on his life or the life of another. He was searching for something, someone, an event to occur or an ally to gain. Or an enemy to kill. Here in Dominion it seemed like it would be the last. Ventooine was an almost desert world, something Krest enjoyed in his long years of life.

He kept to himself, walking among the canyons as he searched for what ever reason it was he was there. As he walked, he felt it. Softer than the whisper that had brought him to this planet Krest heard the wandering thoughts of another. Of pain, of betrayal. Of royalty and the weight of the crown.It was something the elder King understood, could emphasize with.

With a gentle smile Krest would reach out through the Force, calling to [member="Adron Malvern"] through his own memories of strife among the nobility. Hello there my friend.

[member="Adron Malvern"]
The young Count's steps came to a hesitant pause, his eyes taking to the rock and dirt that surrounded him. His inquisition was met with silence and stillness, matching the rest of the barren planet that surrounded him. Had he simply gone mad? Had no more than a few minutes in the empty rock and stricken sun left him so deluded that voices now called out to him? Curiosity plagued him as he kept his arms underneath his black cloak, his hand held tight onto the lightsaber on his waist.

Just as the boy was going to call out, and question the scene around him, he felt something come over him. His eyes fell to the ground as his mind cleared more so than it had for the past several days. This was no moment of insanity or period of delusion that had crossed him, it was something far more serious and far more deliberate.

As a door opened to his mind someone had taken a step inside, using The Force to call out to him. Closing his eyes he focused and called back to his training on telepathy. He had not opened the defense to his mind so someone was powerful enough to part his wishes, and enforce their own. Many could use such power to Adron's disadvantage, yet this person seemed content on conversation.

Who plays in my mind? Reveal yourself... The words were echoed back through the link the man had started when he sent his own message.

One who understands the pain and sting of betrayal. I mean no harm by reaching out to you, I simply heard your memories and couldn't help but reach out. Krest kept his words simple, and [member="Adron Malvern"] would easily be able to follow the link the elder man. By now he was sitting in the canyon upon a rock, his cane across his lap. The most we can do is live a life of honor and strive to rise above it, no?
Listening intently to the man's words Adron hesitantly focused on the source of their connection, his feet soon moving in the very direction he sensed. Keeping his eyes peeled he took notice of a bridging in the canyons surrounding him, leading to a higher plateau. Ascending the stony path Adron forced a response to the voice in his head. How can you understand my pain? You don't even know me. He responded, finally seeing the man who seemed to be communicating with him.

Honor? The words brought him to pause, his father's preaching often following a similar fashion. "Maybe you do know a bit about my pain. But that still does not give you any right to play around in my head, old man."

Letting out a quick exhale Adron realized his words had turned sharp and his attitude followed in suit. Adron would briefly bow his head, his arms still hidden underneath his cloak as he did. "I'm sorry. That was a disrespect. But what are you doing out here? We thought this entire region was basically uninhabited."

Krest kept his eyes shut as [member="Adron Malvern"] made his way over to him until the boy spoke, and his blue eyes would be revealed. There was a kind smile offered as he spoke. "I apologize. I wasn't trying to get into your head, I have no talent at that. I just heard your struggle through the echos in the Force and couldn't help but reach out." It was all truth at least. His head swiveled away, staring up to the sky as he felt the smallest bit of wind rush over him. "I am a wanderer my boy. I listen to the Force and find places where it speaks the loudest. Here was such a place. The Force wants something from me, and I intend to find out what soon enough." Once again he would turn his gae back to the Count, his brow already raised in question.

"What of you?"
The man's response was not particularly what Afton had expected from the man, in fact it was quite the opposite. Where the boy anticipated a native hermit has met with a nomad, gifted in the ways of the force.

The older man's probing was to be considered, especially if he was foreign to the world. "I am Count Adron Malvern. Lord of House Malvern, Senatorial representative of Serenno, and Lieutenant Commander of the Dominions second sector army."

The boy gestured back towards the frigate he had left behind. "Those are my men." He said, a mass of pride growing in his chest as he spoke.

"An army that is quite impressive." There was another smile as he looked over to the frigate. It was worthy of pride, but [member="Adron Malvern"] shouldn't be too happy to have the army of another. "I am Krest. Tell me, where is your army? Your people? Are they the soldiers who follow you? Or do they remain on your homeworld?" Krest would stand as he spoke and began to gather some wood and set up a small fire. There he would put a kettle filled with water upon it. "And do you like tea?"
The man before Adron seemed to be a bit confusing, yet Adron found the man rather interesting. If nothing else, he was someone to talk to. "The main branch of the Army is garrisoned on Serenno. This is only a small detachment I have brought with me. Since the Commander for the Second Sector Army is no longer around and I am the one who orchestrated Serenno's militarization, command over the forces falls to me."

Considering the past few topics Adron arched a brow at him. " ask a lot of questions, but I guess if I traveled the galaxy I'd ask all the questions I could too."

Glancing down to the kettle Adron could not help but lick his lips, the thought of tea nearly taking control of his mind. "I actually do like a hot cup from time to time."

"Have you ever been to Serenno Krest?" Adron questioned, curiosity still surging through him.

There was a nod when [member="Adron Malvern"] stated his enjoyment of tea, but otherwise the elder kept silent as he went about making it. From a sealed pouch on his waist he pulled free two silver balls, both carved with lattice holes and holding within tea leaves. Once the water came to a boil upon the small flame he would pour the steamy liquid into two cups and gently place a ball in each. "My own personal blend of tea. Floral really, but good. A bit of citrus in it too." With a smile he would pass one of the simple ceramic cups over.

"I have never once set foot on this world, and I find it rather interesting. A colder Tattooine, which I can say I enjoy quite a lot. Canyons and deserts have always been my preferred terrain."
The man before Adron was a mystery to the young Count. As Krest spoke Adron opened himself to the Force, probing the individual before him, hoping to reveal anything about the man. But nothing came to light, it was like trying to read a blank page, for whatever reason Adron could not see into the man.

"Thank you." He said, taking the tea into his hands. Allowing a slow sip from the cup Adron released a pleasant exhale, finding comfort from the warm refreshment.

The words from the man made Adron shudder, almost hating the thought of desert worlds and the like. "I prefer the mountains, the snow, the cold. Deserts are a hellish place for me to go since I was born in the freezing climates of the mountains."

Taking another measured sip of the tea the young Count found he enjoyed it very much. "Thank you for the tea Krest, it is very good. But no, I did all of my Jedi training in the freezing so im very acclimatized."

Krest would laugh a hearty laugh at the idea of mountains and snow. He was quite the opposite of [member="Adron Malvern"] , hating the cold and snow. Yet even then they both still enjoyed the warmth tea would bring. Though, Jedi training? Interesting. He was either very new to the order, or not truly a Jedi given his recent thoughts. Interesting to say the least. "Ah! So a Jedi? I haven't met a Jedi in some time now." A lie, but a rather good one.

"I thought they usually kept to the core these days? What are Jedi doing out here?"
"A Jedi Lord..." Adron stated with pride, though his voice was drawn back as reality came to words. "In training..." He completed. Taking another gracious sip of the tea Adron found a smile on his face from the relaxing feeling it brought him. "I'm not a part of the Jedi order following the Galactic Alliance or The Silver Jedi Order. They are both incompetent groups." Adron recited, recalling the views his family often had on the two mass groups of Jedi in the galaxy.

Count Avius Malvern, Adron's father, had always had a deep distaste for the Silver Jedi and their counterparts in the Galactic Alliance, and though Adron did not understand it in it's entirety he had grown up with a similar distaste. "Excuse me....I shouldn't speak ll of them. It's just my father believed that a Jedi should stand for his people as much as for a government or belief."

Adron ran a hand over his shoulder as he gestured back to his starship. "The Dominion hosts independent Jedi, and I am one of them. One day I hope to start my own school on Serenno....if it isn't a wreck by then." Adron said, the pride all but gone from his voice.

"Jedi Lord? Sounds like a hybrid of Jedi and Sith." Krest said, stifling a chuckle. Though [member="Adron Malvern"] 's disdain of the other Jedi was unexpected. Regardless of who the Jedi followed, the aging Sith had assumed they got along. Now it was pointing in a different direction, a crack that could lead to disaster. Good. Perhaps this boy can be taught a thing or two.

"You sound as if there is nothing you can do to help your people on Serenno. Is the planet not within Dominion space? Even then, shouldn't you as an Independent Jedi be able to return home to bring order?" Krest would pause just long enough to take another sip of his own tea. "Why are you here on this empty world if yours is in such disrepair you fear for its survival?"
When Krest suggested that a Jedi Lord sounded like a mixture of a Sith and Jedi the boy could only chuckle in return. "Not exactly. A Jedi Lord accepts title when he takes on the role of the Jedi. Since I inherit the title of Count I am a Jedi Lord. The Jedi Lord of House Malvern." He explained.

"Serenno isn't a lost cost...I just feel like my hands are often tied. The other counts don't always do things that are for the people, usually just what is best for their pockets." Adron chuckled, though he made light of it there was a bit of shame as he considered his words.

"Well. My service to The Dominion helps Serenno. I just don't know how much these days." Adron said, before changing the subject. "So you talked about the Force earlier Krest, were you a Jedi?" He asked, a brow arched in curiosity.

"It sounds as if you're only allowed to help as much as they feel like you should. That's not fitting for a ruler." Krest mused as he took another sip of his tea. There was a smile on his lips as he settled the cup down at the mention of his past in the Force. "No my boy, I was never a Jedi. Their rules, their hand tying. Once I was a Templar, an order of Force Users who served the CIS of more recent times as knights similar to the Jedi, but with more freedom." The Zabrak's eyes grew distant as he remembered the order, long gone after so many decades.

"You could call me a hermit now, wandering the galaxy in search of what ever the Force wants of me. My coming here I feel was to meet you." He laughed as he brought the cup back up to his lips. Both blue eyes would focus in on [member="Adron Malvern"] once again, this time with a brow raised in question. "Do you hear the Force? Or do your Jedi use it as nothing more than a tool?"
Downing the rest of the tea in his cup Adron paused before calling on The Force. He exhaled before letting his hand come away from the cup, yet it remained suspended in air exactly where he had been holding it. "A hermit wandering the galaxy?" Adron repeated, his curiosity with the man only enhancing as he focused on the cup in front of him.

"My Father often believed The Force calls to each person differently. It's their duty to answer the call." The tea cup began to slowly drift towards Krest until it was finally set down right next to where the older man sat. "I don't really know what the Force is calling me to do....or why. I mean, I have all of this responsibility that I didn't really want."

Glancing up at the sky his mind wandered to the things that has plagued him for longer then he realized. "I've always wanted to be a Count...but I wanted to actually help my people. Not sit in a mansion and get fat off of alcohol and credits."

"It's because of those fools I work with....they don't care about Serenno, only credits." He said, clenching his hand into a fist. "That's why they murdered my family." Adron muttered, before finally he pulled himself back from his thoughts. "Oh...I'm sorry Krest, I guess complaining to an old hermit is easier than I thought." He chuckled.

"You have nothing to be sorry for my boy, these are valid concerns. Your hands are tied from both the Jedi and the other counts. I would be just as frustrated as you are if my hands were tied in such a way." Such was the folly of the Jedi after all. Krest too would finish his own tea, though his attention would be on the cup that was placed beside him. So [member="Adron Malvern"] had some control of the Force at least.

"Sometimes the best thing to do is take matters into your own hands. If the other counts are doing nothing to assist the planet, you should find any like minded person and.." The Sith paused for a moment to think of the right word. ​"..Remove them. Your people come first, and any obstacle to their well being should be taken care of."
Take matters into my own hands? Adron mused, his mind focused on Krest's words.

Adron could not help but wonder if a forceful removal of his counter-parts would be the best for his planet. He shook his head for a moment before placing the thought in the back of his mind.

"Perhaps....I don't know." He returned, not wanting to sound as convinced as he was beginning to feel. "I don't see a peaceful way of telling them to stand down."

But maybe peace has run it's course. He thought, the prospect of his planet having proper support weighing on his mind.

"Bring their corruption to the public if you do not feel right eliminating them by.. Other means. Force them into trials and expose them for the monsters they are. I don't see why justice won't work in such a way." Not that it would. Krest had no mind that it would work. But, it was better to show this Jedi Lord the error of such peaceful ways through experience, not words. He would pull out a holodevice and hold it out to [member="Adron Malvern"] , a smile on his lips. "If you would like any help however, know the King of Iridonia will offer what ever assistance needed to bring peace to another world."

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