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The Past Lives

Undisclosed location
Undisclosed time

Standing in front of a series of very heavy armor suits, I looked at each of them. Labeled with numbers signifying what they could do. What version of the armor they were. All of them were created by this man I was here to meet. So many years ago, he had helped me create my mandalorian armor. Now? He was here to do more.

Taking a hold of the battle rifle before me, I looked over the design. Great in ideas, but the flaws were great. The ejection port was larger than what I would have liked, and the rifle was very light. Too light that the recoil would punish anyone who held the weapon. It was at that moment that the man walked in. Dropping my face away from the man as he walked in, I sat the rifle back down next to the armor set.

"Alor, You need to get over that. I will be making armor for you. One that fits your body and works with it unlike the other sets."
"You said that last time."
"I know I did, but that was a test model. This is the final form. My masterpiece. Its for you."

Standing up, I moved a few steps back as the light wasn't shining in my eyes and hid part of my face from the man. turning around, I faced him.

"Bring it. We have work to do."


Standing in front of a whole bunch of various machines and droids, I placed my arms up in the air in a t-pose, and nodded my head to the man. He activated a few of the machines, and they began to work. Lifting up various parts of armor, they were attached to me piece by piece, and literally drilled together. The plated armor wined and buckled it seemed as they were all placed together.

"Your years of training should keep you alive, but you need to learn how to control the suit."

Control the suit? I looked up at the man just as the chest piece was slammed into me. I grunted from the pain as it too was drilled to the back plate. Pressing into my chest, and when the fibers of the body glove were pinching me. I adjusted quickly that I was released from this pain.

"This suit is heavy, durable, and powerful. Exoskeleton portions, Beskar as thicker than any Mando armor I made for you."

I took a firm grip on myself as the weight was slowly building up. One of the droids dropped a bracer piece, and the plate just fell. Slamming hard into the ground, it echoed in the room. There was no bounce, no form of movement. It just hit the ground, and stayed there. I looked up at the man, and he just smiled.

"Beskar. One of the heaviest metals in the galaxy. Created to withstand so much. I am sure the Mandalorians and their crushgaunts couldn't break your armor."

As the final pieces were put into place, I looked over to see a droid holding the helmet. Open visor, and a bill on the top. Looking over to the man, he already answered my question.

"Mandalorians and their coveted T-visor. So annoying. No. Open visor to allow absolute vision around you."

It was then, that he walked around me. Inspecting me as I stood in this very heavy armor, I could estimate that it was more than 30kgs. Likely heavier. However, when I lifted my arm, it moved easily. No restrictions. No limitations. It really was an exo skeleton. One that was formed to my body. Why was it that I could only wear this then? It was at that moment I heard him talk again.

"Your armor is powerful. Able to withstand thermal detonators, lightsabers, blasters. You name it, it can withstand it. However, you need to be careful of the back of your head."

I could feel a hug impact to the back of my head. In that moment, I fell to the ground in an instant. Everything was dark. I could barely even move. And pain. Pain is all I could feel. That was, before I passed out.


I could hear a blinking sound. one that reminded me of an alarm going off. I opened my eyes to see a HUD active in my visor. Looking around, I found myself in a room that had various weapons, and a gun range. One where actual people were standing out on the range. I was surprised when the armor crafter came over to me and patted my shoulder.

I reached out and grabbed the man by the throat. Growling through my helmet as I stood up and lifted him off the ground.

"Explain yourself. Or your neck will become paste."

He was squirming even after I dropped him. He rubbed his neck that was slowly turning red and I even saw purple marks.

"The armor has a huge weakness. The armor system is connected to your head. Much like getting hit in real life, you can be knocked out with a heavy pound to the back of your head. A normal human couldn't do the trick. No, I had to have a shatter pistol smack you. That was the only way I could do it, but anything from banging your head from an explosion, or just being battered backwards can cause it to shut down."
​"Show me anything else the suit does, as a demonstration, and I will kill you and just read notes."

He gulped loudly as he walked away towards the armory that was behind him. Picking up a rifle, he tossed it at me. Easily my hand flung out into the air and caught it. Looking at it, it was the same rifle as before. pointing down range, he then nodded his head.

Skeptical, I took aim at one of the targets. Just a paper one, and fired a few rounds. And I was completely surprised. I felt almost no recoil from the weapon. I took a few more rounds out of the mag and sent them down range with the loud controlled explosions of a shatter gun going off. I looked over to the man as his questionable look was asking how I liked it.

"Its a gun. It works."
"No Soldier. The suit. Did you feel any recoil?"
"Very little."
"Thats the point. It reduces impacts on the suit, and with how heavy and sturdy the armor is, its like placing trying to break a wall with your fist. You won't move. Rifles that otherwise have high recoil, or hard to keep control of because of recoil, is reduced. You will still feel it, but its reduced."

I shook my head at the man. There was no way this could be true. He shrugged his shoulders as he grabbed a jacket and put it on. The jacket had patched over the back, and the right shoulder. A shooting vest. The small man put the weapon in his shoulder, and fired one shot. One that almost sent him to his ass.

I smirked. I guess it was true. With that, the man pointed for us to leave the range. I followed him through the hall as we went somewhere else. Him continuing to speak.

"You know how crushgauntlets that the Mandalorians created increase your strength? Consider this. Instead of using that technology for just the hand, Imagine it for the entire body."
"You mean..."
"Yes. Your strength everywhere, has been increased tenfold. Not just your strength, but your speed as well. What could normally be considered a simple mile run in five minutes for you, can be done in half that. Instead of just punching through walls, you can lift the entire wall out of your way. While I recommend punching it, the idea is still there."

Looking over to him, I then looked down the hallway. He nodded his head. I smirked a little under the helmet as I started to walk a little faster, off to a trot, and then into a full blown run. My footsteps turned into thundering booms as I ran. It was as though I were a blur to everything. I was nearing the end of the hall in a mere second and I tried to stop. However, I kept going. The suit wanted to keep going. And with a loud crash, I broke through the wall.


About an hour later, I was sitting down in a chair while droids were picking up the remains of the permacrete wall that had been there. the armor was covered in the grey dust and had a few scratches on the paint, otherwise, it was fine. That was not right. Last time I had been sent through a wall at that speed, I was bleeding from almost every pour.

Looking up at the scientist, he just smiled.

"Yes. power to you, but the problem with it is that your stamina is the same. You can't fight longer, or anything. It just makes you stronger and faster."
"Why did you not do this before?"
"I did. But others cant withstand this kind of pressure. This power. Sure, the suit is powerful, but when you collapsed on yourself, the suit literally pulls in on you with the same amount of strength you are hit with. The suit acts inside out and can break your body from within. So far, only you have been able to withstand that kind of pain, and punishment."

I looked at him. then down at my gloved hands. The military green armor paint was slightly grey from the wall I had broken, but I was more worried about the suit breaking my body. Would I be able to use it? Let alone survive it? looking up, I spoke to him finally.

"Give me something to fight. Anything. I want to test it."
"Give me an hour, and I will get you a fight."


It had been almost two hours later when the scientist came in. Holding a simple beskad, and handed it to me. I had known the weapons all too well in my years. Using them against the Force users of such weapons like the Lightsabers. Taking it, I felt the familiar weight, I swung it easily. It was then, that there was a knock at the door. One that was opened to reveal another being clad in armor. He too, wielded a sword. Without a word, he charged.

The man was fast. Much faster than any other soldier I had faced recently. His speed was incredible, yet when I brought my beskad up to defend against his slash at me with his own blade, We met with a loud clang. Pushing him off of me, I threw my fist forward. Slamming into the helmet of the soldier in front of me. He reeled back away as a second man came from the door. Hefting a large rifle at me. I saw it the moment I could see the trigger being pulled.

Reacting as fast as I could, I yanked the soldier who I had punched in front of me. The slug slammed hard into the man's back as he fell to the ground, I pivoted around him on my left foot, and was about to throw the beskad when it was smacked out of my hand. What looked to be a female soldier came over and yanked it from me. The woman was much faster than the two men.

Slamming her own fist into my face. I reeled back a second from it as I looked to my right. Seeing once more the trigger being pulled, I took a step back as the bullet flew past me. The woman then closed the gap and attempted to strike me. Only I grabbed her fist as it came at me with a right hook. I in turn twisted her wrist, and then took my own hand to slam her. She returned my fist in her own hand. I smiled behind the visor as I set out a kick between us. Hitting her hard enough she flew across the room and into the wall.

I turned to the man as he fired a third shot. It slammed into my chest piece and hurt. I would bruise, but otherwise, I felt nothing. He almost dropped the weapon in surprise as I came over to him, grabbing the weapon from him, and snapping it over my knee.

"Throw a punch, and I will send you flying."

The helmet nodded once and realized he was not getting through. Walking over to the downed man, I offered him my hand. Helping him up, he too nodded. The scientist was over beside the woman who stood up. Her helmet was being removed to reveal her face. Strong and pronounced, She smiled at me just slightly.

"Strange to see a Fett here."
"You know me?"
"The Fett who fought Sith without the force and lived?"
"It was my job to. I did the best I could."

The scientist then handed the helmet back to the woman who then aided the downed man back out into the hall. His smile was wide and proud.

"So, How do you like it? Work to what you want?"

I looked over myself. The armor still standing, and I was barely breathing heavy.

"I'll take it."

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