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The Order of the Dagger (looking for participants for creation"

Any of you want to go on adventures leading you into sith tombs and ancient war lands? Abandoned planets and destroyed temples? All in the name of the Jedi?

The order of the Dagger is a secretive organization, that seeks out and destroys/hides sith artifacts that can be used for destruction. for example, Holocrons that hold the knowledge of limitless power, a ring that grants its user the death of any individual they wish, and many more. The cult will be a secret, so only high ranking officials in the jedi know that it exists, and to most sith it is a legend. Only powerful sith lords and sith knights know of its existence, and they are in a constant movement to seek us out and destroy us.

no requirements other than it would be a good idea to be light side and have a taste for adventure! now who would like to see this faction created?

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@[member="Alex Jackdaw"]
This faction sounds very interesting, i agree with hiding the ancient sit artifacts and i would like to help you create this faction. Just one problem, i am light side and i sure as hell do have a adventurous spirit!

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