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The Negotiator

Duxil had never truly grown used to living the life of a scoundrel. Even after her escape from Onderon, traveling from system to system looking to throw people off her trail, the ex-Republican's skin would crawl whenever doing business with brigands. She'd grown to fear them, yes- But they were still criminals. Criminals that, for now, demanded her respect. They were her only way across the galaxy.
Until now, hopefully.
Inhaling, the woman's fingers flew across the dials on the side of her rented holo-projector, getting ready to contact the craftsman she'd been put in contact with. Her interest in him was simple- As a star-shipwright, he could easily provide Duxil with a private option from getting around the galaxy, until finally making it to the Dominion. Seeing as money had never been a problem for her, she'd opted to contract him over others simply because of his selection of custom made ships. Well, selection wasn't quite the term for it... But it did mean her ship would be unique. Fitted to her needs, and most importantly, nimble enough to serve as a base of commands until she was established in the Dominion. From then, she meant to call in favours, and delve into it's political system. It seemed to be the best alternative for the Republic. At least, for now.

Finally, the transceiver blinked on, confirming her connection to the CEO of Ashhearth Industries. Or... At least, his communications droid. Straightening her back, the ex-senator tried composing herself as well as she could- Even in ordinary clothes and the lack of a headdress, she managed to have that aura of legality so many felons she'd associated with grew weary of. That was good. The last thing she wanted was for this John Ash to think she was just another bounty hunter.

"This is a call from Duxil Rylver." She addressed curtly, with all the graces of a queen, or an important bureaucrat. "I believe John Ash is expecting me. It concerns the production of a ship." Her message was short, and simple. Wouldn't want to overload the droid with anything too complicated, or make it seem as if she were just a charlatan rich girl. Unwavering sith-like eyes gazing over the blue of the hologram, Duxil gave the droid a practiced look, which set him on to work. He'd be stupid to deny such a wealthy client- Both the droid, and the shipwright.
[member="John Ash"]

John Ash

Only by Fire do we become Ash.
The Pii system required a lot of work. Everything needed to be built, people needed to be moved in, supplies needed to be moved in, and even maps were going to need to be made for the system. There was little work that had been done with the system despite centuries of private ownership by various companies to make it happen. All of this led to John being a not so happy camper, which he couldn't be called in the first place. If it wasn't bad enough that he was having to baby sit an entire system getting built up, he was also having to handle the sudden growth of his company along side it. This meant he had to procure droid workers to handle the newer jobs when he would have preferred an organic worker.

And it was one of these droids that had come to John about a message over the holo of a client requesting his immediate attention. Who could it be that was demanding his time in such an important transition? He got the name of the person from the droid and went to the holoprojector. In front of him was a pantoran woman dressed in ordinary clothing with the look of a person use to being in charge of things. Great. He didn't like dealing with these types, but they were far too common the client for his chosen lines of work. He took in a deep breath and let it out slowly before he walked in front of the holoprojector.

" This is John Ash. If you want something from me schedule a face to face interview with one of my organic secretaries." John ended the transmission right there. They expected him to work with their schedule, but that wasn't how things were going to go. If they wanted something they could do so the proper way or not at all. He told his droid a time, date, and location to send to the person he just cut out on and went back to his earlier business. He had a system to build and a company to grow. He didn't have time to deal with people having mini-power trips on his credit.

The droid did as it was commanded and sent all of the related information to [member="Duxil Rylver"] . The message stated:

< Nar Shaddaa Office. Two rotations. Noon. Don't be late. >

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