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The Mygeeto Horror


тнє ναмριяє ℓσя∂
​I was awoken at the early hours of the morning by the annoying chirping of my communication device. I gripped the small mechanical device, half-tempted to hurl the monstrosity across the room; hoping it would smash against the far wall. But against my better judgment to do so, I sighed heavily and hit the little button on the side to open the channel. ​"Darth Sarcophago, my deepest apologies for waking you so early but your presence is requested at the Ascendancy Agency building immediately," ​came a filtered voice of equal annoyance to my barely awoken ears. "I'll be there within the hour," ​I replied shutting the device off with one hand and tossing aside my black, silk blanket with the other.

​With my hastened shower complete and my body fully dried, I quickly adorned my outfit; grabbing my weapon as I left my personal quarters for the agency's building. I pondered to myself what was so important that I needed to be disturbed on the cusp of dawn's early light. Exiting the Temple, where I had made use of a spare room to call my own, I headed toward the building; trying not to let this morning intrusion ruin the rest of my day. The agency was already bustling with activity when I arrived, and before I could make any inquiry as to why I was summoned, a small portly man rushed up to me.

​You're finally here! Hurry, he needs you in your office like yesterday!" ​I eyed the man with contempt, I hate morning people. I followed the man to my office, and upon entering I saw a small manila folder sitting on my desk with one of the Circle Lords sitting in my chair. ​"Inquisitor," the Lord said offering me to take a seat on the opposite side where I normally sat. ​"There seems to be some troubling events on Mygeeto, and we need you to investigate it at once." ​Without sitting, I grabbed the folder and flipped it open. Inside where the contents of several holopictures of not just dead bodies, but heavily mutilated bodies. I could see why the Circle wanted me to look into this, for I had a reputation of conducting acts of this nature myself. I was not just a cannibal, but I had earned the nickname The Crucifixion Queen for a reason; and earned a reputation of conducting horrific acts upon my enemies.

"Have to admire the creativity," I said without looking up. ​"Right. You are to leave for Mygeeto at once. The citizens in the city are frightened of something, some even reporting it's a monster. We cannot have our citizens feeling as though we cannot protect them, so go there and put an end to this, monster." ​I looked up, with a cold smile on my face. ​"Rest assured, Lord, it takes a monster to hunt a monster." ​I dropped the folder back onto my desk and turned to leave. So this day was turning out to be well worth the early morning disturbance.


тнє ναмριяє ℓσя∂
​Before I would leave for Mygeeto, there was some research I needed to conduct first. Sitting in the archives, I brought up all the news feeds regarding the incident I was assigned to investigate. Watching the several newscasts, I began to gain an understanding of the situation. People were not just afraid, they were terrified. Something was preying upon our citizens, and it seemed the local security forces were near powerless to stop it. Next, I comprised a list of names that "witnessed" or "knew" something about the crimes. People have a tendency to tell facts based off emotional perspectives, but the mind is a powerful force itself, especially the subconscious; where the true facts are buried, but I knew ways to extract them.

​I gathered my belongings, stopped for a quick snack, then headed to the docking platform to obtain a ship for the trip. During my flight, I formulated a itinerary in my head. First I would probe the crime scenes looking for any clues the local law enforcement may have missed, since I didn't trust them to conduct a thorough search of the scenes. Next I would visit the law enforcers building to speak with the lead investigators, hoping to learn something from them, which I assumed wouldn't be much. Finally, I would visit these witnesses personally, to discuss what they actually saw or knew compared to what they didn't. In my experience, events like these had a tendency to draw out people looking to get into the spotlight or just to get face time on the holonet.

​When I touched down in the docking platform and left the confines of my ship, I noticed an air of coldness surrounding the area; which was something I was all to familiar with, fear. There was no timeline to complete my investigation, but I knew that fear breeds fear and if I didn't act quickly and efficiently; the whole city would fall into a fear induced chaotic mob.


тнє ναмριяє ℓσя∂
​Each crime scene was different in origin, for the exception of one unique fact. Whomever was responsible for these atrocities left behind a calling card, a memorable signature that linked the crimes together; meaning it was absolutely the work of one individual. Standing at the last crime scene, I stared at the scrawled symbol on the alley side of a building. I never seen it before, but the symbol had a ritualistic feeling to it. I took a couple of holopictures, even though the law enforcement agency had numerous photos I'm sure, for my own research. I left the crime scene walking through the streets, trying desperately to find information on the symbol through the galactic archives.

​As I walked, I noticed that my curious follower was shadowing me. I had seen the young teen boy at every crime scene, yet up until now I had no need to talk to him. Turning down an alley, I threw myself into the shadows and just as he passed by; I reached out and grabbed him by the scruff of his scrawny neck. "Hey! Let me go," he yelped. I drew his face inches to mine asking, ​"Why are you following me, prey? And do not lie to me, I will rip the truth from you if you do."

Shaken and frightened, he replied, ​"I saw you searching those crime scenes and you didn't look like a copper. But when I saw your lightsaber, I knew you weren't a copper. You Sith?" ​Since the Sith Ascendancy liberated Mygeeto from it's own injustice values, the Circle of Lords spent countless credits to ensure the well being of the citizens, and in doing so turned the reputation of Siths past into something of the good guys. ​"I am Darth Sarcophage, Inquisitor of the Sith Asendancy and you still have not answered my question, prey."

"Uh, well I followed you because I wanted to see the vampire for myself." I let the boy go, then laughed hysterically. "You've been watching to many late night holomovies, prey. There are no such thing as vampires." ​Then realization hit me. ​"Wait. You saw the person that did these crimes?" ​Rubbing the back of his scruffy haired head, he answered, "I didn't see the vampire's face. I just saw the monster fleeing the scene wiping his mouth after he destroyed that young girl. I tried to tell that to the coppers, but they only laughed too." ​The boy's account didn't give me much even after pressing him for more details, except it was a person and not a monster; even if he thought it was a vampire. I did however think I might be dealing with someone like me. A cannibal. I thanked the boy, warned him not to follow me anymore, and tossed him some credits. My next stop was the copper's base.


тнє ναмριяє ℓσя∂
​At the law enforcement building, I looked more closely at the pictures; noticing their were no bite marks on the bodies. Plus, I saw no signs of weapons marking the bodies as the method of their deaths. I found this to be quite interesting. ​"Was there any signs of broken bones, such as necks," ​I asked the lead investigator. He pulled up the autopsy reports scanning through them before he answered, "None were found. It's a mystery how they were murdered." ​I didn't agree with his theory of a mystery. I wondered if this was a Force user, utilizing an ability I was unfamiliar with, but I discarded my own theory; I would have felt something in the Force.

"Are you familiar with this symbol," ​I inquired showing him the pictures I taken. The investigator shook his head replying, "Funny you bring that up. We are clueless here. My professional opinion is that the symbol is some sick and twisted calling card." I scoffed. ​"That's your professional opinion? Is there anyone on Mygeeto who might know about this symbol?" ​Rubbing his three day old chin scruff, he said, ​"There's an old man who runs some kind of occult shop on Westero Street. He might know." ​Narrowing my eyes, attempting not to lose my temper, I said, ​"You didn't talk this old man?"

​Propping his feet atop his desk, he lit a cigar before saying, ​"Why would we? He's just some old kook who runs a kooky shop." ​Slapping his feet off the desk, I growled, ​"Idiots! The one person who might shed some light on this symbol you discard because of, how did you put it, oh yes, he's kooky!" Standing up, the investigator pointed his finger at me. ​"Don't tell us how to do our job. And don't ever touch me again!" ​I reached out and gripped his throat through the Force, adding a supplemental amount pressure to it as I responded, ​"If you did your job I wouldn't be here!"

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