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The Muertos

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Type: Cartel

Affiliation: The Muertos, The Rebel Alliance

Alignment: True Neutral

Smuggling, Mercenary Work, Black Market Tech, Arms, and Cybernetics

Structure: [member="Jax Vandal"] is the gang leader

Description: The Muertos are a cutthroat gang that dabbles in a little bit of everything. We are the remnants of the Guavian Death Gang and Kanjiklub Alliance. We attack our enemies with ferocity and aggression until there's nothing left. Dealing in arms, tech, and cybernetics we have access to bleeding edge black market gear. While not being known for it we will offer our mercenary services for the right price.

History: The remnants of the Guavian Death Gang and the Kanjuklub. Continued competition, and constant rivalry began to hurt the groups. After awhile they had kill on sight orders for each other. As the young initiates began getting influence within both gangs, they viewed their rivalry with bitterness. Seeing it as a war of pride, not strategy. Eventually as the original members were phased out, or died, the young new leaders made an alliance. Still many disapproved and left to become independent bounty hunters, smugglers, and a couple slavers. The Guavians provided top of the line black market gear to the Kanjiklub. They were very successful for a long time, able to operate without fear of each other. As they gained a bigger reputation they also gained more enemies. larger crime organizations began to feel threatened, believing if they could break the alliance they would no longer be able to compete and go back to killing each other. They were hunted down, bounties were put on their head, and even had a bad run in with some Jedi. Their numbers dwindled until the survivors banded together. The Guavian's upgraded all of the Kanjiklub's gear while the Kanjiklub made up most of the operators and enforcers. The Guavian's took command and made the gang what it is today.

Most of Level 1313 on Coruscant

Planet Name: Coruscant
Key locations: Guavian Armory

Other: N/A

Members: Jax Vandal, Gunner Vandal, Norjung Ordo, Glavis, Delsin Kessler, Jakobi, Doc