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Approved Tech The Morp Gun

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Cedric Dorn


Intent: To Create an effective and powerful Stun Blaster that can be used by Commandoes and Bounty Hunters
Development Thread: N/A
Manufacturer: Corellian Arms(Permission granted by @[member="Ayden Cater"])
Model: Morp Prototype
Affiliation: Omega Protectorate/Open Market
Modularity: Yes
Production: Minor
Material: Dallorian Alloy
Description: The Morp Gun as this prototype weapon is called was commissioned by Diana Moridena through @[member="Ayden Cater"] in order to obtain a powerful yet compact Stun Blaster for her personal use. Due to the secrecy of her current missions the “Morp Gun” is currently under beta-testing for a time of one year. After this year the weapon will become widely available to The Omega Protectorate.

The Morp Gun is nothing more than a simple compact Stun Blaster. The weapon is like many other Stun Blasters and underpowered blaster pistol. The only real difference between the two is that The Morp gun is able to be set to varying degrees of stun strength. This allows the weapon to stun anything from an Ugnot, to a Hutt, to a Rancor. When the stun setting is set to the correct level for the species the effects of the stun usually last about an hour, give or take a few minutes for a victims personal fitness and conditions. This feature makes the Morp Gun far more versatile than a regular Stun Blaster.

The draw back to this is of course that if the gun is set to the strength to stun a Hutt and then shoots a human it is more than likely that the victim will die, either through cardiac arrest or something similar. This means the user of the Morp Gun must be weary of the guns setting at all times.

Of course, this also means that the Morp Gun has the strength to pass through nearly all armors in production. Even the heaviest armor like Vonduun Crab and Beskar would fall prey to the MORP gun if used on them.

Other than this fatal flaw the Morp Gun has one other major drawback. Because of the strength of some of its shots the Morp Gun has a tendency to quickly overheat. The barrel becomes hot and the systems that fire the gun quickly shut off(to prevent critical overload). This makes Rapid fire of the Morp Gun completely impossible unless the user wants a paperweight.

Other than this the Morp Gun does not differ from any other Stun Blaster.
Classification: Stun Blaster
Size: Handheld
Status: Legal/Restricted(Beta-Testing)
Length: 26cm
Weight: 1kg
Ammunition Type: Power Cell
Ammunition Capacity: 25-10 Depending on the strength of the shot.
Effective Range: 15m

Sargon Vynea

Spencer's guard unicorn
I'd like to see the range toned down a bit given the range of most stuns are shorter, also is it unique for now but going minor production at a later point? @[member="Valkyrie"]


Done, and yes she is basically beta-testing the gun.

@[member="Sargon Vynea"]
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