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The Mighty Fel Imperium (A lightside Faction)

The Black Flame
The Fel Imperium
"When those chosen by man fail, those chosen by fate must act"
- Motto of Ronin Fel's Regime
General Information
  • Type of Government: Hereditary Monarchy with partial Oligarchy
  • Head of State: Imperator of the New Order
  • Alignment: Lightside (considered gray by the Jedi & Sith)
  • The Council of the Imperium
  • The Council of the Moffs
  • The Council of the Censors
  • The Council of the Magistrates
  • Planetary Combines
Societal Information
  • Capital: Vassek (When major)
  • Official Languages: Galactic Basic, Imperial Basic
  • Currency: Galactic Credit Standard
  • State Religious Body: The Church of the Morning Star & The Imperial Knights
  • National Holidays: Redemption Day
Armed Forces
  • The Royal Stormtrooper Corps
  • The Naval Legion of the Fel Empire
  • The C.E.L.L (Command, Espionage, Logistics and Lethal corrections)
  • The Order of Imperial Knights

"We Strive for excellence, we strive for honor and, above all, we strive to turn the words of the Jedi, into true action" - Official declaration from the Fel Family

The Fel Imperium is a canon faction once ruled by the Fel family who took over what was left of the Galactic Empire just before the rise of Darth Krayt. Unlike Darth Sidious’s Galactic Empire, the Fel’s dedicated their society to the destruction of the darkside and adopted a strict “Victory Without War” policy and their force-users see the force as a tool that can be used for evil or good but not something to be deeply contemplated. The Empire was also famous for using Vong technology to help restore planets torn apart by the war with the foreign species. After three generations of the Fel Dynasty, ending with Roan Fel, the Empire fell after Darth Krayt overthrew Roan. The Empire would eventually rise again but quickly be absorbed into the Galactic Alliance.

During the darkness, the Fel family returned to Corellia where they continued to be looked upon as nobles. The family would rise to no great feats the entire length of the darkness until a son of the family, Ronin Fel, became Supreme Commander of the Corellian Defense Force years prior to the Omega Protectorates rise. Ronin would eventually retire from Corellian military service and move to Coruscant after the Omega Protectorate took control of his home planet. While in the Republic, Ronin would try to join the Jedi order so that he could practice and attempt to grow his powers in the force. The Fel was rejected for his advanced age, but would remain on Corucant to observe the state of the government and the Jedi Order.

After realizing that the Jedi were crippled and the Republic Government was failing in its duties, the angered noble returned to Corellia to collect his son and travel into the Outer Rim. It is here that Ronin began to spread the knowledge of Fel nobility and the history that his family had in attempt to unify a handful of planets and convince them to begin the 2nd Fel Empire.


"Henceforth, and forever more, I shall execute my duties with the good of the people, the galaxy and the force in my heart. If I shall fall from light, the good I have done shall be my legacy through death or redemption." - Last line of all Oaths of Office in the Fel Empire

Firstly, the Fel Empire has multiple branches and is lead by the branch known as The Council of the Imperium. The Council of the Imperium consists of the Imperator, who is the head of state, and his Triumvirate that consists of the Executor of the Army, the Executor of the Navy and the Archmaster of the Order of Imperial Knights. The Imperator serves as the head of all state affairs from religion, military, judicial systems etc. Although the Imperator serves all of these roles, he has delegated many authorities down to lower forms of government to ensure a smoothly operating Empire. These powers, however, are able to be stripped away at any time by the Imperator whether the official is allowed to be elected or is appointed by the Imperator himself. The reason for this system is in the belief that too many checks and balances leads to inaction and inaction is the worst sin. However, it is seen as the duty of the Imperial Knights, specifically the Archmaster and his council, to rid the government of any officials who lose sight of the Empire’s goal. This usually means those who have fallen to the darkside, and that even includes the Imperator.

The Imperial Triumvirate is the first sect of many officials who have been given delegated powers. Each member of the Triumvirate is an advisor to the Imperator and a military leader as the Triumvirate is made up of the Executor of the Army, Executor of the Navy and the Archmaster of the Imperial Knights. Together, these three men help plan military campaigns and advise the Imperator on what their best military options are in both theoretical and real scenarios.

The military is not the only sector to receive such officials, however. One of the most important divisions of government is the Moff Council. Due to the obvious restrictions of the Imperator’s time, a council of Moffs has been created in order to ensure that the planets and sectors of the Empire are properly seen to. The Moff Council is a collection of elected and/or appointed officials who each rule over a single sector of the Empire. These Moffs are then tasked with the mission to create nationwide laws, solve planetary issues and see to day to day life of planets within the Empire. These Moffs can be appointed by the Imperator but it is traditional for the Moffs to be elected by the Planetary Combine of their sector. A Moff can be nominated from any planet within their given sector and is usually a member of a noble house or a head of a planetary government. It is crucial that Planetary Combines pick the best representative for their sector because any laws passed by the Moff Council (and aren’t stricken down by the Imperator) are put into place without consulting them. Hence, the only way to attempt to get the law ratified is to hold a vote of no confidence against their sectors Moff and replace him with a newly appointed official (These decisions can always be overruled by the Imperator). No Moff can pass planetary laws on his/her own and all laws must pass a vote through the Moff Council.

Now, moving onto the Planetary Combines which are a rather simple idea. A Planetary Combine is a council made up of all the planets in a given sector. These planets are each headed by a independent leader who can create laws specific to his planet as long as they do not interfere with nationwide laws. The sole purpose of this council is to elect a Moff, as long at the Imperator does not appoint one, but have no other powers aside from this one aspect of life. They cannot vote to force other planets to do anything and are at the complete mercy of the laws passed by the Moff Council, whose members are selected by them.

Moving onto more important and powerful branches, we find ourselves in the company of the Council of the Censors. This council is in charge of overseeing the financial situation of the Empire and conducting various public services such as administering cultural affairs, overseeing the census, gauging morality, administering the education system and ensuring that proper morals and ethics are being instilled. To do this, the Council of Censors is separated into several different departments that each has their own director. The Council itself is headed by the Imperator who leaves most management details to the directors of the individual departments.

Finally, we are taking a look at the Council of Magistrates that serves as a judicial branch of the Fel Empire. This council is made up of three types of officials who each handle different aspects of the law. The first official is known as a Consul. The Consuls are judges and other related officials who deal with civil lawsuits between two individuals in the Empire and thus are the most populace of the three. The second type of Official is a Proconsul, an official who resides over cases involving the breaking of nationwide laws set by the Moff Council and is the second most populace of the three. Finally, there is the Promagistrates who only hear cases of capital crimes such as treason, espionage, serious serial crimes committed in multiple sectors, terrorism and other such crimes.

Order of the Imperial Knights

"Service to my Imperator
Duty to my comrades
Loyalty to the Lightside of the Force
I do solemnly swear to forever abide by these three commandments or else forever shame myself and family" -oath of the Imperial Knights
The Imperial Knights serve as the order of force-users within the Fel Empire. Unlike the Jedi, the Imperial Knights are officially a branch of the Fel Imperial Military and take an active role in maintaining the Church of the Morning Star (a religious organization that teaches the Imperial Knight beliefs in a way that is adaptable to non-forceuser life). The Order does not discriminate based on age and the main focus of lower level training is dedicated almost entirely to resistance of the darkside. As a result, those trained as Imperial Knights from day one are more resistant to darkside corruption and temptation, even showing more power to defend against darkside mind techniques meant to break their will. However, also unlike other branches of Force-Users, the Imperial Knights are sworn to first try and persuade Darksiders to turn from their evil ways before engaging them. If attempt fails, the Knights are then mandated to execute the Darksider as a combatant or as a captured prisoner.

The Imperial Knights are also the only branch of military authorized to both defend the Imperator and also kill him. It is a government mandated oath that the Imperial Knights kill or rescue the Imperator if he ever submits to the darkside of the force. If the Order believes that the Imperator has been compromised by the Darkside the Archmaster meets with the masters of the order to vote on likeability of the corruption. If the majority votes that corruption is present, the Imperial Knights can take emergency control of the military and storm the Imperial Palace. If the Imperator is unable to be swayed back to the lightside he is to be terminated. If he is able to bring himself back to the light he continues his rule under a much more cautious eye.

Finally, the Force is not seen as something to be meditated on or thought deeply about in the Imperial Knights. Instead, the Force is seen as a powerful tool that can either be used for evil (darksiders) or for good (lightsiders). There is no concept of balance between light and dark, only the difference between bad people doing bad things with the force and good people doing good things with it. While the Imperial Knights see themselves as Lightsiders, they are considered to be “Gray Jedi” by the Sith and Jedi Orders. While they don’t draw directly from the darkside of the force, they also don’t strictly follow the guidelines of the Jedi either.

The Ranking Structure of the Knights is as follows

  • Imperial Cadet (apprentice)
  • Imperial Knight
  • Imperial Master
  • Archmaster (Grandmaster)

The Imperial Knights hold a number of jobs within the Fel Empire, such as serving on the Imperator’s personal guard (The Praetorian), serving as diplomats or maintaining the Church of the Morning Star.

(For more information view the Wookipedia link of the canon organization)

Foreign Policy

"Victory Without War is a policy in which we hope to avert war by rescuing those in need...not a way to avoid war in order not to kill those who deserve it." - Official Fel Stance on the "Victory Without War" Policy

The Foreign Policy of the Fel Empire is simple at the moment as no great relationships have been built. However, the Government has adopted a strict "Victory Without War" policy. This policy means that the Empire will attempt to resolve conflicts peacefully with any enemy before resorting to war. However, the ultimate goal of the Empire is to destroy the Darkside and if someone cannot be converted than war is an option openly embraced.

The Empire tends to try and keep relations neutral or friendly between lightside and neutral factions. Darkside factions are seen as hostile but relations are kept distant.

Redemption Day

"Every man deserves a legacy and we honor that belief with a new holiday, Redemption Day" - First line of the bill that signed Redemption Day into being

Redemption Day is a day in the Fel Empire that celebrates the founding of the first Fel Empire by Jagged Fel, thus "redeeming" the Galactic Empire of its evil ways. This is not the only reason it is celebrated, however, as many individuals and families see it as a time thank and remember their ancestors while appreciating the ones currently in their lives (an idea openly supported by the government). Traditional occasions on this day are parties, sporting events, firework shows, parades with floats, church and religious functions, shortened work days, days off for people in school, a speech by the Imperator and a massive military parade in the capital.


  • To destroy the darkside through the redemption of darkside followers or the execution of all who would refuse to be redeemed.
  • To ensure the peace of the galaxy through action and not empty words
  • To provide a place for all persons to be treated equal and not be subject to the endless bickering and corruption of the Republic Senate, the Jedi Order and other such governments.
  • To provide a place for characters who have been cast out by the Jedi, seek to make a difference and wish to help the greater good.

Closing Statements

I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this very long description of the Fel Empire! I would like to say that this faction is open to all lightsiders and Gray Force-Users especially. This faction was created to allow people a new experience in this great and wide galaxy of ours and provide some with a place they could call home. I will continue to update this page with prevalent information as the faction grows and I plan on pouring every ounce of my heart into making this faction right.

Soldiers, force-users, politicians, company owners and more are all welcome to this faction and I hope anyone enjoys has as much fun playing in it as I am having creating it.

Come one, come all!

Our doors are open and we are waiting for you!

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