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The meetings of opposites.....

It hadn't been long since he'd been knighted that it sort felt somewhat surreal. Waking up and having been messaged rather than told meet with someone in one the training halls. Not so much as to train with or train as he'd had read the message say. At any rate thought he was not quite sure who as was to how he was gonna do this. He no less pushes to see this thru as much he'd since his return. With a mix of curiosity and determination....

He'd no sooner prepared and made his way out his quarters with one saber he'd not too long repair hang on his side. While another yet be repaired and missing its crystal hidden within the folds of his tunic. That he made his way off towards the training area to meet this individual at the same time. Maybe get a chance to get the saber a test run.....
[member="Ronin Wendigo"]

The soud of the blade slicing through the air came to her, it was a thing of beauty in many cases, allowing her to get the powerful slice and chop without a lot of the risk to herself. She had her dagger in her other hand the blade of sorrow that allowed her to cleave through others, the protectors blade let her cut with the lightside of the force and her own skill. All of it was well worth the skills to them as she was moving around now. Picking up energies in the force before she moved sheathing one of the blade as the new personal training droids were in a small pile as she started walking and Arca finished up coming by her side.
[member="Morrigan Jeth"]​
It had been at the very least a quiet uneventful walk down the halls this time around. Take the moment silently reminisce of times past as well being hopeful for the future.Which for him felt oddly strange at the same time rewarding knowing look back how he got here in the first place. Lost and alone wandering as he had known nothing or very little who he'd was. And now here he was a knight take on his first apprentice.

And soon as he turns the corner towards one the training room. That he soon come across its lone occupant moving seem so gracefully with a blade and saber in hand. At which time intrigued as well seem a bit captivate as he watched her from a sideline. He then slowly entered and briefly stood on the sideline......saying nothing for now.
[member="Ronin Wendigo"]

She was moving and she could feel the force shaft after she was walking around. There was a saber on her hip but the dagger and her sword on her back served a greater purpose. The padawan was moving around with mor eof her attention there when she saw him. Someone she wasn't certain of and had no real idea who they were but they weren't another padawan that was for certain. She could work with that and if they weren't a padawan then they were a kngiht or a master which meant she might have been able to get a master here to teach her the Silver jedi ways. "Hello."
[member="Morrigan Jeth"]

It was then after taking a momemt watch her from the sideline that Ronin slowly approached her. Pausing briefly on the edge of the training mat as it were. As thier eye met briefly and with confidence as the words of the Master still play in his mind. About how despite all the turmoil he'd gone thru thus far. He some how had the fortitude to endure to have come this far.

" Hello "

She then started say and he instinct replied back with gentle smile in his face.

" Greetings.... I would hope am not intruding. It has been a while since I've been back and I don't belive we've met before."

He then acted unassuming thought observant of her in silence. For if nothing else thought part of him felt ready it still felt somewhat hard shake off the fact. He'd never been quite like the others or what one assume a Jedi was.
[member="Ronin Wendigo"]

She was watching him and making sure her weapons were secure so she could speak witht he jedi here. "No it is alright, nothing to other. I was just practicing." She said it offered a lank expression before she was heading around to see some of the other parts here. She dind't know a lot about it and what she might e able to find but working with the other jedi from the silver order was important to advancing and trying to figure out everything that she could do for herself.
[member="Morrigan Jeth"]

It was then as the two conversed and he was close to observe. Note how she held her weapons and stance told him enough. That he adjusted to interact with her accordingly.
[member="Ronin Wendigo"]

Morrigan stood there with the jedi knight now where she could. wanting to see parts of it and get herself her own little spot to give them a place they could conversate. It was a very important thing to well do this, to get to know the other people in the situation and who would be providing them with all of the information. "This temple is a strange place, very different then the island and the order that we have been working with."
[member="Morrigan Jeth"]

It took him bit as he stood there in silence how much he'd change. As he listened to her and contemplated her word's replying back.

" I understand....sort felt same but eventually place grown on you. Once you get your bearing ..... names Ronin..Ronin wendigo...and yours if I may ask? "
[member="Ronin Wendigo"]

She was looking at him and his speech was different as well but she wasn't one to muck about with things like that. Interest in everything brought her up a little more as she had a small grin on her face. "I am Morrigan Jeth of the children of the jedi." A large title and thing to deal with but hey it was what it was and she had provided a few more ideas for here now. "Pleased to meet you." She said it with a small grin appearing on her face though while they were in the
[member="Morrigan Jeth"]

Note the slight grin on her face told him that despite his somewhat not so Jedish demeanor. She seems to not mind this and appear to be curious enough to continue on with the conversation.

"I am Morrigan Jeth of the children of the Jedi."

Even seem gracious enough to give her name which at best peek his curiosity as well about her. At which time out of habit it seems since having returned back with the Jedi and times spent with Jedi here.

"Pleased to meet you."

As she adds soon after to speak that he extends a hand to her in greetings....

"Please to meet you as well....quite the name you've got there at any rate never been one for formalities. So would hope you won't mind if I just say call you Jeth or would you prefer Morrigan?"

At which time with slight curiosity about the individual before him he'd patiently awaited her reply which on all account. For those that knew him well was an oddity being the brash street-smart teen when he first came here. As it would seem time and bit of training had done well to temper his once-wild ways. After which once she'd replied Ronin turn his glance over at the doorway as a lone figure stood by the door. That of one the elder Jedi who just glance at them before moving away leaving them.

"At any rate have to say you got some skill with that weapon and don't doubt you can handle conduct yourself quite well in straight out fight, But tell me if you don't mind me asking what bring you all the way out here?"
[member="Ronin Wendigo"]

She was looking at the jedi as he spoke and gave a nod of her head. Prepared for anything now but the question was a little strange. Why else did people come to the jedi temples.... to meet and learn from the jedi. She was all for it as well when she stood there. "I came here to work with and learn more about parts of the force from the jedi. My island has teachers but we have become very strict and focused. Outsiders influences and perspectives are invaluable so long as they serve the lightside of the force."
[member="Morrigan Jeth"]

It was then thought it seem such abet little strange on one side a tad odd question for one within the Jedi hall asks of anyone. Ronin was if somewhat unconventional in his dealing having know first hand the harsh reality of the outside world. He not been one takes anything at face value and with emotionless gaze privately observed her. Take note of her reply and stance as she did so. Gave or hinted him on few things that for now he kept to himself.

"I came here to work with and learn more about parts of the force from the Jedi. My island has teachers but we have become very strict and focused. Outsiders influences and perspectives are invaluable so long as they serve the Lightside of the force."

As instead he intently listens to her and later lifting a hand to brush faintly tip his chin as if in deep thought. Before eventually reply back to her...

" I would guess with all the turmoil and strife out there.We all prepare to face it in our own way. As servants of the light .....knowledge, and perspective can be invaluable keep one grounded against the backdrop of the growing would you feel comfortable for short stroll off ground to see a better perspective of things....?"

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