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Approved Tech The Mask of Ragnarok

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Intent: A mask fitting of Ragnarok and to hide his true identity so he can live his double life.​
Image Source: Harry Potter movie Death Eater Mask​
Canon Link: N/A​
Restricted Missions: N/A​
Primary Source: N/A​


Manufacturer: Darth Ragnarok​
Model: Alchemized mask​
Affiliation: Darth Ragnarok​
Modularity: No​
Production: Unique​
Material: Electrum​


Classification: Mask​
Weight: 0.5kg​
Quality: 1​


Alchemized to be infused with Force.​
Not easily removed​


-While it is not a traditional Alchemized mask, it uses many properties of alchemy. The mask is forged on the embers of the bones of a family Ragnarok killed (the process isn't pg13) The mask is cooled in a mixture of blood of the family and oil. Due to the killing of the family the bones and blood still hold the fear of what the family experienced before death. With the power of the Dark Side to gave the mask designs that harness the Force as Force Fear. The Force Fear only works on those weak in the Force and/or weak to illusion abilities.​

-While all the designs and power is in the face of the mask, it connects to another Electrum piece the covers the hole face. In order to unlock it you need a small key.​

Force Fear embedded.​
Hides identity​

Weaknesses :
-Provides no armor protection​
-Hard to remove which could prove dangerous due to it covering the whole head.​


Darth Ragnarok is taking a page out of Palpatine's book and hiding as a Politician of Commendor. Unlike Palpatine, he prefers to do things more personal so a mask is more fitting. The mask was made from Electrum, a metal ore used in lightsaber crafting to show mastery of the Force so he found it fitting. He first started by finding a simple family, one that would be so far from the horrors of the Galaxy. Ultimately he murdered them, but made it memorable for them. He then used their bones along with wood to heat a forge. As he forged the mask he took the fear of the family and his hatred to pour into the mask. To seal the power he cooled and strengthened it in the family’s blood and inoil. This process took longer than a standard mask forging, but the process was based on forging and alchemy.​
The Mask of Ragnarok is not created to be armor, but to hide identity and to hold the Darkness in it and strike fear into his enemies. It radiates the intense power of Fear and Hatred. Those who gaze upon the mask who are not strong in the Force or immune to illusions will be struck with paralyzing fear. Those strong with the Force or against illusions will still feel accelerate heart rate and weakness in their body finding it harder to stand and fight. Those with Mastery in the Force or Illusions feel nothing, but that there is power radiating from the Mask.​
While it is strong with the Force Fear ability, it provides little to no armor. A direct strike to it can shatter and break it. If it is broken it will also lose power completely.​
Hello, I'll be the factory judge reviewing your submission. If you have questions, please feel free to respond to this thread once we are underway.
Sebastian Blood said:
Quantity: 1
This should be quality.

Quality: (Armor class is a measure of general stopping power. Most light armors would be classified as 1-4, most medium armors would be classified as 5-7, and most heavy armors would be classified as 8-10. However, rare or primitive materials, among other factors, can also affect armor class. For example, stormtrooper armor would be class 5, Mandalore's armor or beskar'kandar would be class 10, and a specially forged suit of personal armor for a high-ranking Force user could be anywhere from class 6-9 or thereabouts, depending on how much effort went into it. Many people choose lower armor classes for their custom armor in a trade off for more powerful equipment or specialized resistances, or simply for more mobility.The Armor Rating 9 & 10 will require the submission to be UNIQUE.
Edit that for clarity and you're set!

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