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The Manda Syndicate [ Bounty Hunting Guild ] [ Interest Check ]

Renegade Rodian

“No Questions Asked.”

A Successor to the Bounty Hunter’s Guild

The Manda Syndicate, founded by Feeto Chivaro with the help of Czerka Arms™, is the successor to the inactive, wholly bigoted Bounty Hunter's Guild. The Syndicate is a non-profit, avowedly neutral organization which subsides on sponsorship by Czerka Arms™. It's only goal is to provide Bounty Hunters and those who would post bounties with the services and information they require. No questions asked. Organization and bureaucratic duties are handled mostly by Chivaro.

Lodges & Locations

The Manda Syndicate is centered out of Manda, where the largest lodge has been built. The Manda Syndicate also maintains lodges in the territory of all major factions. These lodges are not exempt from planetary or intergalactic law and are, by no means, safehouses. They are simply centers for bounty hunters to converge, rest, or possibly align to pursue a single bounty. If you are being chased down by a particular government, don’t expect any sanctuary. You probably have a bounty. Below is a listing of all current lodges.

  • Confederate Space - Manda (Headquarters)
  • Fringe Space - Annaj
  • Imperial Space - Galantos
  • Mandalorian Space - Mandalore
  • Protectorate Space - Atzerri
  • Republic Space - Yinchorr
  • Sith Space - Raxus Secundus
  • Syndicate Space - Nal Hutta
Modus Operandi

Provided an individual has the money to post a bounty, then the bounty is posted and the relevant information distributed- no questions asked. The Syndicate’s officials do not condemn nor condone any bounties. This is because Feeto views the Syndicate as a neutral entity that is duty-bound to provide bounty-related services to the Galaxy without interference. Further, bounties posted on the Syndicate board are not restricted to Syndicate members. Anyone with a holonet connection has free access to Syndicate information regarding

Once a bounty is up, hunters are free to pursue or abandon the target at their leisure. Any and all bounties can be paid off at any given time. However, if a bounty hunter has already declared their intent to hunt a bounty, the entity paying off the bounty must pay the bounty in full to the Hunter and then to the Syndicate. If there are multiple hunters in pursuit of a bounty, they must be paid as well.

The Syndicate does not deign it necessary to lop a bunch of rules (or a single creed, if you will) on those that employ its services. Bounty Hunters are free to use whatever unsavory means they want in pursuing their bounty, even if it means stepping on the toes of other hunters. It's mostly their funeral.


Sure, why not. More bounties just means more thrilling adventure. And less rules means no ethics and loyalties to be bound to!
You can plant your Mnenchei Dominion lodge on Ansion without any unwanted martial attention. The other two planets are typically uninhabitable anyways haha.