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The Lord Of War Returns-Korriban-Sith Empire

The sands of Korriban shifted and swayed as the Vulcan Lighting Bolt descended. Morgoth stepped out of the ship, at first the planet felt familiar, the dark energy having never really left. But then As he looked around he realized that this place was ruled by a different Sith Empire. Gripping his light saber he began to make his way into the capital city, making no attempt to hide the fact that he was a Sith Lord as he wandered around taking in the difference as he made his way to Sith Academy in the middle of the city. He wasn't sure what had happened in his absence but he was not the one to ask question in the shadows. As he Climbed the steps he began to emanate the darkest of dark side energies as he turned and allowing the force to make his voice boom throughout the halls and the streets, he said

"Has the empire of the One Sith Fallen? Has a New Empire Risen in it's place? Let one of you inform me on the fate of the Galaxy in these last years."
Success or Death.
Gold flicked over black fingers in a rythmic tap-tap-tap as the coin passed from one knuckle to another. Blackened eyelids in an ashen face narrowed around her ember eyes. The gold stopped, back-tracked, and vanished into her palm.

Rumours of an unaffiliated Sith Lord had reached the Sith Assassins. Details were scarce, but the case smelled like old One Sith. There were still channels there she kept tabs on, informants she kept close. If someone had dropped off the map before the end, then the apparent change of the past decade could easily come as a shock. Taking her history in the One Sith in regard, Darth Ophidia had decided to personally pursue and confront this rogue Lord.

As he shouted out, the grand doors of the academy opened with a slow creak. Her presence in the Force had been small before, distant and insignificant, but as she allowed herself to be perceived, it grew. It flowed out from the doors like a breeze bringing the bitter cold of a winter morning. Her tall, slender form cut through the interior light as a dark beacon of black and blue as she stepped out of the academy's interior.

She looked the figure over with unblinking eyes, her face set in a tone of un-amused scrutiny. Still, she gestured for him to enter rather than stand howling at the door. The interior of the academy had changed. Statues and banners were different, but it thrived. Korriban and the Stygian Caldera thrived more than it had for millennia thanks to the constructive efforts of the Sith Empire and its temporary predecessors. It was a renaissance of Sith prosperity and power.

"You mention the One Sith. What is the last you know of it?"

Her voice was dry and rasped, coming out in an accented imperial, and dripping with the same cold sensation as her presence in the force. Her form was draped in overlapping robes of dark grey and blue, and a heavy, black cloak that settled on her shoulders and obscured the top half of her face, allowing only the burning eyes true visibility.

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[member="Darth Ophidia"]

Morgoth turned his head as he felt the cold bite of the dark side emmanating from behind him. As he did he allowed his own pressence to emmanate in the force a mix between fire and ice and violent as the storm that follows. Looking into her eyes he said "Empress Teta, It was being invaded and I found myself locked in combat with a powerful Mandalorian" His eyes would drift off as he thought back to the battle. "Titan I believe was his name, though honestly that was years ago so I may be wrong. I do not recall the victor of the battle only that it was hard fought"

He took a step towards he his eyes raising to her own and said " What do you know of what followed?" He began to analyze her looking for the signs of deception that was sadly common among Sith. Glancing behind him he noticed he had amassed a crowd of curious students looking on at the exchange "Maybe we should find a more private place discuss" His demeanor turning more business like as he added this.

(just remember we were defending sorry )
Success or Death.
[member="Darth Morgoth"]

This guy had been away for a while it would seem. Empress Teta was, what? Fifteen? Twenty standard years previously? Ophidia herself had been a lowly mercenary at the time, not yet worthy of the Sith's eye. Yet, she had studied the events that happened and the how, but as she had never been there, she only knew so much. Silently, the rattataki scrounged through her memories to piece together what she knew of the events of the time.

"Please, this way."

She shot a look at the students and sent a good few of them scampering off, but some lingered behind in ignorance or defiance of her moments glance. Rather than focus on them, she guided Morgoth up into one of the higher reaches of the academy and into an office lounge belonging to the instructors of the academy. It overlooked much of the structure's training grounds on one side, and offered a view of the city on the other.

Ophidia chose to guide him towards the view of the city first.

"The One Sith were victorious in the Second Invasion of Empress Teta." "As well as on Manaan, Prakith, Kashyyyk, Telti, and Ord Mirit." "We pushed the Republic out of the deep Core, then we routed them on Contruum and Balmorra." "They were in tatters, and at the height of our power-"

Her hands folded on the railing of the balcony as they overlooked acolytes being drilled through lightsabre forms, a black left hand under an ashen right. Her voice was still and her eyes fixed into the air as she recounted the basic history of the War of the Core.

"-Treason." "The Wrath and the Hand abandoned the Dark Lord, even the Eye withdrew. He secluded himself and distrust spread among the Lords. Some even rose in revolt, but while they managed to strike the Dark Lord, they were unsuccessful." She had seen this herself, and she had fought for him as a loyalist. She had been his personal assassin, his Reach. His last words still reverberated in her mind.

M̔̿̇ͦ̊y̅ͦͭ͡ ̶̄̂ͬ̽ͥR͗̓ͭ̑ͯe̿ͮ͗ͤ̎̃å̅͑͐̽́c̨ͮ̽h͋́,̧ͨ̃ ̃̀͌ͭ̃͗̈́̀b̛ͭ͑̐u̇͊ͨ̂̌̏̌͜rͤ͋͋ͣ͊̚n̋̓ͭ̄̾͘ ͤ̆ͮ͋͑͜iͫ͆́̓̈́t̷̀̋̎ͪ͂͌̆ a̎͆͆ͥͮͣ̄ľ̓̌l̍͌̽͟.̒͜ ͤLe̐ͦ̓̃̽̌ͬavͩ̈́ȅ̢ ̒n̸̔͛ͪ̑͌̌̓aͨ͌u̷g̾ͭh͟t͂̆ͩ̐ͧͥ̚ ̡̂̾b̢̑̀ų̇ͤͦ͆t̓̑ ͧ͑a̒̔s̨͑ͩ̋̅͑ͫḧ̀ͪ̽͆e̷ͬ̎ͣ̿͗s̆͢ ̸͛ͧi͒͒̎̀ͥ̄n ̽ẙ̓̆͡ỡ͆͑ͭ̾u̧͆r ͥͥ͂̃wͤ̍́̒́ͥ͗͠ak̋̄́̍ͥ̐e̅ͪ͐͂̾ͩ͡.̿̾ͯ͒ͤ͗
"But the poison spread in his mind." "He could no longer distinguish what was real or not, and he saw threats in every shadow." "Even his own."

For a moment she was quiet as she considered how to phrase what came next. It was a delicate matter, yet critical to the formation of the Sith Empire as it existed. In hindsight, the One Sith was a wildfire that broke the status quo and paved the way for a new order. "Myself and Darth Vornskr, no Carnifex," He had changed his moniker with his ambition to be more than a hound. She? She was what she had always been; Ophidia.

"We murdered the Dark Lord of the One Sith."​
[member="Darth Ophidia"]

Morgoth followed the slender "Sith" he was never sure how he felt about the dark jedi using the name of his people, however this woman seemed to have earned it so he didn't mind. As his imposing pureblood Sith stature walked behind most would find it disconcerting the grace he moved with. His time studying the Aing Tii monks hand given him as new grasp on his body that he never had before, the various leathers and dark robes that clung to his skin revealed his movement to be like that of a tiger, lean and powerful.

Looking around he noticed acolytes training hard and chuckled to himself at the raw energy they exerted so carelessly, muttering "Oh the youth" as he thought back his own days training with his master.

Turning he leaned his back to the rail keeping his eyes fixed upon the Sith Lord that seemed to know what he had missed. Each word brought with it images flashing through his head as he could feel the echoes of these battles in the force, momentarily he had a spark of pride that the One Sith Had managed to achieve so much. Then the reality of the Sith way of life had overridden it and treason had found its hold.

Shaking his head as heard of the fall of the One Sith he was not saddened so much as he was surprised to find that the woman before him was the one who had dealt the fatal blow to the Dark Lord. Pausing for moment he said " And pray tell me what is your vision- And I suppose introductions are in order" He gave a pseudo bow his eyes never breaking contact, as he said "I am Darth Morgoth, Lord of War, Former Master of The Nexus, and Owner of Vulcan Industries, and yourself?" The words did not come out grandiose but in a very matter of fact fashion as if the fall of empires was nothing new to him, and he was simply looking for his place in this new one.