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The Lions, The Sith, And The Senate

An elder once told Aslan that each of the markings through the City-tree held meanings...History. Cathar was moving into a different time, it was joining Domination's Senate. The politics were all off to Aslan, it was almost like a group of elders meeting, but not. The young king would sigh as he stood in the capitol City-tree. More specifically in the throne room. Aslan gazed out of a window and watched as the sun slowly lowered itself past the horizon. It was setting. Soon the citizens would begin to light their fires, yet he continued to look out the window as he felt the tree's markings.

"Cathar is heading into a new age." His old Mentor Shaar spoke. Aslan sighed. "I know Shaar, yet I can't help but feel that I am doing something wrong. I know you do your best to advise me, but Catharian politics is all we know!" Aslan let out a frustrated growl. He made his way to the fire pit in the middle of the room. "When the elders asked me to be king I didn't expect it to trouble me so." Aslan said as he sat down on the floor. Shaar stood next to him and gave him a firm pat on the shoulder "when they asked you to be king they saw someone who thought of others, who worked better than a council of elders ever could. Don't give up." Shaar said as he walked away.

The next morning he asked elders to meet in the throne room. When they all gathered he would clear his throat. "Thank you distinguished elders, I need someone to advise me... It is on the matter of the Domination Senate. We are reconnecting with the galaxy. I need someone who has been out there...Knows how to deal with off worlders. Anyone...Know anyone...Or is someone." The king stumbled over his language towards the end. He sat forward on his throne. The elders stood around the room. It was silent.

[member="Thengil Ri'Shajirr"]


One of the elders flicked his ears, then shook his mane in a shrug and spoke.

"There is a traveler who occasionally visits City-tree. He is a merchant and well-versed in the ways of outpriders, but... I would urge caution, your majesty. His is a dark and tragic past. I would not see that same shadow fall over your rule."

The other elders' brows bore low. They seemed to know of whom the gray mane spoke, but said nothing.

"I will arrange a meeting."

* * *

Some time later . . .

"Thengil Ri'Shajirr," announced the court attendant.

A large Cathar strode into the throne room. He walked with the sort of easy grace common to his species. Lax gait belied rippling muscle beneath tawny fur. At first blush, the word brutish sprang to mind, with a large, craggy brow jutting cavernously over yellow, slitted eyes. They perused over everything with the same unsettling, primal intensity. The gaze spoke of keen observance and a cunning intellect.

The closer he drew, the more apparent became the thicket of scars criss-crossing his heavy muzzle. Every silvered scratch whispered its own tale of combat.

He wore the soft, loose garments of their people, in hues of red and yellow. His braids swung with every step, drawing the eye to the glint of many gold bands fastened in that thick, umber mane. Likewise, his paws bore several rings of a golden alloy, inlaid with various rare gems. His aura in the Force spoke of some possible affinity, but no clear alignment.

Thengil came to a halt before the throne, presence exuding the same sort of casual power as a resting krayt dragon.

Slowly, slightly, the feline bowed, baring his throat to one side in keeping with the custom.

"Your majesty," he rumbled in the bass of subdued thunder. "How may I serve?"

Aslan waited in silence for a few seconds, then one of the elders spoke up. The elder spoke of a merchant who had much experience with outlanders, but a warning quickly came after. The elder spoke of how he did not wish the king to have the same fate as the merchant. Aslan nodded and looked around the room. The look on everyone's faces caused Aslan to tilt his head. He wondered what they were hiding, but quickly dismissed it as the greymane elder left to arrange the meeting. Aslan looked into the fire and waited.

Some time later...

Aslan's court attendant's voice sounded through the throne room. The Cathar announced the presence of [member="Thengil Ri'Shajirr"]. The king assumed the man who entered soon after was he. Aslan first noticed the large Cathar's grace, while common in the species, Aslan was surprised. The man's gaze was cold, obviously scanning the room. Aslan looked to the elders them back to the supposed advisor. The scars became too apparent with each step the Cathar took. The merchant had obviously seen combat, Aslan wondered if the man had done the Blood Hunts, but he had never heard of clan Ri'Shajirr, never heard the elders even mention the name. The Cathar finally reached the foot of the throne, and Aslan noticed the rings on the merchants paws, he had never seen gems like the ones on the Cathar before him. When the Ri'Shajirr spoke, there was an underlying sound of power. Yet the man bowed and showed a bit of submission. The young king eyed him up then down.

"[member="Thengil Ri'Shajirr"], a pleasure. I am Aslan Saa'ravad, King of Cathar, but I'm sure you know that." Aslan started. "Of course the reason I've had the elders summon you was because you have experience with the outpriders. Unlike myself." Aslan said. He then stood from the throne and stepped towards the fire. "Elders...You may go, I must speak with our guest." Aslan said. Soon Thengil and Aslan were the only two in the Room. "So I need an advisor." He said bluntly as he picked up a log and tossed it into the fire. The embers bursted up only for a moment.


The Elders shuffled out. Thengil watched them go, one craggy eyebrow raised.

"An advisor? Ah... the senate."

Ri'Shajirr's gaze tracked down to the crackling flames. The tongues of fire danced and spat, mesmerizing.

"Politics is a blood sport, your majesty, without honor. Craven outpriders will clasp paws and smile, but plant dagger in back the moment they smell weakness. Better to stay on Cathar and rule over those who respect our ways."

Aslan watched the flames dance in the fire pit. The flames had always amazed him, there was really never a rhythm to their ways. Aslan's attention was brought back by the voice of the merchant and his long drawn out way of mentioning the Senate.

[member="Thengil Ri'Shajirr"] went on to say that the politics of the galaxy was a dangerous game to play and that the young king should stay on Cathar​ where the Catharian ways were respected. While Aslan couldn't help but agree, he felt he needed to do this.

"While I wholly agree, Cathar needs to reconnect with the galaxy. There are two sith groups with their eyes on the outer rim. Cathar is on their list. And while I would like Cathar to stay independent, it is more important to have our people protected, even if it's a garrison of outpriders into the Vast Veldt." The king said evenly. He brought his gaze up to the merchant and studied the scars on his muzzle.


A growl of approval rumbled in Thengil's chest. His ears flicked and he looked up to meet the king's measuring stare.

The monarch couldn't have been more than thirty suns old. Young by many standards. No doubt there were a number of Cathar who questioned the wisdom of such a young king. Such pressure like as not rode heavy on the king's shoulders. A great weight for one so young, with none to share the burden.

Opportunity glinted, a diamond in the rough.

Thengil masterfully hid his own self-satisfaction behind a concerned chuff.

"You know more of the greater scheme than most, your majesty. The ships of the Iron Tyrant of Panatha have been sighted in great numbers near Pentastar space. It is well known what he did to our Togorian brothers."

Slaughtered tens of thousands. Imprisoned thousands more. Even now Togorians languished in Panathan labor camps, bodies emaciated by hunger and scarred by the whip.

"A fate that the Cathar might share if his reach extended here."

Like the carvings on the tree, each scar on Thengil was a story. The young king wondered what were the stories they told. He remembered his mentor first showing him the carvings on the tree. Aslan remembered feeling each indentation in the wood. He was drawn out of his dreamlike trance when the Merchant began to speak about how Aslan was well informed. He went on to remind the king of the events that happened with the Torgorians. Aslan looked down to the fire again. He had heard little of The Iron Tyrant of Panatha, but from what he did hear he found it troubling. The soon to be advisor warned that soon enough Cathar would share the same fate.

"That is why I need you, why Cathar needs to be in the senate. I am not eager to see our brothers murdered, our sisters enslaved along with our cubs. I am sure you aren't either. So help me" Aslan said as he looked to the bigger Cathar with pleading eyes.
[member="Thengil Ri'Shajirr"]


Hm, thought Ri'Shajirr, he stepped into the watering pool and found its depths too deep and filled with saurians, in over his head.

Thengil inclined his head. "Business will call me away often. I cannot always be present, yet when I am my services are at your majesty's disposal."

His eyes tracked toward the doors, then flicked back to regard [member="Aslan"]. "What is our first task?"

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