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Approved Species The Kranavos, the Leviathan of Deep Space

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Dolor Cordis


  • Name: The Kranavos
  • Designation: Semi-Sentient
  • Origins: Dathomir (In the Hidden lakes under the Ice Caps)
  • Average Lifespan: 500 to 900 years
  • Estimated Population: Rare (only known fully grown member of its Race)
  • Description: This gigantic Leviathan like monster is covered in hundreds of armor like scales across its main body, with tens upon tens of long tendrils. Its multiple eyes long its serpentine like body glow with otherworldly energy, akin to that of the Night Sister's Magicks. The large back of this beast is adorned with spines, linked together with webbing, signifying that this monster once was water bound. The large Leviathan moves throughout space like a octopus would, propelling itself at blinding speeds with its vulnerable tendrils behind it.

    The beast is unnoticeable at first glance, its plated scales blending with the vast expanse of space, only detectable with long range scanners before it begins its decent. The monstrous roar of this abomination of evolution is loud enough to rattle even the largest of star ships, as it darts to the unsuspecting ship, its tendrils wrapping over its hull as it begins to crush metal, swipe away cannons and external artillery.
  • Breathes: Type VI Atmosphere and Type III Atmosphere (deep space and the horizon edge of a planet)
  • Average Height of Adults: 300 Meters
  • Average Length of Adults: 1000 Meters / 0.1 Kilometres
  • Skin color: Extremely dark blue (Like the deepest abyss)
  • Hair color: N/A
  • Distinctions: Since this is the only one witnessed fully grown of its species, with only smaller, infant ones discovered in extreme hibernation, it is hard to determine the difference between either gender of the species. However, it was discovered by Dolor and her crew that the female of the Leviathan classed beasts were larger, more formidable and possessed almost twice the tendrils and physical strength of males. This was likely to defend against any scavenger based races that would prey on its young.

    The Species is akin to some aquatic creatures, possessing tendrils armed with thousands of muscles and large jaws with hundreds of teeth like giant sabers. Unlike the hundreds of beings in the galaxy, the Kranavos can inhabit deep space, and even reside at the edge of a planet's exterior atmosphere. This gives the monstrous creature untold lengths of expanse to travel. However, it often takes to Dathomir's sector, given that the life force of the beast seems to possess comes from the planet itself. It also appears that any wounds sustained, such as removed limbs, large wounds or injuries of internal organs, are regenerated over the course of a year whilst close to the planet's Ice Caps. It travels the space around Dathomir in a similar manner to an octopus or squid, with its massive body moving first with the tendrils behind. This is likely to defend the less armored parts of the beast and smaller debris to collide with the dense scales. It could also be to sneak towards its prey, the large defensive scales acting as a form of visual camouflage against the endless view of space.
  • Races: Leviathan Race
  • Force Sensitivity; Low - Due to the Sithspawn nature of this goliath Leviathan, this creature possesses some connection with the Force. Because of this connection, those that use the Force and can utilize Magick, are able to commune with it or sense its presence somewhat. Regardless of a being's abilities, the only way to control or summon this Leviathan would be through specific Magick Ceremony usage or extreme proficiency with Animal Control like Force abilities to rival the most adept in the Force's history.
  • This gigantic Leviathan possesses incredible strength, able to tear hulls of cruisers and even high defensive military ships.
  • Its hundreds of tendrils can overpower most ships it comes across, destroying smaller ones in a single strike, and breaking turrets from ship's surfaces.
  • Its dense scales along its head and main body protect it against laser cannons and most energy based attacks alone.
  • Given how the scales are placed around its body, it is possible to injure the body with missiles fired with precision. High explosive missiles do great levels of damage to it because of this.
  • Dispite its large size, a ship's energy shield can hold off the beast from grappling it.
  • Its tendrils have barely any defenses, meaning that energy based weapons and missiles can wound or sever the large limbs.
  • Given the way it is summoned, via a Night Sister ritual and highly specific sound wave pattern, this can take the creature some time before it arrives to fight for Dolor.
  • Enough damaged sustained will cause it to draw back, and even take some time to recuperate before attacking again, or fleeing altogether
  • Heavy Artillery such as bombs and high strength missiles will do significant damage to this creature, however the dense scales protect the body more from the impact.
  • Its intelligence has it relying on its baser instincts rather than higher thought. This is true even when Dolor is using Magick to control the Leviathan.
  • Diet: This large creature is considered a Carnivore since it devours creatures or people that drift out into space after or during its attacks. This however is not its only source of food. It is able to sustain itself strangely enough, by consuming energy through many sources from the magick traces around Dathomir to Ion Storms.
  • Communication: This creature does not posses many ways of communication. It instead relies on its deafening roar and sub-frequency sound waves to communicate. Whilst it can be communed with, this creature cannot speak back using these methods.
  • Technology level: This creature possesses no Technological Level since it is only intelligent enough to have basic instincts and to follow the commands of Dolor Cordis.
  • Religion/Beliefs: It has no Beliefs or Religions.
  • General behavior: The Kranavos' tendencies in its daily life have been cataloged by Carne, Dolor's first mate, through what could be witnessed over the course of 28 years of space travel and venturing. It is theorized that this creature, given its size, is able to have many tens of young. It is also theorized that this Leviathan is able to produce young without the need for a mate, yet the The young, seem to spend most of their infancy and young stages in life hibernating in the Ice Caps of Dathomir, where this large species tends to reside over in the atmosphere of the planet. It is believed that whilst in this hibernation state, the young do not require meat or physical forms of nutrients. It is instead thought that it feeds of the energy of the planet itself. It is also believed that this species of Leviathan can travel though deep space at will, yet it will not often stay from its young or the planet it calls its territory.

    This creature is considered Highly territorial and will defend an entire portion of the planet it was born on, or has young on, till it fends off the attackers. This was witnessed when mining ships that came to excavate the Ice Caps of Dathomir for research and resources were attacked by the Kranavos. It tore the ships open and over the course of the next few cycles of the planet, feasted on the hundreds to thousands of corpses in space. They are considered to have basic instincts and some level of problem solving skills in order to hunt, yet they possess no ability to utilize tools or make structures out of materials like Human, or other Sentient beings. It instead will make a temporary nest on Dathomir's Ice Caps whilst holding gigantic lung fulls of what seems to be nothing. It seems that this large creature can keep its breath held for days on end, the longest time on record being a week and 2 days. It is also noted that the creature's roars and cries do not decrease the amount of "air" in the creature's lungs, giving the theory that this monstrous beast has a set of working lungs and another set of survival based lungs for holding "air".
It is unknown when this Leviathan sub species came to be, yet some data and documents were found dated around 3000 years ago. It linked the planet to a strange new emergent species of gigantic predatory creature in Dathomir's Ice Caps. These documents talked about how a Dathomirian had discovered the ways of Sith Alchemy after one of the Ancient Sith landed on the desolate planet. The foolish male was tired of apparently being considered the weakest of his tribe and wanted to try to make the deadliest foe to battle, in order to gain notability across their planet after successfully killing such a colossal monster. So, the Dathomirian took to years of study in secret, using documents the Ancient Sith had upon his crash landing. However, the dangers of creating such a hostile and carnivorous beast was not fully thought out by the Dathomirian. The first of the species, a large female broke out of its containment and did what its instincts instructed. The foolish Night-brother's half destroyed body was found frozen beside hibernating young of the Kranavos. His skeleton and half decayed flesh gave the crew a rough time of death, although the Ice did throw a large estimation gap of 3000 to 4000 years since the Dathomirian was alive.

Since their time as baser Leviathans, the species seems to have undergone intense evolution to gain a strange ability. The trait to endure zero oxygen and highly toxic environments. The strange Leviathan has since been able to utilize movement in space due to a strange method of flight brought on from extensive centuries above one of the planet's more magick driven environments. Upon being able to inhabit space and high atmosphere environments, the colossal Leviathan took to the skies, fending its territory from invading ships of all kinds. It seems that this leviathan contributed to the many hundreds disappearances that had occurred around the dark planet. When Dolor had originally crashed on Dathomir near 30 plus years ago, she had never once found this species' likeness or description anywhere. This brought on the idea that despite the Night-Brother's creation of the Kranavos, no other Sentient inhabitants knew of its existence.
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Dolor Cordis Dolor Cordis I apologize for the long wait on this and thank you for your patience. I absolutely love this submission, very cool idea! However, there are a few things I'd like to be corrected:
Permissions | If you'd like, you can mark this as N/A. Usually permissions is left for Marketplace purchases or if you get permission from another writer to use one of their creations.
Estimated Population | I believe you could bump this up to Rare since other, younger members have been discovered by Dolor and her crew.
Force Sensitivity | Because they're listed as Sithspawn (or come from a race of Sithspawn), they're likely to have some kind of sensitivity. Sithspawn are often created with the intent to have some sort of otherworldly/heightened effect through the use of the Force, especially if it's going to be summoned. I'd suggest either of Rare or Low rating for now as there isn't very much that's known about them. This can be updated later if you'd like via a Submission Modification request.

If you have any questions/concers or just wanna let me know that edits are done, give me a tag and I'll have another read through!
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Dolor Cordis Dolor Cordis You're able to use any Codex sub once it's been submitted. The ONLY exception is a Planet because it requires two levels of approval and can affect the map.

As for the edits, those look good. I would still like to see a change in the Force Sensitivity of the species because they are Sithspawn. I'll quote the suggestion below so you don't have to scroll.

Force Sensitivity | Because they're listed as Sithspawn (or come from a race of Sithspawn), they're likely to have some kind of sensitivity. Sithspawn are often created with the intent to have some sort of otherworldly/heightened effect through the use of the Force, especially if it's going to be summoned. I'd suggest either of Rare or Low rating for now as there isn't very much that's known about them. This can be updated later if you'd like via a Submission Modification request.

As always, give me a tag when edits are complete!
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Dolor Cordis Dolor Cordis Ah, that's understandable!

Thank you for adding that description. However, now, we're missing a rating on the Force Sensitivity. Please choose from the options listed below.

Force Sensitivity: [ Force Dead (members of this species are Force Dead with the bonuses and drawbacks inherent to that. Ex. Yuuzhan Vong.), Non-Sensitive (no members of the species are FS), Rare (very few members are FS. Ex. Hutts), Low (Some members are, but many are not), Standard (Some are, some are not, it is neither common nor uncommon), High (Many of its members are sensitive to the Force. Ex Humans, Twi’leks, etc), All (Every single member is born sensitive to the Force, but lack training. Ex. Neti, Vahla). For Force Dead and All Force Sensitive Species, see the Species Rules for guidelines before submitting. ]
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