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The Jast and Co.

[member="Nej Tane"]

Word had come don through the Underground networks. After a few days of her dropbox add being out Hala had found a willing participant. He seemed solid enough. A pirate type, which fit the bill for what she was trying to do. She was in a plain office with a plain steel desk surrounded by mountains of flimsi with scribbles on it.

"Miss Jast, the gentlemen caller of yours has arrived."

She was halfway through scribbling out something on huge sheet of paper and looked up. Her face was covered in ink, as ere her hands. Her brown over coat was dusty and her trousers were blue with a Corellian Bloodstripe running down the side.

"Send 'im in will ya."

"Yes Ma'am."

"Oh and Seri."

"Yes?" Her secretary answered.

"Stop calling me Ma'am. I hate that."

"Ok, sending him in!"

"Great thanks a bunch."

She dropped her head again scribbling away on her paper.
Nej was led into the office- a god damn office. This was the first time that he could ever say that he had been approached for a criminal enterprise, and the person doing so met him in an office. That, and when he actually entered the office- he was taken aback by the general upheaval of both the woman and the office itself.

He sat down, adjusting the shoulder holster holding the verpine gun, leaning back as far as he could.

"So, you rang."

[member="Hala Jast"]
[member="Nej Tane"]

Hala looked up and nodded. A grin cracked on her face and she shoved her pile of flimsi on the floor with an unceremonious sweep of her arm. Yes Nej Tane had come highly recommended and she'd gathered quite a bit about him on the dark net.

"Yes. Yes I did. Welcome aboard friend!"

She extended her arm in the old smugglers greeting and then with her other hand produced a bottle of Corellian whiskey. Now Corellians liked to drink, so Corellian whiskey no doubt held up to its name. It was like ultra premium fuel for a starship engine.

"Fancy a drink with me?"
If that drink lead to taking their clothes off, he'd also be okay with it. Nej was scummy like that. Motivated by money and his primal needs. Not much else to him, besides- what else did he need? He smiled when she welcomed him aboard her little scheme. The Corellian offered him a drink. Surprise. What he didn't notice until that moment, was the stripe on her trousers. His eyes flicked to them as she came to shake his hand. He shook it, smiling his handsome smile, and nodded.

"Only if you're offering, Miss Jast."

His voice was sultry and low- a product of years of scamming people and generally being good at wooing women. However, he wanted this woman's money more than her.

"May I ask about the stripe?"

[member="Hala Jast"]
[member="Nej Tane"]

"I am insisting."

She stood up a grabbed two glasses. Then she filled them with the amber liquid and shoved one towards. Hala took a seat and then gave him a once over. Dirty clothing, kind of greasy. He looked like he wanted to eat her and she grinned.

"The Bloodstripes. They represent the Struggle of Corellia. You'll get a thousand different answers from a thousand different folks. For me it represents the blood spilled to protect our home. First from the Empire, then from the Sith."

It was a long story of family history how she'd gotten them. Hala had never put them on her trousers until now. She felt justified doing so, after she'd had to spill some blood herself.

"I'm actually inviting you here to see if you want a part in Jast Shipwright Company. We're a small operation, mainly Spacers and Smugglers building ships for folks like us. So we know exactly what a spacer of Smuggler needs. That gives us a competitive edge. Right now most of our material is salvaged."

She took another sip and then continued.

"Even the Yards are an old refit orbital platform."

Then she plucked a ship design from the pile of flimsi on the ground and pressed to the flat gray table.
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Liquor is quicker. He took a hardy sip- downing the entire drink in one go. He seemed satisfied with her answer, nodding along to her story. He wasn't a soldier. He didn't have any war stories besides fancy tales of thievery and acts of debauchery.

His eyes perked up at her offer. Her- personally inviting him to the outfit.

"I'm flattered."

He was more stoic than usual, perhaps it was the booze- perhaps he was nervous. Or perhaps he was a rare thing- focused. "I assume you have some plans of expansion." He thumbed over the design, blinking several times before turning back to the woman, smirking.

[member="Hala Jast"]
[member="Nej Tane"]

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"I did actually."

She too another slug and let the canteen clatter to her table.

"How would you like to work for me? I have a mission coming up. Going to scout out a good location in the Silken Asteroids to put down a facility."

She pushed the design across the table. It was a newer ship she as making. A freighter, more specifically a Jast 3 Freighter.

"You'd be flying this with crew. I'll be flying escort with a Scout Fighter. The asteroids are notorious for Reaver activity, maybe a little Bando Gora. Assassins basically."
"Bando Gora? Aren't they a crazy Sith death cult?"

He locked eyes with her then snuck a look at her chest. His eyes went over the ship design. Nothing insane, or particularly innovating, but it was a nice ship nonetheless. She was also offering him a crew. How much did she know about him? Apparently enough to trust him with an entirely new ship.

"What kind of facility?"

[member="Hala Jast"]

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