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The Iron Pact Mercenary Company


The Renegade
Corporation Name: The Iron Pact
Headquarters: The Inferno Duo, a customised Sith Fury class interceptor.
Locations: N/A
Operations: Mercenary work – specialising in lone operative and small squad operations: sabotage, assassination, infiltration, corruption.
Rationale: Originally just a renegade group of warriors making up Keter’s retinue, the Iron Pact was made into a somewhat official mercenary company by Keter following his wife’s ascension to the rank of Confederacy Archon.
Tier: 1​
Description: As far as mercenary organisations go, the Iron Pact could be considered something of a joke. Lacking anywhere near the numbers necessary to take on regular work, Keter has had his cohorts specialise in effectively black ops tactics. The market is always good for an expendable wet works unit, though he refuses to accept contracts freely, taking only those jobs that benefit his own interests. Currently, the Iron Pact consists of five members – Keter Mason (founder, renegade), Elliot Barnabus (former commando in the Sith Army), Slevin (experimental clone of Keter Mason with gene enhancement), K-36215 (customised commando droid), and Rooks (retired clone commander suffering the adverse effects of rapid ageing).
Currently, the majority of operations are performed by Keter, Slevin and Barnabus on the ground, with K-36215 often being relegated to air support, and Rooks acting as command and control. The company has no real achievements to its name since its official founding.