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Approved Lore The Imperial Custodians

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  • Intent: To flesh out a security organization devoted to the protection of the Emperor and Moff Council of the Empire of the Lost.
  • Image Credit: DeviantArt (Art by Purple Empire)
  • Permissions: N/A
  • Links: Lianna, The Imperial Custodians
  • Army Name: The Imperial Custodians
  • Classification: Security Organization
  • Affiliation: Empire of the Lost
  • Army Symbol: The standard flag of the Empire of the Lost.
  • Description: An organization of force sensitive and none force sensitive individuals charged with the protection and serving the will of the Emperor and the Moff Council, separated into three primary divisions.
  • Headquarters: Lianna
  • Goals: The protection of the Emperor, Moff Council and certain other high ranking individuals in the Imperial Hierarchy, as required.
  • Reputation: The Imperial Custodian organizatons are highly renowned across Imperial space, and are known to be an elite, highly trained group whom will protect the leaders of the Empire of the Lost with their very lives without question.
  • Army Size: Large - 125,500 men
  • Composition:
The Imperial Council Guard


The most numerous of the Custodian organizations, the Imperial Council Guard are charged with the protection and security of the Moff Council's current members, as well as various important high ranking individuals deemed critical to the Imperial leadership. All members of the Council Guard are given training equivalent to the most elite members of the Imperial Stormtrooper Corps, making them formidable soldiers. Those found to be force sensitive are given extra training by the Imperial Crusaders, and are trained to wield the force at a competent level. They are also equipped with a lightsaber pike, the standard lightsaber design wielded by all force sensitive members of the Custodian organizations. The Council Guard are also often deployed as direct agents of the Moff Council's will when required. The Imperial Council Guard consistently number around 100,000 individuals at all times, replenished as needed when losses are sustained.

The Imperial Royal Guard


Those who show greater promise during the Custodian enlistment process, as well as those who have proven their worth amongst the ranks of the Council Guard, may be assigned to the defence of the Emperor and imperial household itself. Each Royal Guardsman is given additional training equivalent to that of an Imperial Deathtrooper, with the force sensitive among their number being trained further in the use of the force by the Imperial Crusaders, giving them knowledge of the force with which to increase their power and capabilities and further ensure the Emperor's protection. They are also often deployed to assist with matters the Emperor considers top priority, usually being deployed into elite strike forces as large as the objective might require. The Royal Guard is equipped with even more advanced gear, yet are fewer in number compared to the Council Guard, standing at 20,000 men.

The Imperial Shadow Guard


The most elite of the Custodian organizations, the Imperial Shadow Guard are the most powerful and well trained. They serve as the Emperor's most trusted protectors and personal agents. While all Royal Guardsmen are charged with the protection of the Emperor and his household, the Shadow Guard alone are the ones who never leave his side, with two of their number at a minimum accompanying him at all times. Unlike the other two custodian organizations, only force sensitives are allowed in the Shadow Guard, and they have received yet further training, this time in the dark side of the force, by the Emperor's Hand, Lyrani Kell Lyrani Kell Lyrani Kell Lyrani Kell , making them extremely deadly to those who would threaten the Emperor's life. As well as the Emperor's protection, they are also charged to serve him as his direct agents, be it for diplomatic duties, assassination or anything else the Emperor requires. They number as few as fifty individuals at any one time, due to the expense of their training and advanced equipment.​

The Imperial Custodian Roster


The Empire of the Lost is led by many important individuals, with none higher than the Emperor and Moff Council themselves. To see to their protection, an organization of "Imperial Custodians" has been formed, and split into multiple divisions, to see to the security of the Emperor, Moff Council and other individuals of great value. While primarily a defensive force, the Imperial Custodian organizations are as well armed and highly skilled as any of the Empire's most elite forces, and even include force sensitive individuals devoted to the Imperial cause. They are also capable of undertaking more offensive operations to secure the long term security of their charges, and the most elite of their numbers act as personal agents of the Emperor and Moff Council themselves.
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