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The Imperial Capital - Kamino [Imperial Remnant Location Thread]

Tanomas Graf

Unknown Sector, Wild Space
To the galaxy at large; Kamino was a relatively unknown planet, cleverly hidden in the Rishi Maze, a satellite galaxy orbiting its much larger brother. Oh had the Imperial Remnant been ever cautious in choosing the star system that would house its main base of operations, not only did the relative secrecy provide them with the leisure to build a sizeable (albeit not as large as the First Order's own) starfleet right under the nose of the Galactic Alliance and the Silver Jedi Order, but the native inhabitants, the kaminoans, were the best cloners in the known galaxy.

Combined with a preserved sample of genetic information from the DNA of legendary bounty hunter Jango Fett as well as numerous other templates donated by the elite, the Empire had an army overnight.

Tipoca City had transformed from a collection of rusting platforms to a bustling city, with an impressive citadel taking center stage bearing the Imperial crest.

Gilad Pellaeon would be proud of how far this Remnant had come.

​The Imperial Citadel - A sleek, black, towering construction stationed at the center of the floating city. This is where the Imperial government does its work, the Moff Council meets in secluded chambers, generals and admirals issue orders to task forces through-out the sector.

Moff Council Chambers - A sizeable room with a large and round conference table, a green glowing Imperial crest lights up the faces of the Imperial Moffs. A seat designated for the Grand Moff idly waits for the Imperial Leader to take his 'throne'. Here is where the system and sector Moffs make decisions and command the entirety of the Imperial Remnant.

The Office of the Grand Moff - Novatroopers line the corridor outside this room, silently watching any and all who pass-by. Inside it is surprisingly small and quaint. A desk made of imported and expensive wood sits in the center, with a holoprojector and command console integrated into it. To the side is a fully stocked bar with some of the most expensive alcoholic beverages. Whomever resides in here rather enjoys their creature comforts.

The Mustering Grounds - Imperial Star Destroyers loom darkly overhead as countless stormtroopers march into formation, some boarding transports and some leaving them. Walkers and tanks fresh off of the production line are loaded onto warships, ready to be used to quell rebellions and conquer star systems.

Training Complex - A large area integrated into the floating cities, clones and non-clones alike are trained here to become the elite shock troopers of the Imperial Army. Knights, Inquisitors, and Guardsmen can also be seen here; be it stabbing dummies or fighting elite droids.

Barracks - Where off-duty and on-duty Army, Navy, and Templar personnel rest after arduous trainings or hard-fought battles. Rooms range from compact bunks to individual suits for higher-ranking personnel.

Medical Facilities - Doctors do their work here, tending to the wounds of body and mind for those who seek their expertise in the arts of medicine. Rows of bacta tanks can be found here.

Recruitment Offices - Do you think you have what it takes to serve the Empire? Meet with a recruiter and join a branch of the Imperial Military depending on preference and skill; All sentient beings are welcome! (Alliance and Jedi scum need not apply)

Much, much more - A whole planet is at your finger tips; from the deep sea of Kamino to the expansive cloning vats of Tipoca City. Get caught at the shield gate smuggling spice, visit the medical facilities for a psychical examination, be patrolling the skies in a TIE Fighter or the space in an Imperial cruiser.

Any and all are welcome in this thread, be it you have business with the Remnant or wish to just roleplay freely, anything goes! (Except for a large-scale attack)

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