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The Imperial Capital (Atrisia)

Akio Kahoshi

Peace through Order
When the plague swept the Galaxy, the Empire was no more immune than the rest. Only the swift and harsh actions of Moff Lee saved the small bit of the Galactic Empire located in the Atrisian system.

After four hundred years the Atrisian system opened its borders, using the name Atrisian Empire as it conquered its neighbors. After decades of slow but steady expansion, Emperor Akio Kahoshi declared the Atrisian Empire to once again be the true Galactic Empire, and Atrisia was its new capital with Coruscant in the hands of the Republic and Bastion subjugated by the Sith Empire.

Atrisia had become a fortress over the centuries, to prevent any possibility of the plague reaching the planet. As the capital of the Empire, its defenses grew even harder to protect the Imperial Throne. A planetary shield surrounds the planet, and multiple fleets patrol the space above routinely. The battlecruiser Rancor sits above the planet, its damaged engines leaving is stranded but still usable as a fighter platform and two legions of troops.

The Emperor's Guard
Unlike the Sith, the Galactic Emperor rules by law not by strength. To prevent assassinations and coups, a number of units exist solely for the Emperor's protections. Of these the primary two are the Emperor's Own Legion and Imperial Guards.

Emperor's Own - Wearing distinctive stormtrooper armor, the Emperor's Own legion are the ten thousand most loyal and battle hardened soldiers in the Empire. Every one of them is selected from the ranks of the Stormtrooper Corps, and goes through constant and intense training. These soldiers are the Emperor's sword and shield, and are never far from their charge.

Imperial Guard - While small in number, numbing only twenty five, the Imperial Guard are the best soldiers in the Empire, and arguably the Galaxy. They are chosen for the strength, stamina, agility, and intelligence from the ranks of the Emperor's Own. But most importantly they are chosen for their loyalty. These individuals are considered to be mindlessly loyal to the Emperor, and every one goes through training on how to defend and even defeat force users. They accompany the Emperor at all times, but would kill themselves before they ever betrayed him or his secrets.

The Imperial Palace
Here is where the Imperial Throne sits. The Palace is a small city of buildings set into the mountains outside of Jar'kai City. For thousands of years the Palace served the Atrisian Emperors as it now serves the Galactic Emperor. A shield surrounds the Palace, and heavy anti-aircraft coverage makes the space above the shield a no fly zone. The only approach is a mountain pass that leads down to the open plains outside Jar'kai.

Inside the Palace is a maze of passages linking the various buildings. These halls are designed to delay attackers. A series of secret passages exist to allow faster movement for the Emperor and his closest retainers, including the Imperial Guard.


Imperial Tower

Newer than the Imperial Palace, the Imperial Tower was built after the Galactic Empire took control of the planet. It acts as both the nerve center for the entire Galactic Empire government as well as the hub for the Atrisian sector and Atrisia itself. All branches of the military have their headquarters here, though the Imperial Intelligence Bureau and Internal Security Bureau have their main locations hidden elsewhere.

Below the massive structure are underground bunkers with command and control for every military asset in the system. Protected from orbital bombardment, these bunkers keep the government safe and allow them to better organize any defense of the system. The tower itself is built of dense durosteel, making it extremely difficult to destroy by conventional means, and leaving attackers forced to fight their way inside.


The Citadel

Located far from any city in the mountain of Atrisia, the Citadel looks like nothing more than an abandoned temple. In reality it is the secret home of the Inquisition, a secret that is known only to the royal family and the Emperor's agent inside the Citadel, the Inspector. To everyone else, the temple is meaningless.