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The House of the Wild Hunt

Chupa La'Roi

The House of the Wild Hunt
Leadership: Chupa La'Roi - Grand Windrider/ Grand Nightstalker
Control/Command Craft
HWH Wodenspear - In development
Current fleet
Any personal craft owned by members of the faction
Main Language
Galactic Basic
Secondary Language
The Nightstalkers - Force Users: Stealth based commandos
The Windriders: Non-Force Users: Stealth based pilots and soldiers, quick precise mass army attacks.
The Black Suns - Technology Providers, Allies
The Republic - Enemies for the Invasion of Nar Shaddaa
During Chupa's previous life as a Royal Guardsman, he learned the Force Power known as Force Rage, allowing himself to enter into a pure form of bloodlust that made him stronger, angrier and brutal to the core. However, with the fall of Empire and his eventual carbon freezing, he couldn't truly harness this gift given to him. Upon being unfrozen 800 years later, he spent the rest of the time attempting to master it to a greater extent. As such, he traveled to Shiva IV, and the beginnings of the Ulfheonar sprouted up from the ideas he envisioned there. Banding together with like-minded pirates in the area, Chupa began to search the galaxy for others who would be willing not only to spread chaos throughout the galaxy, but who would be willing to help him form a formidable Empire in the galaxy, rivaling the great factions already around.
Now, with the confiscation of a Republic command ship, and an alliance of the pirate lords, chaos began, but too slowly. With the destruction of the Ulfheonar command ship during the Nar Shaddaa invasion by the Republic, chaos brews heavy on the heart of Chupa. His madness finally, truly, unleashed upon the galaxy, plans are set in motion. No longer simply a pirate gang. Now, the beginnings of a galactic terror.
  • To form a government that strikes fast, speaks quickly, and is best to be avoided if war is what you seek.
  • Protection of planets who would be brought into the fold, empowering their economies to be powerhouses.
  • The redistribution of wealth and power to fit the needs of the House.
  • To have the fastest, the strongest and the most dangerous military in the galaxy
  • Desecration of anyone who supports the Republic financially, economically and militarily.
Join us on our Wild Hunt.
Help us to change the future of the galaxy.