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The Hand

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The Hand is the name chosen by the most influential Individuals that found their way into the Free Cities. While not a formal council in any way, most people at least openly respect the authority of the Hand and their decisions, mainly because no one wants to risk the quite possible violent fallout of disrespecting any of those individuals.

The Individual that make up the Hand can come for pretty much every possible background, ranging from rich and influential bankers and businessmen with the resources to simply buy loyalty, over to ruthless warlords and pirates with enough military forces to crush anyone denying them their place.

While there are no rules that keep the various members of the Hand from infighting, most members try to keep their heads low as direct conflicts on this level of personal power often cost more than a few drops of blood. Open war between the members is rare but possible, yet schemes and intrigues are nearly part of the daily routine.


While the IC might say "rich and influential Yada Yada Yada", this is more meant as a neat lore device to spark stories instead of an actual rank or ruling council. Anyone (to a reasonable degree (I mean if you play a dead poor slave with literally nothing that could be a problem)) can call him or herself a member of the Hand as there are still great differences in power inside the Hand anyway. The only ones not part of it are NPC goons, the general populace etc.

So some might ask the really good question "Why tho?" now. Let me tell you. As a avid fan of Game of Thrones, Mafia movies and a lot of other stuff I always felt that Chaos lacked schemes and intrigues inside of a faction. Everyone is about standing united etc. Yet this doesn't mean you should go on and kark over other players for this. For more information look here.
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