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The Hammer and Honey [Workshop]

The Hammer and Honey workshop is now open for custom crafting, based out of Sulon. Please feel free to contact me to discuss your unique requests or needs. I would like to do a majority of the ordering, IC, through meet and greet threads (where you effectively order the item from Gabe either in person or via communication). Below you will find examples of work provided by this shop.

[SIZE=10.5pt] [/SIZE]

What this workshop specializes in:
  • Imbued consumables
  • Custom relics/artifacts
  • Custom lightsaber crafting
  • Custom armor upgrades (imbuement or restricted material overlay)


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[member="Gabriel Sionoma"] (To help boost your tier , and since we havent roleplayed in forever we could do the threads for each of them)

//To Shop Keep,

I hear good things of your establishment, so i have a few orders to fill. The products, time spent, shipping and handling, as well as all other charges will of course be paid for prior to beginning.

For one: [member=darkul elahad]
I would request a set, at minimum a bakers dozen, of throwing knives with ample enough blade to maintain use should they not be thrown, with an imbuement to maintain a link with their owner. The link should act like a Blood Trail, and if able, to manipulate with telekinesis far easier than otherwise.

For one: [member=nerius]
An ornate calming tool. I will leave over all qualities to you, but the being is inherently aggressive in spite of his attempts otherwise. I seek an item to bring him toward the light, not necessarily immerse him in it, but to make him feel normal.

For one: [member=dead eye]
A targeting assistant. Similar to the above, maybe an artifact capable of dulling ones mind to things other than the target as they aim down sights.
///Begin Message,


That is a hefty order for a small workshop. I can begin the process but will start with one item. Please visit my shop on Sulon and we can discuss the item regarding [member="Nerius"]

///End Message

[member="Damien Daemon"]
[member="Mishka Larraq"]

My first thoughts is that it would be relatively easy to simply add ankarres honey to your tea, instead of making tea itself. However, I also think a tea made from the bark of various trees or even twigs (birch for instance) would serve as a proper parallel. In this circumstance, it would likely have to be somewhat limited as it would serve as a form of pruning for the tree.

Alternatively, could likely use fallen leaves from the trees as a tea or even tincture. I will look into it.
[member="Gabriel Sionoma"]

Derp. Forgot to actually place an order.

Can I get a small supply of Honey and leaf clippings shipped to Mandalore once every few months? Enough for occasional use (medicinal) by about 20-40 people.
[member="Mishka Larraq"]

Sure. Would you mind doing a brief transmittal type thread? I like to keep most of the interactions for the workshop tethered to IC threads. It can just be correspondence via encrypted e-mail.

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