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The Greyson Family Galactic Tournament OOC


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I came to late for the last few tournaments, have ended up with issues many times during the current and previous Site Wide Event, and generally hate this fact. Thus I wanted to make a tournament or similar event, that pertains to both NFU and FU of course, that will consist of those in the Valen event that wish to duel. Each faction chooses to end their best fighters, the number does not matter. Every round there will be two on two duels to keep things even more interesting, and it isn't known prior if your partner in the round is even really on your Faction or even an ally.

All the battles will be held in controlled environments of varying size, shape, and degree. Some may be hurricane like tundras, or calm prairie. I will attempt my utmost best to help keep each battle original, as well as monitored.

For those curious about rank and how it will pertain to each battle, there will be dampeners placed on those of to great a distance in power levels. (Ie. Shado v Apprentice B, Shado will be weakened to that of a near equal level) In this fashion I seek to give apprentices every bit the chance to be as important and influential as the higher ups.

Simultaneously, if I get enough interest, I'd like a NFU tournament as well. Thus in the very end, the best FU and NFU of both tournamentswill end up getting the chance to battle as well with the prior having his extra sensory(+) abilities removed.

What does everyone think? Sound good? If it actually can get going I'd like to have some volunteers if I can for those that may be GM with me to monitor. In doing so we can maintain a sensible amount of control, taking the need (optimisticly) for the RPJs away.


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I like the idea that you have to allow everyone in, but that is the thing about being of different ranks. They have their respective powers and traits. You know mine, lighting. and lets say that I face some padawan who does not know as much as I do, what you are saying is that I have to limit myself to use little to none of my quote "master ranked powers" so it would be fair for the apprentice.

maybe if you were to do something like a knight and a padawan against a master or a master to master, or even just one huge brawl of padawans.


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No, it's not that suddenly you wouldn't know how to do those things. It's just it will be that much more difficult to do so. Ie, Zaiden could still make things vanish, but not entire buildings etc like more recently. You'd be able to use your lightning it just would drain you more cause of less energy reserves