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Approved Location The Graveyard of Dantooine | Salvage Field

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  • Intent: It's a great location for people to salvage stuff. Also, to highlight some of [member="Darth Carnifex"]'s original Sith Empire ship designs, for nostalgia's sake.
  • ​Image Credit: "Wrecks, EVE Online," by Kasper Hansen, found at
  • Canon: N/A
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    Reduce, Reuse, Recycle (100 posts) - lost in November 2013 crash; largely preserved as post #1 of this thread.

  • Astronomical Location Name: The Graveyard of Dantooine
  • Classification: Nebula
  • Location: Extreme outskirts of the Dantooine system
  • Rotational Period: N/A
  • Orbital Period: N/A
  • Size: Large
  • Affiliation: N/A
  • Population: A handful of salvager crews.
  • Demographics: Varies depending on which ships happen to be scavenging at any given time.
  • Accessibility: The site is too far outsystem and too cloaked in nebular matter for long-range sensors to pick it up. Its location is passed on by word of mouth, and most salvagers keep pretty tight-lipped about it. If you're a career salvager or outlaw tech who's spent time in the region, you might have heard of it.
  • Description: The Graveyard of Dantooine is a debris field comprising dozens of wrecked capital ships, all of them destroyed in the early modern period of the Sith Empire's expansion.
None, though the salvagers will defend themselves and their loot.

  • The Vendetta: A Charon-class Star Destroyer, formerly the command ship of the Sith Empire fleet which fought here, the Vendetta was the largest ship of its era. The Vendetta will never fly again: its superstructure is riddled with fractures, and its engines suffered catastrophic damage. More than one salvage crew has pressurized part of the gigantic hull and turned sections of hall into warrens, hideaways, fuel dumps, and trading posts. Insofar as the Graveyard of Dantooine has a social life, the Vendetta would be it.

The Graveyard of Dantooine is a dense region of nebular deep space at the edge of the Dantooine system. This region is home to dozens of wrecked and drifting starships. Around two thirds of them used to be a Dantooine-led regional fleet, a collection of planetary defense forces. These ships are pretty thoroughly mulched, both by weapons fire and by the Dark Side of the Force, but you could easily find some worthwhile components, raw materials, and mumbling ghosts if you really wanted.

The remaining ships were Sith Empire vessels of the early modern era, answering to Empress Desmius, Ashin Varanin. Notable ship types included Avarice-, Pellaeon-, Charon-, and Invictus-class Star Destroyers, as well as smaller vessels like Pandorum heavy gunships, Veratus-class shuttles, and even Dominus elite fighters. Few of these ships are completely salvageable, but all of them are outstanding sources of usable components. Note that the battle took place early enough that capital designs like the XoXaan and the Tulak Hord, though designed in Desmius' era, were not yet in common use, and probably would not be found in the Graveyard in any significant number.

The story of the battle itself is fairly straightforward. Still new to full-scale fleet command, the Empress grew frustrated with her losses and created a Force Storm. The hyperspace wormhole ripped apart the remaining Dantooinian ships and a few Sith vessels as well, ending the battle. Sith Empire agents then descended on Dantooine and welcomed it into the Empire.

Normally such a field would be picked over pretty well, but for various reasons this one has flown under the radar in the long years since the battle. The career salvagers Alndys D'Lessio and Jorus Merrill first collaborated here, starting the seed money that would become the Mara Corridor. Later, the Jedi Grandmaster Je'gan Olra'en, also known as Shule Windspeaker, took shelter in the debris field during the evacuation of the Dantooine Enclave.
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