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The Future

Akio Kahoshi

Peace through Order

As most of you are aware by now, the Galactic Empire has merged with the Fringe. However, this is not the end of the Empire. As we move forward, we are a member state of the Fringe Confederacy, but the Empire still has the right to self rule. This means we will still be operating as our own group, assisting the larger Fringe.

This was not an easy thing for me to propose, but I knew something had to be done or the Galactic Empire you guys all worked so hard for would be lost for good. That was why I put it to a vote. Now we can look forward to a future where we do not have to fear the Republic stomping us just for the fun of it, we can concentrate on writing good fun stories.

Make sure you join the Lord of the Fringe faction and say hi to our new comrades, but don't forget we are the Empire. The Empire endures, and I am proud to have each and every one of you as a member of this faction. http://starwarsrp.net/groups/97-lords-of-the-fringe/