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The Force fights with us

Sorel Crieff

Ready are you? What know you of ready?

As the descendant of Revan and Bastila Shan, two of their generation's most powerful Jedi, Satele Shan was incredibly strong in the Force. Sorel had studied her history since becoming the latest guardian of her Holocron. There was much to learn about many of the abilities considered basic — yet Sorel knew that to truly master a basic was to have power beyond the typical Jedi’s comprehension. Satele Shan was so skilled with the use of telekinesis, she was able to bring down an entire mountain on top of Darth Malgus during their battle.

Sorel had already learned her tutaminis abilities and could block a lightsaber blade with her bare hands without injuring herself.

But the reason she was asked to share her knowledge today was because of an ability that Bastila mastered as a Padawan and Sorel was beginning to fully understand. How soon would her learner develop the full range of options? It didn’t really matter. Sorel knew it would be a matter of time and dedication and it was up to the Knight to work at. Every Jedi had the same number of hours in a day, it was for each individual to decide where to spend them — learning new abilities and keeping existing ones up to speed.

Satele was well-versed in the art of battle meditation and today Sorel would begin the training of a Jedi Knight keen to learn what Sorel had gained from the Holocron and indirectly Satele Shan.

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He had been looking for someone to train him in this ability for some time, but no one had been adapt or available to train him. It was a unique ability but with his more aggressive personality that focused on battle he thought it would be smart for him to learn such a force power. He had heard all the stories about Bastilla and her great use of the ability and the other users throughout the generations who had used the ability to aid them in battle. It was truly a battle oriented ability as the name clearly stated.

When he had heard of Sorel and her eagerness to teach to other servants of the light side of the force he lept on the chance to be able to learn this ability. He got in contact with her and they aranged for him to meet with her so that she could teach him the method of battle mediation. He came prepared with his mind, and his body preapred for the task of putting forth a lot of effort to reach the goal he wanted. He had brought some other items that could be useful to him, but he had a feeling that he wouldn't need them.

[member="Sorel Crieff"]

Sorel Crieff

Ready are you? What know you of ready?
Sorel had a few words prepared. She always did when the subject of Battle Meditation came up. And central to her small speech was the concept of patience. For the ability could take a very long time to fully master. Like Force Valor, it had many stages and options and only by dedicating training time daily, could a Jedi hope to truly learn the techniques available. Sorel herself had been learning for five years and would not count herself a master. But she knew more than enough to teach others. You didn’t have to be an expert to show the way, you just had to know what to do.

So she smiled and bowed as she met xxx at one of the many Jedi temples that dotted the galaxy. Some were maintained by a specific Order, others by an individual or small group and yet others by the Jedi Academy that was focussed on developing light-sided Force users throughout the galaxy.

“Hi,” she opened. “I’m Sorel — and I don't stand on ceremony, so no formal titles please, just Sorel. And if it is OK, before we start, could you tell me a little about you, why you wish to learn Battle Meditation and what you know of it. It helps me set the scene if I know what you already know and desire.”

[member="Karl J. Winters"]
"Hello, I am Karl J. Winters, but you may call me Karl or Winters, whatever you prefer."

He would bow low to her and nod to her as he pondered her question, why did he want to learn Battle Meditation? It was a good question as he stood there and pondered it, he looked into himself and thought of the possible motives and reasons why he would want this ability in his arsenal. He did do a lot of training in the combat aspects of the force, and he had always been a decent if not good fighter and knew how to do things that some people wouldn't think to do.

He would rub his chin pondering the statement more, delving deeper and deeper for a minute or so, to him the ideas were flowing fast, but in actual time it was not too long.

"I use and practice the combat side of the force and I would like to be able to use it to bolster the allies around me, and be able to make sure everyone can fight to more then their limits."

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