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the finding of the 7th battalion


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my name is trooper 422 also known as Hexard. We have landed on the plannet fondore, where it is said that a missing battallion of clone troopers and a few jedi went missing. It is my job and duty as one of their desendents to find out where my great grandfathers went and what happened to them.
While out on patroll i ran into som crashed latt/i gunship wrecks. i found no armor or weapons. this is a good sign. ive ran acrost some traders and they were selling clone armor. i asked where they got those and they said that an old legion of clones recently lost a few members. i asked where and was told i could find them on fondors 4th moon. so i went back to the solomon and went out to the moon with full expectations for ther to be about 45 to 100 men all between the ages of 58 to 87.
When i got there i was so supprised i couldnt believe my luck we had found our space marieens. the 7th was mine to command with 2 fully loaded war ships one was a victory class stardestroier and the other was a aclimator class warship. i could finaly have some peace at mine that my trade congress was well protected from pirates and raiders.