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Approved Tech The Final SIN

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Subject 37

The Cracked Mirror
  • Intent: To sub a survival system for Natalia and Slevin
  • Image Source: N/A
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Restricted Missions: Unique Item
  • Primary Source: Me
  • Manufacturer: SIN
  • Model: The Final SIN
  • Affiliation: [member="Slevin Thawne"], [member="Natalia Thawne"]
  • Modularity: No

  • Production: Semi-Unique[2]
  • Material: Fiberplast, Titanium, Nanites
  • [+]Record: The Final SIN, as it is colorfully known is in fact a mass collection of data gathering and writing nanites crafted by SIN Incorporated and implanted into the bodies of Natalia and Slevin Thawne. The device is technically speaking a cybernetic brain similar but more advanced to the one found in the Yaka species. This brain records and documents everything about the being it is implanted to. This includes thoughts, memories, muscle impressions, and even the vaguest of wisps of anything else. In primary function, the Final SIN is essentially a second brain, save only storing information rather than commanding the body.
  • [+]Rewrite: As it's more important ability, the Final SIN is capable of being inserted into another beings body. Though removal of the device from the initial host causes instant death(due to it's location in the brain stem), implanting it in another being sends the nanomachines housed within into a fury of activity. Over the course of several hours the nanomachines 'rewrite' the new hosts brain, rewiring and introducing the memories of the initial recorded host. Once this process is complete the nanites retreat to their initial housing and return to their data gathering procedure.
  • [-]Time: In order to actually function correctly the nanomachines require time. Reintroducing and rewriting a new host takes several hours, almost half a standard day. This process is both extremely painful and debilatating, meaning that when a new host is introduced to the SIN they will be unconscious and immobile for more than twelve standard hours.
  • [-]EMP: The Nanomachines are just that, machines, and are thus vulnerable to EMP. This is not an issue when the nanites are contained safely within their housing during Data Gathering mode. However, if they were to be hit with an EMP during their rewrite procedure things would quickly turn disastrous, likely ending with all data lost.
  • [-]Removal: Removing The Final SIN is simply put, not possible. The device is implanted within the spinal cord directly into the brain stem. If the Final SIN were to be removed the host would immediately die.
Slevin and Natalia Thawne have for some time known that their lifespan was shorter than most beings.

As clones, neither of the two Thawne's have a life-expectancy of more than just a handful of years. This simple genetic fact is due to their physical make up and the way their creators went about growing them. Since neither of the two Crime Lord's were given the proper time to mature within their cloning cylinders, they could not expect to have normal human life spans. Of course there were work arounds for this, including several chemical compositions already in existence, but Slevin and Natalia thought differently.

A single life alone was not enough for them.

Utilizing their resources and the genius of their many children, Slevin and Natalia began to create something that would allow them to go beyond what their creators had ever dreamed of. Progress was slow, taking the resources of most of their galactic spanning Corporation. Even after many years their idea had still not come to fruition, and the danger of their end lurked ever closer.

It was only with the reemergence of nano-technology that the Coratanni-BioSlicers were able to create something that would save their parents.

The two devices that were designed for Slevin and Natalia were highly sophisticated, expensive, and most importantly; secretive.

Known simply as 'The Final SIN', the two devices created by Natalia and Slevin's children were in fact several billion nano-machines. It was these microscopic beings that would be the Crime Lords' savior, allowing them to not just live beyond their short years, but potentially far longer than even that. The machines would read and record their brains, pulling down memories, thoughts, and everything else. Then, eventually, when the time came those same nanites would allow Slevin and Natalia to 'place' themselves into new bodies.

It would be The Final SIN that would allow Natalia and Slevin to survive.
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