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The Family

Nico Upton

"The Hutts are old news. The Black Suns dwindle more and more everyday. As the Republic grows in power, the true men of power cower behind closed doors. Well, I'm the one who plans on openin' them doors to bring all of those men under my name. The Family will do what other crime organizations have failed to do: earn respect through fear, money, and good wine." - Nico Corleone​
What is The Family? The Family is a conglomeration of many criminal minds all brought together and do what the criminal pretenders have failed to do. While the Syndicate slowly falls further and further down the hole they are digging themselves, The Family will gain more and more power. Based off of the mos of the real world, The Family has business ventures in trafficking, prostitution, gambling, smuggling, slavery, and "protection" services.

What does and will The Family do exactly? The Family will start off small, as most families do, and build ourselves up. While minor, we shall conduct heists, raids, kidnappings, etc. Once The Family becomes major, our presence will be known in Wild Space and the galaxy.

How would one join The Family? It's fairly simple really. There is a multitude of ways you can prove yourself to join the family. Be creative with it. If The Godfather thinks you are good enough, then you are in. You'll be apart of The Family and you shall wear the name with pride.

Any other questions, contact me on this thread or feel free to message me.​

Bomery Chaden

@[member="Nico Corleone"] Is this still a thing? Alex could sell to your group.

Bomery Chaden

@[member="Alejandro Ortega"]
Could sell to you fine people as well.

Alejandro Ortega

Reki Saiko’komon
Alejandro is sure that Alejandro's boss @[member="Masaru Mori"]-sama would be interested in discussing business with you.