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Approved Tech The Everlasting Clockwork

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  • Manufacturer: Darth Abyss
  • Model: N/A
  • Affiliation: Darth Abyss
  • Modularity: No
  • Production: Unique
  • Material: Gold, Silver, Alchemical Durasteel, purple lightsaber crystal
  • Sith Runes
  • Seductive Presence
  • Clock
-Sith Runes: The sets of six runes are engraved into the back of the watch, made permanent by leaving the artifact bath in a pool of blood for several days. These runes can be used to cast three different spells, when accessed with the right incantation. The effects only affect those directly looking at the clock, and their strength builds up the longer someone keeps looking. At first the spells have almost no effect at all, but over time they can grow quite powerful. Spell list: (OOC Note: These spells only affect a PC if the writer agrees.)

Curse of Eternity
Spell: "Nenx dar amzi buti pras nuyak raka, Isatraga buti zo diable" ("Not even time is beyond my hand, Eternity is a curse")
Effect: A spell that twists the victims perception of time. At first the difference between reality and perceived time are merely a few seconds, but over time minutes can become hours, and hours days. Would someone look at the clock for over an day, then that individual would feel like being utterly frozen in time.

The Darkness Within
Spell: "Tave Jena'tes luai atitrazi mus visa, girdeti le visita" ("The Darkness lives within us all, hear its call")
Effect: A mental spell that calls at the darkest feelings within the victim, be it anger, fear, hate or anything else that can have an corrupting influence. While the spell at first is merely alike a slight aura of unease, it can grow into powerful pull that reaches deep into the psyche of the victim to force every bit of inner darkness on the outside.

Spell: "Tu'iea akute gal buti gtukvi, chaosas buti visa anas valia buti imyeji" ("Your eyes can be deceived, chaos is all that will be perceived")
Effect: Another mental spell aimed to warp the reality of its victim. Sounds and surroundings will twist and transform, and even normal environments can grow into a terrifying chaos and dissonance that is indistinguishable from reality. At first sounds will carry an echo, and eyesight becomes blurred, but over time simple chaos takes on a form born of the fears of its victim.

-Seductive Presence: The Clock has a taint of the dark side on it, a seductive pull that calls for attention and draws eyes onto it, especially while the clock swings like a pendulum

-Clock: The Clock is actually a pretty good Clock, showing the time with magical precession.

  • Sith Magic: The Clock has various spells placed upon it, some to be cast, others like its seductive presence and magically precise clockwork always active
  • Easy to Conceal: Not very large in size, the Clock can easily be hidden in a sleeve or an equal location.
Weaknesses :
  • Time: The Spells need time to become really effective. In quick engagements the clock is more or less worthless as an offensive tool, making it more fit for interrogations and similar scenarios.
  • Tainted: The Clock can be sensed by those with the gift of the force, as it has a slight aura of darkness around it.
As a collector of relics and artifacts Abyss brought various objects over time, from equally varying origin. He always took a special liking in the craftsmanship of the Jal Shey, so it was no question that he had to repurposed a Clock made by them that found its way into his possession.

Inspired by pendulums used for classical hypnosis Abyss imbued the Clock with blood and runes linked to the art of sith magic, making it a tool that allows the Mindeater to further toy with the minds of his enemies.

Similar to various arcane relics made by Abyss the runes are linked to a fixed set of words, incantations that together with the ancient runes give power and form to the force.
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