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Approved Tech The Eternal One's Weapon

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To provide more information about The Eternal One’s weapon

Dev. Thread: N/A

Manufacturer: The Eternal One/a now dead farmer

Model: Comparable to Vodo-Siosk Baas’ quarter staff in that it is Lightsaber resistant thanks to the Force

Affiliation: The Eternal One

Modularity: None

Production: Unique

Material: altered bone and iron

This weapon was created a couple years after The Eternal One was turned into his current form. The Eternal One was killing people with his Force powers or with a couple random objects before the creation of this weapon, but he stopped once he came across a farmer with a sickle. He killed the man and took the sickle. A tool used for harvesting seemed like a good match for someone harvesting lives. After a while he got bored of the short reach of the sickle and decided to improve it. So he took a couple of bones he had collected and made a chain for the sickle, giving the weapon a far higher range and making it more viable in combat. To personalize the weapon even more he let a bit of Force energy of every victim he killed into it, making the iron and bones of the weapon the same as his attire’s, filled with the Force. This made the Bones more resistant to damage and gave the iron as well as the connections between the bones a certain turquoise glow. After a couple centuries the weapon had amassed such a vast amount of Force energy that it could even block Lightsabers, though this was unknown to The Eternal One until he had his first duel with a Jedi Padawan, during which he used the exotic weapon to his advantage. He used the weapon to pull the Jedi’s Lightsaber out of his hands, which he only accomplished by influencing the sickle’s flight path using the Force, but in the end it proved to be an effective weapon against people who aren’t used to fighting such a weapon. Later on when Blasters started to become more common he noticed the weapon’s biggest weakness: no protection against blaster fire. He had to try to kill people with blasters before they noticed him, pull the blasters out of their hands before they were able to shoot him or just avoid them entirely.

Classification: A sickle with a long chain attached to it

Size: Can be used One-handed or two handed

Length: 4 meter long chain, 37 cm long grip, 60 cm long and (at its widest point) 25 cm wide blade

Weight: 10 kg
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