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Approved Tech The Eternal One's Armor

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Intent: To give more information about the Eternal One's armor

Development Thread: N/A

Manufacturer: Unknown

Model: N/A

Affiliation: The Eternal One

Modularity: None

Production: Unique

Material: Altered leather and bone

This attire was originally and expensive piece of clothing only worn by the richest of the rich, though now it is nothing more than a vessel for the entity known as ''The Eternal One''. It was fused with the man’s spirit and alchemically altered. The original attire had light brown leather and white fur around the neck area, as well as inside the coat, but after a dark ritual in which the wearer was involved, it changed its colour to a dark blue colour. The fur was burnt away during the ritual and was replaced with bones and similar things. The gauntlets were made of simple iron, but are now dimly glowing in a turquoise colour. The bones that were added to the attire have been infused with the force over the centuries of being so close to an entity made purely out of Force energy. They cannot block lightsabers, but make cutting harder. The rest of the attire still has almost the same properties as leather. The mask is the thing that has the spirit bound to it. If it gets destroyed or removed from the rest of the attire, it will just collapse and lie on the ground. Inside the attire is the spirit’s energy. It is the thing that moves the armor and makes it appear to be alive.

Classification: The Eternal One's vessel

Weight: 16 kg

Quality: 2
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