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The Eldorai

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Anya Venari

Star Queen Tirathana VII
Name: Eldorai


Designation: Sentient
Homeworld: Kaeshana (custom world)
Language: Eldorai, basic (limited).
Average height of adults: 1.7 meters to 2.1 meters. Females tend to be taller than males, subverting the trend in humans.
Skin color: Usually pale. The deep canyons and frequent clouds mean that harmful exposure is less common.
Hair color: Blonde, black, grey.
Breathes: Breathes atmosphere comparable to humans. Home atmosphere has less oxygen than humans are used to. It can take time for an Eldorai to acclimatise to a foreign world, just as the reverse is true.

  • Possess higher than average Force affinity than humans. Whereas the figure for humans is unstated, the figure for Eldorai is about one in a thousand have some minor Force ability. Usually this manifests itself simply as empathic or persuasive, but rarer individuals have stronger affinity with the Force.
  • Long lifespan allows Eldorai to master their chosen talent with much experience. Their ability to focus as well allows an Eldorai to master their craft.
  • Good internal antibody production means that Eldorai are more resistant to diseases and infections, even from previously unknown sources. This is presumably a reaction to the many dangerous bacterial infections possible on the planet.
  • The Eldorai are cohesive, generally lawful, and generally quite happy to each other. As a rule they are also quite generous, even to off-worlders…even if it is slightly patronising.
  • Eldorai possess impressive dexterity and hand-eye coordination. They make fantastic pilots for spaceships and ground vehicles.
  • The affinity with the Force comes with a price. All Force sensitive children are taken for training early in their lives, not unlike the Jedi. There they are indoctrinated into the Cult of Ashira. Most are allowed to leave and study at colleges paid for by the state to get them a job once their training is complete. Those with stronger powers are conscripted into the military effectively as weapons. Those who try to escape this are branded as outlaws.
  • Gender imbalance between the female and male Eldorai is quite pronounced. Females take all the senior religious, military and political roles, while males take other, lower ranks. In many ways this is similar to Hapes, but with a twist. In Eldorai society females will often hire surrogates for their husband to impregnate and then raise the children as their own. All of this creates a somewhat oppressed 50% of the population.
  • Eldorai have rapid metabolisms, and thus need to eat more than humans. They are prone to suffering from dehydration and hunger far quicker than a human would. Indeed, a week without food will kill an Eldorai, as compared to over three for humans.
  • Eldorai have a (deserved) reputation for arrogance, snobbery and sexism, especially to off-worlders.
  • Eldorai tend to be physically weak compared to humans. They are also very susceptible to pain as their threshold is usually very low.

Distinctions: Eldorai are what could be called colloquially ‘space elves’, in that they meet a certain archetype associated with that grouping.
A more detailed examination shows they are near-human in appearance, but have certain key differences. One of the most noticeable features is the ears, which are pointed and elongated by about an inch. These ears are extremely sensitive, and it has been theorised they evolved because they allow for greater sound collection and funnelling.
Internally Eldorai are quite similar to humans. However, they have a secondary liver for processing toxins, and an unusual organ near the stomach which seems to purify the blood like the kidneys. This may explain their resistance to toxins and poisons.
Average Lifespan: 300-350 years. Eldorai become physically mature around the age of 30, and fully develop around the age of 50. After that they experience little visible aging until over 300.
Races: Each region of Kaeshana features distinct cultural and linguistic variations. Those that live near the equator, in the frozen north, and by the outer sea are generally more tanned then their more sheltered cousins.
Diet: Eldorai are omnivorous, though their diet tends to be high in protein due to their rapid metabolism.
Communication: Spoken, written, electronic. The Eldorai script and language is a difficult one for humans to learn because there are many subtle variations and tones in the words. The language itself is a mix of letters and symbols, with certain words represented by a symbol, others by multiple letters.

Culture: Most interestingly, like the Hapans and Dathomiri they are a Matriarchy. However, they take this rule further my making their Star Queen the head of religion as well as head of state. This theocratic style of rule permeates all elements of the culture. Opponents of the Queen are not just traitors, they are heretics and apostates. This clear split is part of their culture. On the side of light is the Star Queen and the forces of order. On the other side are the side of dark and the forces of disorder. This turns practically any conflict into a holy war, even between Eldorai, as enemies are portrayed as following the forces of evil.
Artistically the Eldorai are accomplished in the use of sculpture, painting and music. Their literary pursuits are generally confined to poetry, religious texts and fiction. There is relatively little exploration of philosophy, though this is changing, with the introduction of outside influences.
Eldorai are clearly divided by gender. Females are physically larger and stronger, and hold most of the important leadership and command roles. Males on the other hand tend to share secondary roles. Although the Star Queen has a husband, his title is the less impressive ‘Prince of Earth (or ground)’. Recently a popular movement to gain equal rights for males has been started, influenced by outside experiences. Naturally this is less than popular with the entrenched noblewomen! Interestingly, slavery is anathema to the Eldorai way of thinking. There is no slavery on Kaeshana, and the taking of Eldorai as slaves by outsiders is a source of great anger and shame.
To outsiders the Eldorai culture is conservative and respects history and precedent. Laws are rarely permanently dismantled, even when they clearly no longer apply. Rather, the courts and the Star Queen take precedent into account. Thus, there are laws which proscribe death to any who say there are intelligent beings in the stars from centuries before…but they are simply not enforced.
Eldorai are not given much to sports, preferring intellectual competitions to physical ones.
Sexuality in the Eldorai is something of an odd topic to a human mind. For all their conservatism, the Eldorai are not especially repressed sexually. The greatest oddity sparks from the gender divide. It is common practice for female only and male only unions to be sanctified, as this is seen as a way to both blunt excessive population growth, but also to enforce gender roles.
The Star Queen maintains a bodyguard of 300 Force trained ‘Angelii’ warriors. Martial virtue is a way for a male Eldorai to rise high in the service of the Queen, and even gain important commands. However, the top jobs are still reserved for women.

Technology level: Early-Hyperspace. Although they developed a rudimentary hyperspace engine prior to discovery, their tech level was lower than the rest of the galaxy. Since then it has drastically increased, as the Eldorai are skilled in adapting and changing technology to their own ends.

General Behaviour: Eldorai are a proud race, for the most part, confident that they are the most noble and advanced race in the galaxy, and indeed the only intelligent ones. The realisation that this was not so was a great shock, and prompted a widespread rethinking of the way that the Eldorai thought. However, despite this, they have come to see themselves rather as the most morally superior and pure race in the galaxy. Others might have more advanced space ships, but they are the ones blessed by the Great Goddess Ashira.
Eldorai often come off as rude, arrogant and haughty. This is mainly because of the above, but also it is a defence mechanism for dealing with new realities. Since the Eldorai live for so long they become extremely used to a way of doing things. A sudden change has an even greater impact than it would on a human.
While isolationist and somewhat xenophobic, the Eldorai are pragmatic, even if they hide it behind a veil of righteous arrogance. For some decades they have been sending out more and more people, as well as allowing many to leave Kaeshana with the express purpose of learning more about the galaxy.

History: See the history of Kaeshana.

Intent: To create an official race to people the submitted world of Kaeshana, and also to allow the use of this race in official RPs and character creation. The canon character ‘Fay’ has mysterious origins, and this is not meant to explain those, but to explain a sub set of that race and how it came to be in the galactic system. The other intent of course is to create an interesting and balance race for this writer and others to use.
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