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Factory Denied The Eldon | Mek Dur Divine Essence Host

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  • Intent: To detail the mechanical form of the Eldon's leader and Abaddon's primary NPC antagonist for use in private stories.
  • Image Source: (X)
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Permissions: N/A
  • Primary Source: The Eldon
  • Manufacturer: The Eldon Divinity
  • Affiliation: Mek Dur (To be subbed later)
  • Model: Mek Dur Divine Essence Host
  • Modularity: N/A
  • Production: Unique
  • Material:
  • Classification: Fourth Degree
  • Weight: Very Heavy
  • Height: Large (3.2 Meters)
  • Movement: Bipedal
  • Armaments:
    • Unidentified Force Hammer [to be subbed and linked later]
    • "Force Simulators":
      • Droid Multi-Spectral Emitter
      • Advanced Shield Disruptor
      • Advanced Gravity Generator
      • Droid Repulsor
      • Shock Blaster
    • Specialized Organic Control Spike (Filled with stockpiled IX Serum)
  • Misc. Equipment:
    • Combat Programmed-Advanced Droid Receptor Suite (Photo, Infrared, Energy)
    • Combat Programmed-Advanced Droid Sensor Suite (Audio, Video, Macrozoom, Motion Sensor Type-3, Sonic Sensor Type-3, Targeting, Sonic Imprint, Seismic)
    • Advanced Droid Battle Upgrade Module
    • Advanced Droid Combat Enhancement Module
    • Advanced Droid Warfare Upgrade Module
    • Vocabulator (Programmed with Innumerable Languages)
    • Droid deflector Mark III
  • Resistances:
    • Energy (And other Blaster type weapons): Extreme
    • Kinetic: Very High
    • Lightsabers: Extreme
    • EMP: Average
    • ION: Average
    • Sonic: Average
    • Elemental:
      • Ice: Extremely Low
      • Cryo: Extremely Low
      • Electric: Low
      • Flame: Average
      • Magma: Low
      • Solar: Average
  • Information Databanks of all previous Mek's
  • Specialized Organic Control Spike
  • Advanced Cybernetics: The cybernetics of the Eldon's Mek have always been the highest quality possible ever since the species move to their new robotic forms, and Mek Dur's is no exception. In fact, they may be the highest quality in Mek history given the advanced state of society and science the Galaxy is currently enjoying, giving Mek Dur an unequivocal advantage in the ranking as the most well-equipped Mek D.E.H. in all of Eldon lore. The cybernetics of this D.E.H. give Mek Dur great range on the battlefield, from stealth detection to impeccable combat skills, which translate flawlessly even with her chosen weapon: a massive and disgustingly powerful Force Hammer of unknown design and origin.
  • Force Simulators: While they are truthfully highly advanced pieces of offensive and defensive droid equipment, the Eldon have come to dub them "Force Simulators" given that their effects could, on some level, be compared to various Force powers. The Droid Multi-Spectral Emitter, in some ways, has been compared to Deadly Sight, a power capable of killing by a mere gaze.
  • Audacious Strength: As the strongest of all Eldon D.E.H.s, Mek Dur's D.E.H. possesses great strength with a lifting power comparable to that of a strong usage of TK and a punching power comparable to a Jotaz.
  • Knowledge of the Eldon: This D.E.H. contains the informational databanks of all Eldon in history from all ranks, including previous Meks. This gives Mek Dur a deeper understanding of the Galaxy, warfare, and so on.
  • Biological Override: The heritage of all Mek D.E.H.s, the Organic Control Spike is a small weapon implanted in the Mek's right hand. Routinely filled and powered by the Eldon's stockpile of IX Serum (how they obtained this is unknown), the O.C.S. is intended to create semi-permanent to permanent slaves for use in battle and construction of bases/ships.
  • Very Slow: With its massive size and weight, Mek Dur's D.E.H. is as slow as slow can be, forcing the inhabitant to focus on ranged combat with the "Force Simulators" or closing the gap as quickly as possible to attack with her hammer. This gives enemies an advantage against Mek Dur if they can keep their distance at all times.
  • Stealth: Despite being capable of detecting stealth enemies, this D.E.H. is utterly incapable of performing stealth actions and will always be noticeable to the enemy.
  • Self-Destructive Risks: The "Force Simulators" equipped around the D.E.H.s body are all highly powerful, but highly risky to use given their potential to short out or even harm Mek Dur herself. If driven to overuse these weapons, Mek Dur could potentially kill herself in combat unintentionally, which would shatter the resolve of the Eldon Divinity in its entirety.
  • Primary Target: Standing 3.2 meters tall and appearing as a porcelain armored skeleton with a golden skull at the head of the Eldon Divinity does no favors to this D.E.H. in terms of appearing unimportant, nor does the immense power it carries. As such, when on the battlefield, this D.E.H. is quite frequently the most targeted Eldon which can either ruin plans or even force an unprecedented retreat from the Eldon armies.
  • Cold Elements: Interestingly, Mek Dur's D.E.H. has almost no defense against the cold despite the many advanced cybernetics it possesses. It is theorized that so much went into the physical defense against energy and kinetic weapons that the builders of this D.E.H. forgot to implement defenses against the freezing risks of cold weapons and powers. As such, should one possess cryokinesis or cold weapons in general, they can easily freeze the joints and cybernetics of this D.E.H. given the chance.
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