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“We speak for the disadvantaged; the disenfranchised people of each world in the galaxy who work so hard and keep so little. We speak for those who have been kept down by thousands of years of segregation, greed and neglect. We speak for the quadrillions who must earn every scrap of food that they put on their table, while the few reap the benefits of their toil. We speak for justice. And it is for the hope of these people, the faith that they have stored in our efforts, that we fight. We will not cease until every child the galaxy over is born into freedom and opportunity; into a peaceful, egalitarian society! Until then, there will be war, and there will be a reckoning...”


Based out of the Star Destroyer Reliance (dev thread in progress), the Eclipse is a PvP based faction where chaos and mayhem reign! Fun is the main aim of the faction. The Eclipse considers itself at war with most major factions (apart from their sponsors, the Lords of the Fringe) and will be fighting anyone it can. No drama, no butthurt, just good old fashioned epic threads and a healthy dose of Chaos.

  • The Eclipse Skulls (Military, Mercenary, Covert Operatives, Pilots)
  • The Covenant (Force Users)


The Eclipse is a group of political radicals, revolutionaries and mercenaries that is committed to representing the rights of those who are downtrodden by the current social system in place in the galaxy. Having formed from the remains of protest groups that were cracked down on violently by galactic governments, the Eclipse is unrepentantly violent in its actions. Labelled as terrorists by most galactic governments and power brokers, the Eclipse strikes devastatingly from its mobile base against military, government and civilian targets with impunity before retreating into hyperspace. On a deeper level, the Eclipse was created by Alen Na’Varro in order to achieve his life-long goal of uniting the galaxy under one truly egalitarian government.

Na’Varro, along with Peyton Steele, formed the Eclipse Skulls, a highly trained unit of professional military origins. The Skulls are an elite unit of commandos, pilots and covert operatives whose goal is mass destruction with minimal friendly casualties. They are supported by the Covenant, a sect of Force users who believe in a peaceful, strong galactic government without a social elite or social underclass. The Covenant accept all forms of Force Users, and actively seek to improve their duelling skills.


The Covenant seeks to influence the galaxy at large into making actions and decisions that lead toward a future where a strong, galaxy-spanning government is able to sustain a golden age of order and peace. The Covenant can be defined by the old adage, “the ends justify the means.” They accept all types of Force Users. The Covenant is based on a certain amount of equality amongst its members. Its decision-making body is known as the Council of Equals, which is presided over by the Arbiter. The Arbiter is not officially the leader of the Covenant, however his judgement is respected and generally trusted, and when the Council of Equals is unable to decide a course of action the Arbiter’s decision is final.

Members of the Covenant are dedicated to improving their PvP and PvE skills. Sparring and seeking out duels is highly encouraged, and there will be plenty of opportunities to do so during faction threads and skirmishes!


The Eclipse Skulls are extremely similar in structure to the Covenant. The Strategos is the boss of the Skulls, but below that rank leadership is determined informally by actual leadership and combat ability. The Skulls are a collection of political radicals and mercenaries who eat, drink and fight together. Extremely skilled and professional during missions, the Skulls are for the most part multi-skilled commandos, though some are covert operatives who carry out bombings and intelligence work. Fighter pilots are also welcome amongst the Skulls, as the Eclipse’s hit and run tactics make use heavy use of fighters and bombers, as well as shuttles and gunships.

Once again, the Skulls are much like the Covenant in that they are a PvP and PvE based entity. The Covenant and the Skulls often collaborate and work together, co-ordinating devastating attacks against anybody and everybody.


The Arbiter and Strategos are nominally in charge of the Eclipse in character, and out of character are the people to talk to. However, every member of the Eclipse has a valued opinion.


The Eclipse will be based out of the Imperial-II class Star Destroyer Reliance, which we will refit into a ship that is under-powered in comparison to other Star Destroyers, but can function as a mobile base and training facility while still possessing some fighting ability.

Q & A

Any Affiliations?
The Eclipse is affiliated with the Lords of the Fringe, who provide support in exchange for services rendered. IC, however, there is no knowledge or recognition of that affiliation.

Do I have to be a member of the Fringe to be a member of the Eclipse?
No, though it is encouraged for both OOC and IC reasons. Either way, the Eclipse will be working with the Fringe.

What is the difference between the Eclipse Skulls and other paramilitary groups?
Well, essentially the Skulls are political idealists first, mercs second, so there is that. However, there will be little difference when it comes to good activity, great plots and awesome writers.

Will we be going Major?
That’s not exactly on the cards for now, though if we get the activity and a passionate community behind it, and I find the time to do it, and the time to make a fleet of ships, and to do all the dev threads, and all the hard work that goes into making a major faction without irritating Staff more than necessary ... maybe. If the stars align like that, extremely unlikely as it may be, I don’t see why not.

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